U is for…

All weekend long as we were going about our business, my mind kept nagging at me: “U”…you have to come up with a U word…then the first word that would come to mind: UNDERWEAR. Really. I am 7 years old.

Another word that kept coming to me: Utopia. I have always loved this word…well, more than the word, I love the meaning. Wait, I suppose I love the meaning of Utopia that I have had in MY mind since…forever!

But when I googled it, I came across a plethora of meanings…all made to confuse me. really, who would do such a thing to me?

In MY mind Utopia is a perfect place to live your life; consisting of a perfect political and social system. Meaning, all people are treated the same and everyone treats each other with respect and kindness. Humans and nature living in perfect harmony…..


A fantasy? perhaps. But what a great fantasy to have.

I think if I had to choose ONE place for my utopian community….it would be in the mountains of North Carolina. Oh, just like God himself came down and touched it all. (which he DID)

179Bear Lake Reserve 8-2007 (68)

There would be rope swings to ‘tarzan’ off and clean creeks to play in.

No, never mind, perhaps the shores of the Hawaii. yeah, that would be my Utopia.

Oh jeeze, do I have to pick just one place to have this fantasy???

I suppose it does not really matter WHERE it would be. The important part would be WHO was in my utopian community. I have a few favorites already chosen…they would have to join me for sure. Would you like to come? Live peaceful and happy lives? Do good for others? Do good for yourself and not have to worry about the “bad eggs” anymore?

Awww…that would be niiiiice.

Utopia could be as close as my back yard…..


Or way down in Costa Rica. Pura Vida baby! (pure life)

100_0084Copy of 100_0113

I guess it could be just a ‘state of mind.’


If you could start your own Utopian Community, where would it be?

And can I come along with my posse???? Please???

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26 thoughts on “U is for…”

  1. Cute post Suzanne! Besides the mountains of GA, I also love the state of VA. Lots of fun memories from vacations in that state.


  2. That is a good question Suz. A very good question. I have no idea. Maybe Disney World? With no lines. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm? I will think about this all day and try to give you a better answer tonight.


  3. My utopia would be an abandoned island where no one could come unless I said so. There would be hammocks hanging from every palm tree, fresh fruits and veggies everywhere at little stands that were set up and really hot guys that would wait on me hand and foot…… WAKE UP KAREN!!!


  4. love your \”u\”… guess you could ot use underwear because you already showed off your bras? you are ahead of your time, my friend! i love your perfect places… no need to think of a place for me… i\’ll be over in a few minutes to join you!happy 2nd to the last day of school!


  5. I think my Utopia would be in Coloradao Or Montanana and involve lakes, mountains, trees, clean air – people who were kind/conservation minded – oh it would also have a big ole bernese mountain dog! LOL!


  6. Great U and I love the second to the last photo! I want to go there!! Or anywhere where there aren\’t immature kindergartners to reatain!!Happy A-Z Monday!


  7. I like your description of Utopia, and it\’s nice to hear that you have actually been to some places that fit your idea of it. That keeps hope alive! Those places where you can clearly see the gifts of God\’s creative hands are a blessing to behold, and it\’s good to be reminded to LOOK FOR THEM, because they are all around us.Of course, you are creating your own version of Utopia in your home, with your purple vacuum, your menagerie of pets, ongoing projects in interior design (such as your master bath), dedicated garden care and (most important of all), a loving and happy family!


  8. My Utopia is on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. I will be there in September with both my grandsons and all the children. Then after seven days, my Utopia will be back home alone with just me and Hubs. =)


  9. No post about the weekend? 😦 My hubby\’s brother sent us a picture of someplace in Florida. I posted it today. Seen this sign before? Utopia… huh? will think on that one.


  10. Ah…Somewhere with warm slightly breezy days, glorious beaches, and a laid back life style. Where the dress code never gets too far beyond sandals (unless you want it too). Where everyone is happy relaxed and healthy. Not too tall an order eh?


  11. Even though I think we all should \”just get along\”…that Coexist bumper sticker really annoys me. Why? I have no idea, I must be even more judgemental than I thought 🙂


  12. Oh My…. Where would my Utopia be???? Well—I guess it would be with George in a log cabin on the top of a mountain (mountains around the Tennessee Smokies or North Carolina) —with a beautiful view, and lots of land–with no nearby homes/cabins. I\’d have to have some huge windows so that I could see outside; also a huge wood-burning fireplace; a huge deck all around; mostly wooded area, but a spot of sun–so that George would plant roses; and LOTS of birds, deer and wildlife around!!!!! OH—and I\’d love having some waterfalls somewhere on the property so that I could hike and enjoy sitting by the waterfall, listening to ths sounds and feeling the mist on my face. (I don\’t want much, do I? ha ha)Thanks for helping me think of MY Utopia.Hugs,Betsy


  13. Like you, I would have to combine a few places that I\’ve been to make my utopia. But it would be full of people that I love, and others that would enrich the place. A very though-provoking U post! Nice!


  14. Utopia! Good one. Hey, I also thought of underwear first—he he…we\’re still on the same track for our comedy club dream. Is that in Utopia too??


  15. Wow now you have me thinking…I like that it can be our state of mind…then my utopia is when I am sitting in my recliner basking in the presence of God – I feel more peaceful at that moment than any other time.


  16. I think as much as the place it would be the time and money to enjoy it, but with some kind of satisfying work as part of the experience. Of course there would lots of family and friends to share it with.


  17. I just wanna tie a gazillion helium balloons to our house and float it down to the top of Paradise Falls – oh wait, that idea's taken by the Pixar people… Nah, we had utopia this weekend. Both kids were home. I'm easy to please.


  18. I kept waiting for you to mention Canada but… *taps foot impatiently*He he. I haven't travelled enough to know where to settle down… must get on with it before I die of old age. One day. I suppose.


  19. Don\’t we have a beautiful world? And think how lucky we are to live in a time when travel to other parts of the world is possible! Gorgeous pics – and lovely memories, I know! :)I know heaven WILL be (truly) Utopia… and I can\’t wait!


  20. what a fun post, suz… my utopia would be somewhere on a white sands beachfront with clear, turquoise waters… a huge resort that housed all of us together but in separate \”wings\’… a huge pool with waterslides….. gourmet chefs to cook for us, with all the fruits and veggies grown there fresh. a drive-in to go to with a movie menu, and golf carts as the only vehicles… there would be a few doctors, dentists, vets, and teachers. we would all have boxer doggies that got along. there would be NO bugs or snakes. there would have to be an endless supply of gelato in all of the tropical flavors of course, and a pizza parlor. oh and there would be no hurricaines at all, just pure rain when needed. yep, wanna join me?Cpsi wrote this 2 times and it didnt take the first time so if 2 posts do appear, excuse please…. 😉


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