My burial plans, just in case you cared; a cute picture and TGIF!!!

Bartholomew the third has a feathered friend.


I hit a milestone yesterday.


Approx 8 days ago I was at 99,000. I did the math. That is approx 125 daily a lot of miles on the road and mucho gasso. I am proud to say that this weekend I will not be driving out of my little 4 mile safe zone.

Next week, different story.

BTW: I love my GMC!

I am saddened by the deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Farrah seemed as though she had a beautiful heart, wanted to be here for her family and died way too soon. I recently watched the documentary “Farrahs Story” and bawled my eyes out through the entire show. I am a sissy like that. I loved her in the ‘Burning Bed.’ Remember that movie? She took revenge on her abusive husband!!! My heart goes out to her family today.

Michael to me, was a lost soul for most of his life. I don’t think he had a chance at a normal life. Or as my brother used to say: ‘Not a snowball’s chance in hell of being normal.”

I hope they are both at peace.

I have been thinking of death quite a bit lately too. Not sure why. I hope I am not next. But if I am, I am contemplating NOT going the route of cremation.

I have always been adamant about it, not wanting to take up land space. But I recently saw that you can have a ‘greener’ burial. In a green burial, they don’t use formaldehyde in your body, you are placed in a pine or wicker box and put into the ground with a naturally made head marker, that will eventually dissolve. (compost)

So, you can only visit my grave as long as you remember where the heck I am.

Goodness, most of us can’t remember where we parked our car, so good luck on this one… perhaps I won’t have many visitors after all. That is ok, as long as you think about me. daily.

The wicker box? This is a bit like hanging out in PIER ONE for all of eternity.

I will go with the pine please. As a matter of fact, we may have some scraps in the garage, Coach can just fashion a cute little box for me. (I can squeeze) No need to cut down an innocent tree for me.

Heck, there may be a nice spot next to the compost out back. Right next to my beloved cat Junior. Gosh I miss him.

Eventually I will turn into part of the earth…see, you just can’t get rid of me.

Happy Friday to everyone!

I wish for you time with your loved ones & that the ones you love can give you time.

Safe travels or safely at home.

Enjoy your weekend.

26 thoughts on “My burial plans, just in case you cared; a cute picture and TGIF!!!”

  1. Love the new bird's perch!!!!!Glad you will have a quiet weekend near home in preparation for next week's festivities.


  2. I cracked up over that picture of the bird on Bartholomew's head! I bet Cocoa and Ozzie are so jealous! Have they pee'd on Barth yet?Oh dear, you drove 1,000 miles in a week? You could have come see me, or better yet, drive on up to the VA blog fest next month (carbon-free miles). Otherwise, you have just used up all your carbon credits, and Coaches, and Lindsey and Lo's. Of course if you drive a GMC Yukon like my daughter, then you are exempt due to the gov. takeover thing.I don't know anyone who wants to die by cremation! That would be so painful, and just so you know, Grandma J did not have her husband or mother embalmed..the process is unneccessary.I love Pier One, I just hold my breath that they stay in business.


  3. What a great photo. I must be dead inside because I don't feel bad MJ died, but I do feel bad for the way he lived. I can't imagine he was very happy or at peace. But now he is, so I don't feel bad. I feel terrible for his kids. What will happen to them? 500 million in debt?? Ouch. My heart goes out to them.


  4. Yesterday's deaths are enough to give anyone somber thoughts. But hopefully Coach won't have to work on that particular project for many, many years to come! I loved the picture of the bird on Bartholomew's head. I was also interested to learn that you drive more in a week than we do! Have a great weekend.


  5. oh my gosh, i watched Farrah's story too, i am obsessed with cancer. i was so sad and happy yesterday morning when they said she finally stopped fighting. poor thing went through so much, then i was get this, a little angry at Micheal Jackson. he had to go and die and take away from Farrah's fight with cancer?!? how insane is this little addict? well i have always been a fan of Micheals too. both iconic figures of my time and it was just surreal watching the news unfold yesterday. i didn't know about the green burial thanks for the tip. i don't know what we are going to do as far as that goes, it is hard because my whole family does the cremation thing, and i thought i would too, except it is sad because i don't have anywhere to go to see my mom and dad. Wes has cemeteries we go to for his people i have nowhere to see my family. so i don't know what our final resting place will be. and i don't want to get rid of you, hey maybe they could make us into chia pets like the dog in your garden!!


