99 is my favorite number.

  DSCN5569   Our weekend update.

We had a good time in Clearwater, Fl. Nice weather minus rain. 86 and sunny with just the perfect amount of breeziness. I try not to complain, but 83 would have been better. 🙂

Still had to double up on the sunscreen ‘cause Mr. Sun is non forgiving. I must remember to spray my feet, for I now have a flip flop tan. (kinda like a farmers tan for slackers) 

The girls won the first 3 games on Saturday. A long day for the girls too…they were at the field by nine am and did not leave until 8pm. We took a short break and went to Chic Fil A and strolled around Target stimulating the economy. Seems we do this in every town we go to. It may be my ‘secret’ goal to cross the threshold of every.single.target.in.the.USA!  

come Sunday, not so good. We lost 2 in a row and were given our driving walking papers. We came in 5th out of 30 teams.  You can’t win them all. At least that is what ‘they’ keep telling me. I almost refuse to believe this lie.


I took this picture of the team warming up before their third game on Saturday. IT was cute how they formed a circle around this young magnolia tree. My comedienne Lindsay made a comment that it looked like they were ‘worshipping’ the tree…some sort of pre-softball game tree/stretching ritual. 🙂 

Lo had a good time and I can only remember ONE injury incident. The child should have come with bubble wrap and a permanent helmet. While I am requesting that kind of stuff, she should have also come with some attached clips for all her stuff that she misplaces: cell phone, I pod etc….  I know God has a big job to do…but didn’t he see that part coming in my future????

Oh, and on the bragging front, Lo was named as one of the players for the “all conference” for this year…these players are chosen by the area coaches by the players stats. Quite the honor for her. She was also given an honorable mention in our local newspapers choice as their ‘all area’ team of athletes. 

Even with these two recognitions, she still thinks she isn’t great. How to build confidence in a child who refuses to believe her parents and even other coaches??? Frustrating!

Today is our last day of school!!!!

Bring on the sleeping late and spending the waking hours in PJ’s!!! Well, maybe for a few days anyway….

Happy Tuesday!

22 thoughts on “99 is my favorite number.

  1. It was 86 and they played in black??? Your Lindsay is a right: they do look like they are worshipping! Congrats to Lo. That\’s a tremendous honor worthy of 3 exclamation points!!! We will sincerely hope that by the time she\’s 30, she will begin to understand how talented she is.


  2. i think God did know… that Lo would need help keeping track of her \”stuff\” and that is why He gave her such a great Mom… even if she sometimes complains about keeping track of said \”stuff!\”as for her talents… that have been lovingly fostered over the years, I am so pleased for her. i think she is the queen of softball, and while you are so proud, i can only imagine how coach must feel! brag on… she is certianly worthy, even if she doesn\’t see it quite yet.


  3. Congratulations to Lo! Sounds like she\’s on a team similar to A-Ron with lots of traveling and several games a day. My ideal sunny outdoor temp would be 72.


  4. Congratulations, Lo! You rock – and I don\’t want to hear any back-talk about it.The last day of school: OOOHH, HAPPY DAY! Oh Happy Day! (Can you hear the Gospel-choir in the background, swaying as they sing?) Your schools get out early. Up here, school was supposed to be finished on the 15th, but there was so much SNOW this year that they have to make up days. Have fun celebrating; what are you going to do first? Do you have a special tradition for the last day of school?


  5. good for her bee!! all state next year right? and you make sure she keeps getting those hands thru the hitting zone as quick as possible!!!.. he he… been watching any of the college softball world series? your gators took it on the chin last night didn\’t they?


  6. Your daughter must be quite the athlete. Perhaps she thinks she\’ll jinx herself if she acknowledges how good she is. They have a lot of softball tournaments in Crossville, but we don\’t have a Target. Does that mean we won\’t get on your schedule?


  7. Anonymous

    congrats to lo! great honors!our school lets out next Thurs. we will have a few days of sleeping in too. then summer school will start and the kid will have to be there at 8:00am, ouch! i guess we better get used to it, middle school is a whole new schedule.


  8. That confidence thing is a tough one. We are still working on that at Casa de Envy…Congrats to your girl!! I am a great admirer of ANYONE with an athletic bone in their body. God chose not to place one of those in me;) I ease the pain with retail therapy at Target!!!


  9. awesome post, i love the pics, how proud you must, and should be, my \”A\” finished freshman year with a3.86 grade point average. we will be putting her in a college camp this year over at WSU to give her a taste of the future, may she keep her eye on the prize!!


  10. Hi Suz, Glad you took the sunscreen… Mark and Lara talk about spending the entire weekend at a tournament–especially if the girls keep on winning. Brooke (younger on –at age 12) is the better athlete of the two girls. She\’s the catcher –but is a fabulous hitter. She\’s just a natural.Bay Lee is also good–but has to work at it. She is not nearly as \’natural\’ at it as Brooke, but she also has LOTS of other interests. Glad Lo and her team did well. I\’m sure they enjoyed it and really did do well –out of 30 teams. WOW!!!!Glad you had a good weekend, and congratulate Lo for me!!!!!! All-conference is a great award!!!Hugs,Betsy


  11. Way to go Lo!! You must be so proud of her. Sounds like you all had a great time. We still have a few weeks til school is out. I, for one, cannot wait!! Bring on the lounging…Much love from NJ,Suexoxo


  12. Anonymous

    Lo Lo is awesome – what a girl you have! I can't BELIEVE they were at the ball field for 11 hours (in BLACK) on Saturday. I was getting hot just LOOKING at the photos! HWHL


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