TGIF and Mending fences…

ahhhh Friday. I have no idea why Friday means anything to me…seriously my days are basically all the same…especially in the summer. But I suppose it is the thought that counts.

I will pretend that I have the weekend off. 🙂

We have had a fairly good week here at Casa Day By Day….no real injuries…oh, well there was this ONE incident right here:


Lets do a bit of math:

You add one 13 year old PLUS one newly refurbished golf cart and what do you get?

The above picture.

ugghhh. What is a parent to do? Scream? Yell? Holler? Beat? Shank? Juvenile hall? Disown?

Nah….That is how my Dad rolled. I am doing much better I have to say….

Although it would feel good to scream my head off at the time….that does you no good in the long run. The damage is done. I did slam a few doors and shot the look of ‘what the hey were you thinking?’…….

The prospect of not driving the golf cart for a long, long, long time, well that is punishment……and me reminding Linds how much the repair will cost and she will DO all the extra chores I ask with NO ‘face’ or whining at all….that will last a long, long, long time.

AND your entire family INCLUDING your 15 yr old Sister will never…ever let you live it down. I think this little incident will be brought up FOREVER, including the wedding montage video in about 12-16 years.

Not to mention we will all recall this again at the DMV in a few years too…..

I think since this happened LAST Saturday…she thought I was not going to blog about it. WRONG. 🙂 I love you Linds.


Linds and I are heading across the East Coast again on Sunday to drop off the visiting dogs and since we are already over on that side of the state….we are going drive a bit farther south and visit my Grandma too. We have not seen her since Easter. (Coach and Lo are off on their goal to tour all the softball fields in Florida, I think they have just about hit them ALL by now.)

I called Grandma last night to let her know I would be coming and she had more complaints than usual: Her young friend (87) just had a stroke and is not doing good; Grandma’s bowels are not moving well; she has been confined to her wheelchair all of her waking hours, Florida Power & Light is robbing her, Her sinus’es are acting up (they have been acting up since I was born) etc…..

She told me: “Suzanne, don’t get old, whatever you do, don’t get old. It is NOT worth it. Really. avoid it.” She is 96. and I think she may be on to something….**my feet are killing me right now**

I hope she feels better when we get there on Sunday.


Happy Friday ya’ll.

I hope your weekend is filled with those you love, NO pain, and non-crashed fences.

20 thoughts on “TGIF and Mending fences…

  1. Your grandma has lived a long life. I guess she has earned the right to fuss about how she feels. Too bad about the incident with the golf cart. Sounds like this will haunt her for a long time.My husband and I were coming home from the local Walmart and noticed some mail boxes that had been ran over. My thought – some kid in the neighborhood was destroying mail boxes. We arrived at the house and come to find out my 13 year old decided he could drive older sisters car and he ran over the mailboxes because he could not drive. Needless to say his a@@ was grass I was the lawnmower. He was restricted.


  2. Anonymous

    Yes, Linds is sure to never, ever live this down. Great grandchildren will know this crashed fence story!!! Oh well, I hope you and Linds have a great visit with Grandma and probably the company of you two will make her feel grand. Have fun – take lots of pics.


  3. Yep, that crunched up fence picture will be popping up all over the place.Have fun with grandma….bring her some Miralax (it's classified a miracle unbinder) and maybe some soothing stuff to give her a nice massage…or better yet, take her out and all have a nice pedi.She is so fortunate to have you to vent to. You must be a world class listener!!


  4. I crunched my mom's car in the garage door before I had my license. I have never lived it down. It's true though, I am a bad driver without glasses on. Have a great time with your grandma!


  5. Ouch! That is something no one in my house would ever live down either… and Linds has a long way to go based on the age of your grandmother 🙂 Have a great visit with her!


  6. I can see that the humor is a family trait; what a gift! That's one of the things that has kept me reasonably sane during all of my years (nearly 50).Love the driving story, the photo and the way you are dealing with it. Good idea about putting it in the wedding slideshow. =) Hard labor is better than a shanking any day, and besides, she's increasing skills (and fitness) with the chores! You're actually doing her a favor, right? Can I get a YEAH!? YEAH!Have a wonderful visit with your grandma. Something tells me that there will be a good posting from that visit, soon…Hugs.


  7. Hi Cutie, I'm sorry about your fence—but I think you handled it well. Poor Linds will never live it down!!!! That's punishment enough I'm sure!Be careful going to the east coast… Glad you are gonna visit Grandma. She is right—-getting OLD is hard!!! I know….Be sure and take a plunger with you to help her with her bowel problem. Har Har Har.Hugs,Betsy


  8. i absolutely love that you waited a WEEK to publish this photo and the story! sometimes it is the wait that will kill ya… and you know she had to ahve thought she was in the clear (love you linds!) i am sorry about the fence though. really, has this fence and it's friendly counterpart, the gate, really been worth their trouble??? anyway, glad you are going to visit gramma. 🙂 drive carefully!


  9. Every golf cart driver has one tale of horror never to be lived down! I won't go into it here. Have fun visiting your Gram. Drive safely.XO- Cassie (using my dogs blog)PS- Will you ask for prayer for my hubby,Patrick? He broke his collar bone & dislocated today in a motor scooter accident in Phx. Operation on Tues. & he told me not to be concerned—he has plenty of pain pills. Yikes. I'm checking on airfare now, but probably will obey him and stay here in Id.


  10. But see, if such incidents never happened who would do all the chores and what would you laugh about in a few decades? See? It's all good :-DSame here about Fridays now, I do love seeing \”the workers\” enjoy it so much every week! LOL


  11. Ouch! Glad your daughter wasn't hurt. We had a similar incident. Oldest daughter tells grade school sister to go start her car to let it warm up on a cold morning. Vehicle is a stick. Young daughter missed the Land Rover by less than an inch and ran through the front of the garage. Oldest daughter couldn't understand why SHE was getting in trouble.Hope you enjoy your visit with your grandma. She sounds like a stitch.


  12. Poor Linds is going to be seeing that picture and hearing that story for many years to come. The picture may not change, but I'll bet the story gets better with each telling!


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