X is for…

X Ray.

Really, that is all I could come up with.dental-xray-opg

My Dentist insists on having new x rays of my chompers once a year.

I am sure this is to help pay for his airplane, boat and 2nd home.

But I go along with the x ray, I don’t want to infringe on his lifestyle.

Really, I love my dentist. But he is outrageously expensive. And I was not kidding about his plane, boat or 2nd home.

That is what you get when you spend your life with your hands inside other peoples mouths. I would insist on more stuff than he has…

The running joke at my dentist office when I am in for x rays is that my mouth is really small (hard to shove those cardboard x ray thingies into my petite pie-hole) but we never ever run out of stuff to talk about.

That picture above is not of me. I borrowed that x ray from: MySingaporeDentist.com (really)

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24 thoughts on “X is for…”

  1. Great post. I think you may be the only one that did X ray! My dentist always comments on my mouth being small, too. Funny. She's the only person that has ever said that!Have a good Monday.


  2. oh no, this blog is proof that you never lack for something to say! and something entertaining, to boot! thanks for letting me know that the x-ray isn't yours. i was concerned that on top of paying for the sittinf fee, you were paying for prints of your portraits as well!


  3. at first I thought you said he xrayed once a month – whew was I relieved when I went back and re read that!! as a former hygienist – I feel for you and your dental staff if you have a small mouth – that is no fun for anyone! 🙂


  4. Happy Monday Suz!Good X! My dentist seems to take them all the time too-seems like they never find anything bad until you say something hurts- so what's the point.oh yeah, boats, golf and vacations.


  5. Each time my dentist upgrades to a new prettier building, I expect a name plate out front to read: Nalley Dental Building!!!


  6. Wow. Get out of the city. Every year? I have to take Kaish for an appointment. I think he is overdue…. Please don't tell the mother of the year comittee.


  7. I love your X! My dentist has the opposite issue with me….I HAVE A HUUUUUUUUUGE MOUTH, but a small mandible. My sister is a hygienist and she worked at an office once where the man's mouth was so small that the xray tech actually split the skin at the corners of his mouth while trying to shove in the cardboard trays. My sis said he looked a vampire with the blood dripping down the two sides of his face. Gross!!! So tell your dentist to be careful!Your daughters are PRECIOUS. I would love to see a video of the dance routine, if that's ok with her. We've seen Lo's fabulous action shots…time to bring on Linds' money shots. Great job with your two gals Sue! 🙂


  8. Same thing here, I have a big mouth (yap yap yap) but an over-active gag reflex so they can only use kiddie-sized trays for the x-rays, LOL!Ah, the joys eh?Your posts are always so original – love it :0)


  9. Ha! That picture made me laugh out loud…. I was just picturing you at the dentist, with your new camera, snapping a photo of your x-rays.And yes, I gag when they put those sharp little carboard things in my mouth too…. c'mon now. We can put a man on the moon, but we can't come up with a comfortable contraption for our MOUTH while taking an x-ray, for crying out loud? What the heck??!


  10. X is for kisses, lots of 'em… all over cute, loved things….X marks the spot….X-Menxtra xtra read all about it…xylaphoneX [2×2=4] its a multiplierX-tremesign at the X________XtravaganaX-mas [let's not take jesus out of christmas].Xanax [mmm good for the nerves]but my all time fave has got to be X is for kisses!yeahhhhhhc


  11. It WAS in fact an x-ray! (For those of you who may be confused by this comment – it is a followup to another one) :)Very funny! I agree, I think I would require more stuff too for putting my hands in peoples mouth all day! Yucky teeth gross me out – well getting that close to someone else's teeth in general grosses me out – but \”yucky\” just pushes me over the edge!


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