V is for….


The one in Italy. Not to be confused with the one in Florida.

I hope you don’t have a full bladder…this may be the most pictures I have ever posted at one time!!! I don’t know what came over me!!!!

June 2004

My first (and only) trip to Europe.

Coach won this trip for us, and it was glorious. Full of good food, fun people and fabulous tours and experiences.

The artistry of the homes and buildings here was just mesmerizing.


St. Marks Basilica and square and the Doges (Presidents) palace.

112_1247 112_1248 112_1252St. Marks basilica was originally built by the Venetian people as a government space. Today is is used as a place of worship for the Catholic residents and visitors. I could never take a picture that would grasp the detail and beauty in this place.

112_1261 113_1302

112_1255The bridge of Sigh’s….the bridge the prisoners must cross en route to jail. We actually went into a jail cell….I was freaking out ‘cause I just knew some old bad ghost was attaching itself to me!

You would never tell I was a tourist, would you? I was fascinated by everything! Payphones, Elevators, mailboxes and public Toilets! So much to see….

112_1256 112_1281


A funny ‘blonde moment’ to share(cause my life is FULL of them) …. as we were wandering the streets and I needed a public restroom…we finally found one, but you had to PAY to use it. Fine. IT was worth it cause when I walked in, it was clean. Pristine. I did my business and as I was opening up my stall door to leave I saw IT!!! A camera above me!!! I was being taped. agghhhh. I suppose it is there for security, but I just know that somewhere in the world someone was watching me pee. I just hope they paid big time for that little show. I hoped I could bring in some big bucks for commerce…..

Coach and I loved seeing this little street cat getting a drink from the running well pump, it almost reminds us of the cats that we have at home that we don’t like, but this cat was nice….

112_1279 112_1270

We saw this glass blower make a gorgeous vase…then we were asked to pay an arm AND a leg for it.

Yep, of course we bought one. who needs 2 arms and legs? PALEEEEESSE

We had such fantastic meals here…oh, we were in gastric heaven!!!


One evening the dinner special was fish. Coach asked the waitress what kind of fish was being served? The waitress looked at him, like he was a silly man and then answered: “you know, fish from the sea” as she was pointing to the water. Oh. THAT kind of fish. What came to him was a huge platter of lightly battered fried fish. About 10 different small fish and a few squid too. heads and all. I suppose what ever the fisherman caught in his net???

And of course Coach ate it all. 🙂

112_1295 112_1254


Look at all the stuff from the sea!

Oh, did you eat yet today????


I forget that fruit is a real treat in most places…we are so spoiled to have it growing all around…grapes and some cracked coconut.

113_1363The produce market. 113_1316

Coaches favorite place was the sausage and cheese store….it still baffles me how that stuff can just sit out and not need refrigeration. I could not stay in there long…so stinky. And yes, we brought home sticks of sausage in our suitcase. ughhhh, sausage mixed with my undies, not a pretty smell sight.

I was still a soda drinker at the time and Loved when I got a small bottle of ‘coke light’ with my lunch. Their version of Diet Coke.

We did not take a gondola ride. I really had no interest in that…seemed like only tourists were doing it and I already showed everyone that I am a tourist. But, hey at least I left my fanny pack at home.

113_1323 113_1314113_1330 113_1343 113_1344 113_1351 113_1354 113_1356

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Venice, DO IT!!! You will not regret this once in a lifetime visit.

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If you did not get enough of a Venice endorsement from me today, go visit KBL, she and her beloved went to Venice on their honeymoon a few years ago and promised a full review this week. If she hasn’t posted it though…it is because her heart is broken to bits, she just had to send off her furry boy Achilles this weekend who has been in ill health. He is a new member of the dogs of heaven group. Drop by and give her some love. She will appreciate it much….

27 thoughts on “V is for….”

  1. Wow, SO JEALOUS. I really want to go to Venice with my sweetheart. Mmmm sausage and cheese, the breakfast of champions! And I had no idea they had squat toilets in Italy, amazing. Once I tried to bring seaweed home in my suitcase from the beach. I could not understand why my mom said no. Mean mom, haha. Looks like an amazing time, so glad you posted all these pictures. I enjoyed every one of them!


  2. Wow! What an amazing trip! Doesn't it bug ya when you take pics and then look at them and know they don't even come close to capturing the real deal? sigh. But hey… you SAW the real deal! Loved the pics! : )


  3. What a fabulous looking trip Suz. Nalley's parents lived in Venice FL which is nothing like these pics!!!! What beautiful architecture and I love the pic of the kitty getting a drink of water. Thanks for sharing your trip.


  4. Thanks for taking us with you on your trip to Venice. Venice is one place I would really like to visit. I think you did quite well in capturing the beauty of the place in your photos.


  5. i just knew you would include the toilet picture (okay, i actually scrolled downt o find it, then began my tour of venice again!) lovely… you should definitely scrapbook these pictures! 🙂


  6. I loved reading this and seeing your photos. The photo of the two of your dressed for the evening is lovely; I hope you have it in a frame on your desk!Venice is a magical city. Last time I saw it, I was in high school! So glad that you shared this adventure with us. Hugs to you.


  7. I loved seeing you and your hubby on these pics…great stories to go along with them…'you know, fish from the sea'…do you think she went back to the rest of the waitstaff and said 'can you believe how stupid the tourists are?!'Happy Monday ~Natalie


  8. I would love to visit Venice and all of Italy for that matter. It looks like a beautiful country! Thanks for posting these.


  9. Great V word!!My daughter and I took a trip to Venice when they were stationed in Germany. It was a girls trip and we had a blast. I wish I had taken as many pictures as you did! We also visited the Capodamonte Factory and bought some nice ceramics and glass pieces. She bought a beautiful doll for her daughter.there is a Venice CA too 🙂


  10. Neat Suzanne. I'm so glad you got to go there.. Life is SO different, isn't it????? I laughed at the bathroom incident… Wonder is someone sits there and watches everyone pee???? ha ha George tells me that when (if) he takes me to China, I don't want to ask what I'm eating… Yipes—wonder if he'll take me to Micky D's?????? ha… (There are So many places I want to go BEFORE going to China –so don't know if we'll make it or not.)Hugs,BetsyP.S. I used to live in Venice, FLORIDA for a few years. Neat little city–but nothing like Italy.


  11. You're quite the little world traveler aren't you?! Cool that coach won the trip. I also won a trip (when I was with Alaska Airlines) to anywhere that Wien Air flew…I traded it with a gal for an extra week off of work, so I could get up to N.Idaho. Some would call me a nut case!


  12. Very cool! Fabulous picures and good stories too. Now I do think there should be a law about that bathroom …so I think I'll pass on that trip. ha! Did you have a guide or how did you ever know where to go and what to do??Hope your Monday brought smiles to you.


  13. DIVINE. I love it. I love it all. I want to go back soon.These pics of Venice? They remind me how the biggest fight Giancarlo and I ever had was storming through the streets of Venice. Go figure. I need to remake my Venice memories.


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