Air conditioning the neighborhood and my new stuff….

Did your parents yell at you for leaving the front door open when you were a kid?

My Dad did…constantly: “What are you doing? Air-conditioning the neighborhood?

What about staring into the open fridge? “Are you taking inventory?” (why, yes I was)

I am proud embarrassed as heck to say, that I have spewed out the same comments….crud. I AM MY PARENTS!

Those things always come back to bite you…..

Life is all about learning. Right?

Right. And life is about biting you BACK. You know, for not listening to your parents.

We learned a new lesson this weekend.

Before leaving the house, it is imperative to make sure your fridge door is CLOSED. Yeah. We SHOULD know this. And who would have thunk it? IT was open all weekend.

So, we were air conditioning the HOUSE and taking inventory of the fridge…all while we were GONE.

Approx 40 bucks worth of groceries had to be tossed. Oh, how I loathe waste. And I will be scared anxious to see our electric bill. ugghhhh.

It is always something. I suppose I should be thankful…we did not have lightening hit the house this time. That 40 bucks is really just a drop in the bucket compared to what lightening did to our house a few summers ago.

Florida=Paradise. I swear.

Oh, and close the front door for heavens sakes People!


Did anyone see that Oprah show a few weeks ago where families gave up all their electronics?

I know not everyone is a fan of Mrs. O…I don’t LOVE her, but I do like the topics she sometimes covers….

The families gave up computers, phones, I-pods and TV’s for a week or two.

Time for the family to enjoy each other while NOT hooked up.

Well, I could totally do that. Really I could.

But NOT this week.

This past week I got two new toys.

I got this for Mother’s day. Well, I was given a different one, but me being me, I took it back and got the one I have been dreaming about:


So far, I am having a good time with this little baby. 12X zoom. ahhhh. I lurrve it.

It is BLUE and still small enough to carry around.


Even Ozzie likes it…cause he does NOT have green alien eyes with this camera!!!

I have been playing with the new toy in the yard…..just loving it to pieces!!!


And I am proud to say I have joined the revolution. The text revolution that is.

I have had the phone for about a week and so far I have sent about 25 texts.

Really, it took me a week to send 25. ;0

I have this phone in blue also.


I suppose blue is my favorite color…this week. Yet I am STILL a green girl at heart!!!

All thanks to My Sugar Daddy The Coach. Thanks honey.

Really, everyone should have a Sugar Daddy wonderful husband like I do.

Anyone else stimulating the economy??? How about your electric company????

29 thoughts on “Air conditioning the neighborhood and my new stuff….”

  1. We did the refridgerator door thing a couple of years ago except it was the freezer. There went all our meat, all my hard work putting up veggies from the garden, etc. Arrgh!!


  2. My parents used to yell the same warnings at us!!! We are guilty of keeping the door cracked to the garage (even with the a/c on) for the dog!


  3. Do new clothes for the kids count? If so we are stimulating a little too much! LOL My kids don't fit into anything they own right now! I feel like I 'm buying new outfits for the little weeds every day:) Congrats for joining the texting world!


  4. Mirror, Mirror on the WallI have become my Mother afterall.I so catch myself saying things and go OMG! I'm my mom!! I'm trying to stimulate the economy, but the Salesman keeps telling me to \”tighten my belt\” 🙂 Maybe next week!


  5. My mom would always say, \”Close the door! You weren't raised in barn.\” ??? When the girls were living at home, I would say something to them then I would have to look around to see if my mom had sneaked in.I am soo envious of your new camera. I want a better on in the worst way. Maybe for my birthday.We are stimulating the economy trying to fix up this old house. In March we had to by a new washer/dryer. I got HE ones. Hubs reported the other day that our water bill has dropped almost by half. Great! Now I can take longer showers. =)


  6. I'm always checking the refrigerator doors, if you slam the regrigerator door, the freezer door pops opens and sometimes stays just slightly open. So I check it to see if it's closed all the way.I'm supporting the economy via my local borders and bead shop.