  6. well said about farrah and m.j. bee!! but let's stop the talk of your demise… you have quite the time left to torment us all… at least i hope… p.s. do you have to water that dog?… wish coach lo and the team well this weekend for me….


  7. oh goodness, where to begin?! i love the green boxer doggie and i love his name and i love that he has a feathered friend, just like our captain morgan! i told ed about it and we are definitely going to be sending a couple of those doggies out as gifts to some friends. so cool!green burials are done by pretty much all peeps on our planet except for those of us in the western modernized cultures. in islam we are buried in a natural cloth of the earth, like linen or cotton, and it is wrapped around us in a very specific way. no jewelry, no makeup, no nothin. just the way you came in, you go out. so, i'm supporting your burial wishes all the way sista. it may seem morbid to talk about your own death and some people don't want to hear you speak of it because it might be uncomfortable for them, but i've always felt that when you talk about something as the fact of life that it is, then the fear is stripped of it. you give its power back to who it belongs to, and if you believe in God, then it belongs to God. i talk about it to ed all the time, like when he asks why i always leave a \”hairball monster\” in the shower after i'm done…i say, \”it's there for you to remember me by when i die\”… is pretty hysterical. i guess you just have to be there. all the deaths this week have been incredibly shocking. some people seem so larger than life that when they up and die on us like mere mortals, it stuns the brain. may they all finally find peace. great post sue. one of my faves. who am i kidding? they're all my faves. have a great weekend!


  8. I love the idea of green burials and you really don't have to worry about getting \”lost.\” They keep careful measurements so anyone will be able to find your spot, even without the markers. The truth is, I will have a traditional burial since we have plots already.Our neighbors plan to have green burials in their own back yard. That is allowed here in NC assuming certain requirements are met.


  9. Hi Suz, I loved Farrah—and watched the Barbara Walters special about her last night on ABC. On the other hand, I never cared for Michael Jackson.. He just turned into another one of those weird-o's!!!! George and I will both be cremated –and our ashes scattered over a waterfall–probably Fall Creek Falls, or maybe Ozone Falls –near here. The main thing is to get your wishes written down officially –so that your family knows what you want.Love the birdie on your 'new' Boxer…Hugs,Betsy


  10. Congrats on your obviously reliable car!!You & I must be on the same wavelength – I've been thinking about green burials too. At first I wanted to be burned to a crisp and have my ashes tossed into our lake. But now I\”m worried about our environment. But then again, I hate the thought of being underground. Maybe the hubby can just toss me into the ocean – lol!


  11. You know… you could use Bartholomew as your headstone. \”He\” is green and environmental friendly. And we all could find you. Bartholomew would be hard to miss :)…. just thinking


  12. \”Hanging out at Pier One for all eternity?\” You are TOO funny, darling! :)I don't want to be cremated either…. a green burial sounds fine to me. Just wrap me in a blanky, and drop me in a little hole, say some nice words, and be done with it. That which made me ME is long gone anyway. Hey, you gotta come check out the Saudi Dancing Boys at my blog. You will laugh, laugh, laugh (at least I did!) 🙂


  13. Bart looks so funny with that dove on his head. I've never heard of a green burial. I have told Hubs to have me cremated, but to NOT buy a fancy coffin, which they will try to sell him. A card board box is just fine for body burning.


  14. i want to thank you for doing the math. i was shockled that you were reporting a new milestone on your odometer, since you just showed one a few days ago! (thank you for not making me go back to search, bnut providing the information for me… really you are too great!) anyway, glad you can stay put this weekend… please, can you just have a light green burial? because people are quite forgetful… and it would be too sad to lose you… or your \”place.\” in your travels, i think you should be on the lookout for a nice rock that you can sharpie your epitaph on…


  15. What a cute picture!I have similar thoughts about the recent public deaths. It does make a person stop and think about their own. I hope you have a good weekend!


  16. I never really knew how cool Farrah was. My parents totally sheltered us. No rock and roll. no tv's and NO SEXY girls for sure. I am sad for all the people that are grieving.and Michael? Well, I am sad that his life seemed so difficult. I am not sad about the molesting of children though. That just freaks me out to no end. I love his music. I guess that is what matters. He had talent. I hope he is in heaven!


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