W is for….


Yes Witch. NOT which.

As a child I only had a few fears.

1) UFO’s. I feared aliens would come and take me away. Why yes, I did watch “Close encounters Of the Third Kind several times. I was never afraid of mashed potatoes though.

2) I was afraid Indians were going to come and kill me, with an arrow, and only through my back. I always slept on my back, to protect myself. Yes, we watched lots of westerns too.

3) Witches. I thought a witch was going to ‘get me.’ I don’t recall what she would do to me, but I did not want to find out!

I remember my first witch was the one in Snow white. Quite a mean lady…yes she was.

She was also a fruit pusher. snow_white_witch

Wait, was she a witch? Or just dressed like one? Now, I am confused. Perhaps she was some old woman who worked the produce dept at Publix?

Then of course this green witch.

Witch_468x359(I could be called a green witch too, if you don’t recycle that is!) She scared the living daylights out of me. Not to mention those flying monkeys in bellman outfits.

Not kidding, Lo is still fearful of watching the Wizard of Oz…possibly because of the Monkeys and their green leader?

A few years back, one ‘nothing to do Saturday’ the Coach and I were channel surfing…the movie Blair Witch Project was coming on.

bl2We really did not mean to watch it. This is not our kind of flick. Really, we had NO interest in it at all. REALLY.

1 hr and 51 minutes later, I was terrified.

All kidding aside, for about a year, I was freaked out by taking the garbage out at night.

Yes, I am a total wussy.

I avoid scary movies. I find them the opposite of fun. Life is scary enough, why invite scary stuff in?

I remember reading about the women in history that were burned at the stake because *someone* thought that that they were a witch.

Really, this is such shame and a sad scenario.

You know that those women really were not witches. They just had PMS.

And I am going out on a limb and say that the *someone* was their husband. Maybe? yes?

I met a real witch one time. She was not pretty, nice or had any manners whatsoever.

She was also a pathological liar.

Her name was Debra and my Dad married her. Shortly after the wedding, he died.

Now that is one real witch. How can I get her burned at the stake?

Just kidding. I would never do something like that.

Not really kidding. I might be able to do it….

PMS who?

To see how some really clever people used the letter W, go to A-Z Mondays.

Photo borrowed from: The daily mail UK for Wizard of oz

Photo borrowed from: IZDnet.com for snow white

Photo borrowed from: ghost2ghost.org for blair witch.

29 thoughts on “W is for….

  1. That green witch from the Wizard of Oz scared me too! So did those monkeys – I just picture them biting anything possible! And that Blair Witch Project movie made me never want to CAMP!


  2. wow – maybe your stepmom and my stepdad were related… from the family of King Evil… :-oThe only consolation I have is someday he will die before me and then the world will be a better place 🙂


  3. Witches get a bad wrap.One year for Halloween when I worked in the dental office we all dressed up. (I worked the front desk and I was the one in charge of $$$..)needless tosay, my costume was a witch. Nobody likes the person that takes their money. 😀


  4. I put up a sign on Halloween every year warning the neighborhood that \”the wicked witch lives in my house\” It's a big sign…. we don't get many trick-or-treaters for some reason?


  5. That witch on the Wizard of Oz takes the prize for scariest witch of all time. Don't you wonder who in Hollywood was responsible for creating her character on film (makeup, costume, interpretation)? Imagine being that actress – typecast for LIFE!I agree with you about scary movies…and disease movies, war movies, death movies, etc. Life is hard enough! Let's laugh when we can.Your \”real witch\” story is even scarier than the Wiz witch. I am so sorry that she got away on her broomstick, but am betting that LIFE will catch up with her, and teach her better than anyone else could.


  6. I used to be scared of that same witch from the wizard of oz and those darn little flying monkeys…ugh. I'm sorry that your dad married a witch and I don't blame you for having some unkind feelings towards her…lol.


  7. I feel the same way about clowns! Oooh, their vacant eyes and strange smiles…I feel the hairs on my neck standing up right now. When they appear on a movie or TV screen I can't even bear to look at them. I have to look away or off to the side until Ed tells me they're gone. Creepy!Witch is an awesome \”W\” for today. I'm hoping to come up with something before the end of the day. Pressure!


  8. Hi Suz, I thought your \”w\” post was going to be WONDERFUL Wabulous Wa-Squirrels. I never feared witches—but was scared of the BIRDS. Did you ever see that movie, \”The Birds\”????? Yipes… For some reason I am not afraid of birds anymore… ha haHave a wonderful day!Hugs,Bets


  9. Thank goodness I'm not a real witch, and just play one sometimes.My granddaughter who wants to be the next Disney Princess, and almost lives at Disneyland with her annual pass, will not go within 100 yards of Snow White. The whole story gives her the heebee geebees. She feels the same way about the Easter Bunny lol.Perfect W word!!


  10. SW was very small when she first watched \”The Wizard of Oz.\” She was a little frightened, but seemed to relish the new \”line\” she picked up. For weeks afterward, under her breath, she would say \”…mean old witch\”…of course, it was directed at ME!!!!!


  11. Ha! Very funny. I have an evil stepmom, too.Some of those cartoons and kid movies are quite scary. Maybe it's not smart to let kids watch anything but … well, maybe Mickey Mouse was safe. I can't remember any witches or bad guys.


  12. Look at you with your footnotes : ). I love it. I love your post. Witches always scared me too! And since we grew up thinking they were satanic I never really associated with one. Great W! You are WILD and WONDERFUL! XXO


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  14. i never watch scary movies… and those flying monkeys will make me hide my eyes, just so i can watch the rest 🙂 your w makes me laugh (but so does everything else you do!)


  15. Myra Gulch STILL terrifies me…. that one scene where Dorothy is up in the tornado and she's going by on her bike, and it turns into a broom, and she goes from Myra to the WITCH all of a sudden. Terrifying, I tell you…. terrifying.


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