Z is for…A very blonde moment?!?

Really, Z is for Zebras.


Zebras always bring to memory one of my biggest blonde moments ever, at least, according to my Mother. And to some unknown innocent bystanders.

When I was around the age of 19 my Mom and I took a trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida. We were having a great visit this day, when we found ourselves near the Serengeti area and were mesmerized by all the large beasts that were all roaming together.

A large zebra was really close to us at the fence line and before my brain could tell my tongue to shut up I blurted this out:

“OH MY GOSH what is that hanging down by his belly?

472b Zebra in Hwange

I think this is when reality set in for my Mom as she NOW realized she had forgotten one important step in my childhood:


PS. Of course I knew what it was…I was just shocked by the mere size of IT!

Aren’t you???

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30 thoughts on “Z is for…A very blonde moment?!?

  1. Only you would stoop this low! Although, when I read your comment on my blog, bragging about your Z being X rated, I was expecting some sex.That is the strangest looking noodle I've ever seen. And I wish Technodoll had a picture of that one dragging on the ground! Have you ever seen a turtles? Oh wait, sorry, I forgot the subject of this post…this is a bout zebras…Now, off subject, and to give you an exact quote from my daughter's facebook page re: a conversation with my grandson Andrew who's 8:Andrew: Mom, sometimes does your penis ever get hard, but just half of it.Mom: (silence, what do I say????)… Andrew: (staring at me, waiting for the answer)Mom: Um, that hasnt happened to me latelyChristine: She doesnt have a penis Andrew, she has a fragina!Mom: :0You can have your blog back now..:))


  2. and you had to take a picture of it…you are a funny girl 🙂 how have you gotten along so far in life without The Talk?!if you want to see a PG-rated zebra story, come on over to see me 🙂


  3. Suz: obviously me and my dear departed ma never had 'the talk' either because when she came to Canada to visit us once when the kids were young we went to a nearby petting farm. whereupon she turned to her grandchildren with a puzzled expression and said, 'oh look THAT donkey has five legs!?\” p.s. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. hugs to you :-))


  4. \”well it's kinda small in proportion to the beast's body…\” I have heard, I think, that in relation to body size the human willy is proportionally the biggest in the animal world. But maybe that's just what guys like to think…..


  5. I chocked on the pita chips I was eating here at my desk. I cannot stop giggling at that picture! Jason's comments made me tear up also. He is a hoot!I love this Z…you continuously outdo yourself. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. I saw your post when you first posted it – I was speechless…. couple hours later – I'm still speechless. Maybe my hubby could use this picture to get me to shut up sometimes 😉


  7. Now Suz, I am still laughing at this post. We had a similar experience at the baboon exhibit at the Phx Zoo. That'll teach us moms to drag our feet on giving \”the talk\”!! Good post.


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