TGIF, Dance like no one is watching.

I purchased a new CD this week. You are welcome for my help in stimulating the economy.

No, I am not a huge MJ fan, but I do LIKE most of his oldies. 146073_3_f

Really, my main reason for this purchase was for for Linds. She is going to do the THRILLER in the fall with her dance group. This dance was planned prior to MJ’s passing.

As a bonus, it is nice for me to get some new songs on my IPod…nothing like some new music to get me moving on the tread torture mill.

Have you ever seen someone dance and walk quickly on an incline on their treadmill ? That is what I do. It is a really good workout…I sweat like a, like a, um like a girl walking uphill and dancing at the same time. If you want to see, click HERE.

Did you see how much I am sweating?I love dancing so much that I ignore the sweating part.

Pretty silly huh?

What? You could not see anything?????

You really did not think I would post that for the world to see did you? I am silly, not crazy.

Quite the joker huh? Yes, I need my own stage..darnit I need ONE. 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

I wish for you all to find joy in the little things in life; love from your family and friends, laughter whenever you can get it and remember to always dance like no one is watching, because in reality, NO ONE IS WATCHING!!! (unless you post it on your blog!!)

Happy Friday!!!

Blonde Moment #12

See this almost organized drawer?
This is the bottom drawer at my sit down ‘get all prettied up’ vanity.
It is directly next to the shower. This drawer contains all my hair stuff….well 99% is hair magic making items. Combs, brushes, gel, mousse, spray, goop etc…
The 1% of non hair stuff is my shaving cream.
I don’t keep the shaving cream in the shower, because, well, that would be clutter. You know how I feel about clutter. I keep the shaving cream with my hair stuff and on the rare occasion I shave my legs, I can easily reach it while showering.
Don’t these two items look identical? Yeah, right.
The one on the left is hairspray. I use it on very rare occasions too, living in hot, humid Florida, hairspray is kind of a joke!
The item on the right is my shaving cream.
Identical? not so much.
I learned a very fine lesson recently… I should think about wearing my glasses when I am doing my hair…that way I would not accidentally spray a shot of shaving cream into my newly ‘did’ hair.
If you could have seen the look on my face when I realized what I did….if you could hear the words from my mouth…well, you would have stuck a bar of soap in there for my own good!
I had a flashback of when my Grandma picked up the ‘scrubbing bubbles’ bathroom cleaner and thought it was her can of aqua net. She made a mess of her hair and laughed like a crazy person. I never let her live it down.

I am my Grandma now.

In hindsight, spraying hairspray onto my legs while in the shower would have been a bit easier to handle….

I hope by sharing this with all of you will save you some trouble later. I can only hope.