  7. i played this game the past week with the family bee. if the doctor made you give up something, what couldn't it be (no pun intended)… the consesus was the tv would not be done without. so i applaud those folks on oprah who could handle it!!… i look forward to more of your pictures… just no birds… he he he….


  8. My sister and I constantly got yelled at for leaving the door open but I was asked if we lived in a barn!That stinks about your groceries. I despise waste as well. Drive me batty.I took a photography course and you've already captured better pics with your new camera in a couple of days than I did in a four week course!! The pictures are so pretty. Love the pink flowers.Much love from NJ,Suexoxo


  9. I have tried and tried to text and absolutely can't do it. My daughter even has a phone with a keyboard but I'll swear the texting gods are against me! Great camera! I love shooting pics. Think I'm gonna get a little more serious about it.


  10. That Coach sure knows how to spoil a girl!!Why did I think you would go for the green ones…camera and phone.I love texting and the GPS on my phone is better than the one in my car.Did Ozzie and Cocoa raid the frig while it was open? How about kitty? You threw the food away??


  11. That's all we do here in Arizona is stimulate the electric company during the summer time …. well, we do a few other things too. But…. mostly we stimulate the electric company.


  12. We haven't really changed our spending habits. We were never careless to begin with, but if there's something we want and/or need, we usually buy it.Our freezer died one year. It wasn't a large chest freezer, but rather a smaller version. It still had lots of meat and fish in it. We didn't know until everything had completely melted. We were just sick throwing everything away. And let me tell you that the freezer sure smelled ripe! We estimated about $300 worth of food was spoiled.


  13. We were storing our chest freezer in my parent's barn for a few months, and some of their construction workers pulled the plug. There went 100 or so pounds of meat . . . I just bought a new camera, myself. I love snapping pictures! 🙂


  14. WHO was the one that left the fridge open? LOL! Too bad about all the spoiled food! (I once came home after work and found the shower still running, the radio on and half the lights on in the house. My hubby had left for work in the morning and had no clue. Now I ask you, how can you step out of a shower and forget to shut it off! ha!) I like your new toys – I expect lots of photos of your pups, your hot yard man and the flowers. tee hee!


  15. Congrats on your new gadgets! Isn't it great how the unimportant things make us smile. haAs for texting-I hate it. That's what the USPS is for. ha.


  16. Hey – is that Prince Harry who you're texting on your phone? It sure looks like him!Oh my gosh, what a DRAG about the refrig. No, this hasn't happened, but the freezer has popped open just a crack (maybe when people close the refig side TOO HARD), and stayed open for a few hours, and that is a drag, too.The funniest part of this posting is the \”air-conditioning the outdoors.\” Up here in the North, we say \”heating the great outdoors,\” since almost NO ONE has the need for A/C, and it's usually the furnace we're running!Was it your birthday? So many nice gifts! Great work Sugar Daddy (I mean, Coach)! Love the camera. Does the phone allow you to post to your blog?


  17. you are so funny! I love your posts…and your sugar daddy is awfully sweet to you! How do you write a word and cross thru it? I can't figure it out, although I have tried!


  18. Sigh. For now I'm the Sugar Mommy… dear hubby keeps telling me it's temporary and that in a few years I can retire and he'll take care of us. Um, right. LOLI LOVE YOUR PHONE TOY!! yey for texting, LOL! now just don't lose it, ha ha! 😉


  19. Hi Suz, I have heard all of those things from my parents–and I'm sure I have said them all to my kids. When we were in Texas, I heard my son passing it on to his kids…I've never left the frig open—but I have left windows opened when I was gone —and we had some HUGE rains… Talk about cleaning up a mess!!!!!I couldn't live without my electronics when I'm home–but when we travel, I can easily get away from computers, etc… We have a cellphone–but don't use it much, except in emergencies. It's nice to get away from it all sometimes!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  20. Congratulations on your new toys. I look forward to many good pictures from your camera. I must admit we haven't joined the 'texting' revolution — we can only talk on our cellphone.


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