TGIF and goings on…..

I can’t believe it is June. June 5th for heavens sakes.

I want to hit the pause on the ‘life’ remote control.

The girls and I have had a good week together. No blood shed. No shanking of any kind.

They had a 1/2 day on Tuesday and have been out of school since then. My Niece is here and we are having fun.


We went and saw the movie UP on Wednesday. VERY, VERY cute. I liked it mucho mucho. But again, I was confuzzled and ended up seeing the 3D version. I don’t care for the 3D part and they charge 3 bucks MORE for it. My Ticket was 11.50. FOR A MATINEE. Gouge much?

Gee willickers. I need to pay better attention to these things… bad.

I took the girls ice skating on Thursday. I was a watcher. The last time I ice skated (I accidentally wrote LICE skated first…that is a visual) I fell and I really almost hurt my hip. I am too young to break a hip. I hear once you do that…it is all down hill from there! But the girls had a good time…they have not ice skated in years and took to it like a fish in water. Just amazing!P1000119

Driving to the East Coast today to pick up my friends 2 dogs. They are going to the Keys on vacay and I am boarding the babies. Yes, I am a fantastic friend.

But She would do the same for me, so fair is fair.

I will have 4 boxers here.

We shall call this week: BoxerFest 2009. Get in line early if you want a T-shirt!!

Cocoa just has no clue her 2 besties are coming over….she will be in heaven. Ozzie, well, he can take other dogs or he can leave em.’ He really loves ME Cocoa best.

There will be lots of romping around and some of this:

The licking dog

Followed by some of this:


Coach and Lo are driving up north for a softball tourney today for the weekend. Essentially we will be driving together, but in separate directions in separate cars. How romantic. Had we had these sort of weekends together/apart 15 years ago, our family would be much smaller.

Happy Friday everyone!!

I wish for you a weekend filled with wet kisses, good times and lots of love!

19 thoughts on “TGIF and goings on…..

  1. I want a golf cart like that, and maybe a golf course to go with it.Four boxers at once? p.a.r.t.y!Coach is driving up north, and you are driving to the east coast (like FL isn't already on the east coast lol). Do you know what that means? It means you have used up all your carbon credits for the month. yep!


  2. Glad you had a good week. I'm sure there are more to come. Pics of your boxer babies are too cute. I'll take one of those t-shirts. Once upon a time, we had a week with five boxers. Two of our own, two that we were fostering and one we were dog sitting. OY! What a week!


  3. Whew, Suz… Your summer so far has been busy…Three teenage girls in the house and now FOUR Boxers… Gads–think I'll keep this life of retirement even though I do miss that lifestyle (just a tad). ha haHave a great weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  4. boy bee your home is becoming a regular ole shelter… the dogs.. the niece!! pretty soon there isn't going to be any room for you!! maybe that is intentional!! he he… have a good weekend and a safe trip!


  5. Go look out your window. See me? That round shape outside of your gate? That is me waiting for my Boxer Fest shirt : ). I am getting in line early because I know they are going to be in DEMAND like crazy : )I am glad you spared your hip! XO


  6. I love how shiny your dogs are! Um, any place for humans on that couch? LOL Have a great weekend, enjoy the dog smoochies!PS: I almost wrote \”wow you're brave for taking on 4 dogs at once\” and then remembered I am planning on doing this for a living. Lord help meh.


  7. i love boxers SO much. we are having thunderstorms and bella is scared. she paces, takes turns snuggling us, then just keeps pacing. silly girl. we keep reassuring her but it doesnt work.shoulda named her skiddish…..C


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