Who Dat?


Said the Cat!


Hey, ‘lady who feeds me,’ is that a pretty new camera? Let me get a closer look……


Said the cat that is NOT even supposed to be outside.


I heart my new camera!

15 thoughts on “Who Dat?”

  1. Isn't it fun? I fancied myself a World Class Photographer for a month or two after I got mine… it's LOTSA fun! I'm sure it does video clips too? (HINT HINT)


  2. My kitty has never been outside, but she looks out the windows a lot. So maybe your cat is my cat's hero for making a break for it! LOL Glad you're loving your camera! : )


  3. Oh I feel sorry for that kitty…. When Mama is mad—BEWARE!!!!!! Glad you heart your camera!!!! I need a new one which will take good pictures through the screen door!!! haHave a great Sunday.Hugs,Betsy


  4. Hey Suz, our neighbors have between them, 24 cats and kittens, how about I send some your way!!! Yea, sounds like a plan and then you'd have something new to take pics of. I really am liking this idea. 🙂


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