If only fuel was made from silliness….

Then, I would be one rich woman!

I may be solely responsible for keeping the oil companies in business and Really, I do feel bad about this, but what is a girl to do? NUTTIN’

Grandma J, I don’t want to hear anything about my carbon footprint this week either….I already have the guilt for it… ;0

I had to drive up and across the state yesterday to fetch my LoLo and one of her teammates.

P1000239They were at a softball camp since Sunday. The campus is gorgeous..in the middle of a beautiful and quaint old town.

For a minute there I had visions of the coach and I selling our house and moving up there to run a local coffee/ice cream shop.

Ok, really , I thought we could buy a subway franchise, but that does not sound as appealing.


Lo is the cute one in the grey shirt getting her certificate from the coaching staff.


She was fortunate to stay in a sorority house and get a feel for campus life…minus the school loans and partying.


It was a 9 hour round trip. My butt is hurting and I just know it is as flat as a pancake.

Why, oh WHY does Florida have to be such a looooonnnnngggg state????

In my next life, I want to live in a short/squat state that you can drive in a few hours and actually be in a DIFFERENT state..not the same flippin’ STATE!

Okie dokie, I told you before how 99 is MY favorite NUMBER….well, I hit a milestone yesterday:


I looked down and was gasping at my odometer…before I could get my camera out I hit the 01 spot. Dang. Now I have to wait till I get to 99,999 for it to be really cool. have I mentioned before that I am a dork?

I have never had a vehicle that I have driven since DAY ONE and had this many miles on it.

I keep petting her daily and talking very nice to her to keep her on the road…for we have more traveling to do this summer.

ALSO: my thermometer stating the temp outside also hit 99 degrees…could not reach my camera safely when this appeared, but believe me, I am so thankful for working a/c.

**Home sweet Home…I love this place**

25 thoughts on “If only fuel was made from silliness….

  1. Anonymous

    Ugh, what a long day in the car. It was not quite as hot in GA as you were in FL yesterday. Glad you had a safe trip – stay out of the car today and be cool!


  2. The long days driving in the car get soooo long. Wow, it was hot there! Here in Minnesota it is still trying to make up it's mind about going into spring/summmer yet. We finally made it into the 70's recently…I want it to be warmer so that the lakes warm up so we can actually go swimming this summer but I don't think I want it to be 99! Hope you stay cool today!


  3. I'm glad your daughter enJOYed camp! I'm a gal of dorkiness, myself. 22 is my favorite number! I have some dorky (but neat) stories about the number 22. If we lived closer we could dish over coffee! Oh, and I totally believe silliness fuels me through each and every day!


  4. you know I know what you mean about being in a looong state, i grew up in California and it was hours and you still were there. be careful what you wish for though, now i am in Kansas and a strong wind will blow you to Nebraska, really!!


  5. Florida is a long state!! I'd love to be there right now though as we've been getting buckets and buckets of rain for days and days. Luckily the sun peaks out once in awhile just long enough to give us a shred of hope that the whole summer won't be a washout. I think I'm a dork too as I love your silliness!! I love that you take pictures of your odometer at 99001!!! And to have the temp hit 99 degrees at the same time makes me laugh. Cars these days are made to last a heck of a lot longer than they used to so don't worry that yours will conk out on you. She's got a lot of life left in her.Glad Lo had fun at camp. At least you didn't drive that long for nothing!!Much love from NJ,Suexoxo


  6. If you want a state where you can drive a couple of hours and be in a different one, don't move to Texas! One spring break we drove out to L.A. and over half the trip was spent in Texas!!! Stay cool this summer. It's hot here as well. I'm having to delay my runs until late in the evening.


  7. I have no room to take you to task on your carbon footprint because mine is bigger…just like to keep you on your toes.Congratulations to Lo! I love girls/woman's softball. What a cool camp experience that must have been!I have a niece through marriage who was a pro…and an olympian pitcher, so I have a soft spot for softball!


  8. Don't you love a good educational fieldtrip? =) So glad you had a safe trip to a place that you like. Have a great weekend. I hope you can stay cool in those temps!


  9. oh my dorky friend, i love ya! i guess this is why you didn't answer the phone when i called! i shoulda tried your cell phone, but i guess that may have been tough… driving, taking pictures and chatting on the phone! glad lolo had a great time 🙂 hope your butt is fluffing itself back out!


  10. I'm sorry that you missed your odometer reading by a mile, but I'm confident you'll get 99999 right on the money. I certainly don't envy your nine hour round trip at all.


  11. 9999999999999999999 is a great number! Congratulations on reaching it in your car : ). You are the cooliest! : ) Good luck stuffing some fun in your day.PS I am sorry your state is long.


  12. Hi Suz, As long as your speedometer didn't hit 99…. ha ha…. Our Prius has over 120,000 miles on it and we want it to last another year if possible. We take it in faithfully for maintenance—and so far, no problems. We only have the one car—so it gets used for whatever we do… The mileage piles up quickly, especially all of those trips to Hendersonville.Hope you are either in the pool today—or sitting in the AC –if it is THAT hot… Yuk!!!Hugs,Betsy


  13. Remember my brother Sam? One of his ex GF's from HS is now a professor at Stetson University…. how bout THAT for a small world. :)(Saw the little graphic on your posting and thought I'd bring that up.)


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