Bloggers are nice peeps.

A while back I posted a picture of Linds and her funny socks right HERE. Both of the girls have a thing for crazy socks and really have never been concerned about them matching either.

Debbie, a silly lady living waaaay over in Japan saw this and thought she needed to add to their collection!

She sent us a great little care package full of fun stuff.


Some funky toe socks, some homemade toothpick origami dolls (they are way cool) a set of Hello Kitty face masks (I love Hello Kitty) and with that swine flu around, we may look stylish and safe at the same time. She also included some Japanese good luck charms that I immediately put in my car!!!

Could you wear these socks? I could not, but the girls just ADORE THEM.

P1000256 P1000254

Thanks a bunch Debbie. You are so sweet and my girls have told everyone they know that they have a funny friend in Japan who appreciates funky socks too!

I won a gift from my Michigan friend Shelly (Shellmo) at Building A log Cabin. Shelly is an awesome photographer and fellow tree hugger. (tree huggers rock) She sent me this bookmark and a note card; they are just gorgeous. These are photos that she took in her YARD!!! I am a bit ashamed of my pictures of Ralph (the squirrel) and all my flippin’ mulch.


I just love the quote on the bookmark:

“The butterfly counts not months, but moments and has time enough.”

Isn’t that lovely?

It is nearly as wonderful as the bookmark LoLo made for me for Mother’s Day. I think my girls will have quotes made after the silly stuff they say one day. 🙂

Thanks a bunch Shelly, I appreciate your thoughtfulness!

PS. I spoke with my cuz Chris last night on the phone, he is happy to be back in the good ol’ USA!

Some things/people never change…being in war for a year has not diminished his sense of humor or sarcasm one little bit. Yes, we are related….I missed him and his dry sense of humor bunches!

19 thoughts on “Bloggers are nice peeps.”

  1. If I wore socks, I'd wear those. I own a ton of socks but never wear them because my feet don't like them.Cheers for Chris!! Thank him for keeping us safe and free.


  2. aren't you a lucky girl! laura would love to see those toothpick dolls- you know how she is about origami!! so glad chris has made his big trip back, and will be home soon!


  3. I love those funky socks! I would love to have them at the cabin! Especially when I go talk to my friendly neighbors….LOL!! Then it would definitely confirm their suspicions that I'm crazy!!Glad you liked the bookmark and card! And yes – your daughter should put her funny sayings on bookmarks and start marketing them. Ask her if I can be her agent! :0


  4. I'm happy your cuz is home!I love the socks and how thoughtful of Debbie. Not sure I could wear those!Shelley has beautiful photography – love the butterfly quote.Hope you and the girls have a fun afternoon.


  5. The socks are really something! I'm glad your girls like them and I enjoyed picture of them wearing the socks. I got one of Shelly's bookmarks and I agree that they are beautiful.


  6. I LOVE that the girls love those sox so much…'cause Lord knows, I can look at 'em and smile, but I sure as heck can't wear them on my own feet!! 😀 My piggies like to be all together!! I was at the Kitty-Chan store today (Hello Kitty, for you all!) and thought of you…there was just so much stuff that a girl really needs…I had to leave quickly before I got my wallet out!!! Next time…!!!So glad that Chris is home…and safe. Bless him!


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