Pairs and Pears.

Lo took a pottery class this year as part of her art choices.

Obviously, she likes making pears. I had no idea.

Ask her if she has ever eaten one…I think the answer will be NO.

Apples? YES. Nanas? YES. Pears? nada.

The pitcher actually holds water!! It will have a home on the counter top.

P1000087 P1000018 P1000086 P1000020

Ask her how many times I bragged how good she is in pottery class and the fact that ONE day, she will be able to have a job at the Pottery Barn.

Go ahead, just ask her…she will roll her eyes and say: “not again, with the Pottery barn joke Mom”

FYI, I love pottery barn and a family discount would be much appreciated. 🙂

Did you know that silly socks were all the rage??? Me neither.

These are Lindsay’s feet from this past weekend.

I have a flip flop tan, she has a sock tan.

DSCN5568 DSCN5560

28 thoughts on “Pairs and Pears.

  1. Anonymous

    I love the pears! Taylor makes me cute things in pottery also. And yes…crazy socks are the thing except Taylor likes to wear the crazy ones in the knee high style.


  2. i love the pear jelly belly jelly beans. my favorite flavor! i see i am going to have to grow to love pottery pears, too, since Laura is taking that class next year! i can't believe you are harassing her about pottery barn. really. all that eye rolling must be killing her! i think the best thing about the crazy socks is that they do not have to match… because at my house someone is always losing one part of the pair!hope you are lazing around for this first day of summer vacation!


  3. Holy socks Batman, I think we have an artist. Ok that made no sense. I'm tired and was trying to be cute. but seriously? Her pottery ROCKS. and yes my house is full of crazy socks. Daughter laments that they have to wear boring one-colored socks (of limited colors) with their uniforms and Sr. Catherine enforces the code so she can't even cheat like she did in earlier years. sigh.


  4. Love the pottery! I'm thinking eBay or maybe Etsy. And the socks totally rock. I have a ton of ankle socks for weekend wear. My personal fave right now are the bunny ones. I have a pair that say \”I'm totally nice, so shut up!\” So me.


  5. Anonymous

    Lo is very talented. I have a pear painting in the dining room and have recently added 3 pears to the DR decor!!! I would love a pottery barn discount too! You three must have loads of fun together.


  6. OH—I used to have tons of colored and multi-colored socks… I loved coordinating them with what I was wearing… I'm glad the 'fad' is back. Maybe I'll start wearing crazy socks again myself!!!!!!I love the little pitcher. Lo did great with it… AND–I think she should work at the Pottery Barn–just to get YOU a discount!!!!! haHugs,Betsy


  7. OH MY GOSH! Does the talent never end? Not only are they stunningly beautiful like their Mama, and able to play sports like super stars, they can also do art? WHAT IN THE WORLD! That pear jar is to-die-for. I would pay her for one. Oh yes I would : ).


  8. my wife knits socks – – she has the darndest time because no two knitted socks will look alike…especially if you're using yarn of various colors/patterns!! been working with her trying to convince her that it really doesn't matter if both your socks look alike! so i definitely pointed out the \”silly socks\” to her!! she just shivered and looked away……..


  9. Anonymous

    If I saw that pear pitcher at a craft store (or heck – at the Pottery Barn!) I would buy it. It's adorable! Your girls are just so multi-talented! Tracey


  10. Anonymous

    It's a family of pears, that's awesome, great work! I would love to try working with ceramics some day.Rebecca's Adventures in China – get the towels at restoration hardware, they are the best. they last forever and look great. i keep wanted to change them for a new color, but they just don't get old. I feel guilty spending the money for new ones. I'm sure their bedding would be awesome.


  11. okay…so i tried to leave a message and I got \”shut down\”….WTH?!anyway…will try again…Pears? cute to look at but ooh, oh no…not so good to eat!! Japanese apple-pears? now THOSE I love..but they're not as cute!!as for fun sox…i just so happen to have an extra pair here with my favorite bird on them…oh yeah, and they are toe sox!! I do believe they might have Lindsey's name on them!! send me an address and they are hers!!yeah, i know. i'm cool, like that!!


  12. Your the Mom so I'd say that gives you bragging rights! Hey I am all kidding aside impressed with the pears, especially the pear picture. The sock things I believe must be back in because my 23 year old daughter did that about 10 years ago, trends always come back as you know. Have you seen the toe-less socks that can be worn with flip flops? I crochet a pair (using sock yarn) for my daughter and she loves em'!


  13. I think the pears are WONDERFUL!! I love to eat pears, but never considered decorating with them – maybe I will start. My daughter has those kind of crazy socks – but she rarely wears them matching pairs together!


  14. I swear I commented on this yesterday- my computer is dumb! Anyway, I love her pears! What a talented girl! And CG never wears a matching \”pair\” of socks- EVER! I just quit matching them up when doing laundry. Now she gets a pile:) She doesn't seem to care, so why should I.


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