X is for….


X is for hardly anything. Right?

For this week, X is for Cross stitch.

Betcha’ never thought I did stuff like that did you?

My Aunt Debbie taught me how to cross stitch when I was about 13.

Here is one I started:


Obviously the early 80’s. I loved unicorns and Pegasus’s….didn’t everyone? It was taking me so long, I remember joking that I would get it done by the time I had a baby…HA HA! Perhaps I could get the babies to finish it for me????

Then I later hit a ‘country’ phase…but didn’t everyone?P1020041

I made these little guys while I was first starting out as a hairdresser…I had some waiting time on my hands. Between cross stitching and reading Danielle Steele books, I was never bored those early days. Broke? yes! bored? NO!


I got the girls each a small kit to work on this summer. Lauren finished hers and then left it in someone else’s car. Lindsay’s is still in the plastic wrap.

Maybe it is not a craft for everyone????

I do know this…it is a craft for someone with GOOD EYES as I already have issues just threading a needle!

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36 thoughts on “X is for….”

  1. Good eyes…no kidding!! On my quest thru our attic I found a box of unfinished counted cross stitch projects…one look at the instructions and pattern was enough for me to put it all back…Take care ~Natalie


  2. oh i love that… x is hardly for anything!!but even i did not know you were a cross-stitcher! i used to love it… and i made a few things that were frame-worthy. once in a while i wander down that aisle in joanns, but i haven't seen anything that strikes my fancy…


  3. I loved cross stitch when I was YOUNG! Isn't it fun to see how the trends change over the years? I used to have a lot of country cross stitch items too. Hope you are having a good day.


  4. I used to love cross stitching! I've made several things. I started one for Boo similar to your cat on a shelf and got caught up in the cat being a zillion shades of gray and it's remained unfinished for going on 8 years. ugh. She thought it was cute THEN, but her style has moved on to the teen thing. I kinda hope she's forgotten about it. But I haven't. I feel bad for quitting. But, yes the eyes can get ya with all that needle threading. I used to wonder why my mom would ask me to come thread the needles… NOW I get it. \”Boo..come thread this needle for me\”. Just slap \”old lady\” across my forehead and be done with it!


  5. This made me laugh because you could have been posting about me! I was really on a cross stitching kick for years when I was young. I made \”gifts\” for everyone! And, like you, I started cross stitching a quilt for my baby when I was pregnant, which never even came close to being completed. I then thought I might finish it for my niece (who was born 6 months after Stud) but that was before I realized what life with a newborn was like! 😉 Maybe I'll finish for my first grandchild!!


  6. That's a healthy, sweet, traditional craft. Reminds me of the prairie days. I have the same \”unfinished business\” with a few knitting projects, and the same issue with eyesight! How nice of you to share the love with your girls. At least, you offered…


  7. I didn't realize you had such cross-stitching talent, but I shouldn't be surprised. My late wife tried to get my daughter interested in cross-stitch when Kelly was a teenager. It didn't take.This is a great 'X' post.


  8. Your so funny…….cross stitch….after prickeing my fingers a couple dozen times I gave up……..I remember reading Danielle Steel books……and the country phase which lasted all of 5 seconds with me…..you always give me glimpses back into the 80\”s! thanks for the memories!


  9. Hi Suz, I never did cross-stitch—but I have a good friend who was SUPER at it. BUT—she never ever finished things either… I would get so upset at her since she spent boo-koos of money on projects –and never finished them. What's up with that???? ha haMaybe you will have a granddaughter someday who may enjoy cross-stitch!!!!! Ya think???? Hugs,Betsy


  10. I have some cross-stitching projects I have completed. I was a big cherished teddy fan and found a cross-stitch book on those! You are so stinkin' creative…would never have thought of that for \”X\”!


  11. I've not done cross stitch, but I have embroidered and I loved that! But alas, my eyes are getting old too. I need magnification for beading now 😦


  12. i have a book called \”subversive cross stitch\” … it has patterns in in for things like \”life sucks\” \”whatever\” \”get a life\” and \”happy f'ing birthday. a project for this winter, no doubt! have a good week, girlfriend! xoxo.


  13. Oh, I love this post! My mother used to cross stitch and I have one of the tableaus she completed. Of all the jewelry and other fine stuff she has to pass on to my sisters and I, it is the cross stitched tableau I really want. I'll have to post some pics of it. ;-)Sue, thank you so much for the comments about Laverne & Shirley. They are DOLLS! The pictures don't show how petite they are in height…they've got these wee little short legs. Hobbit Goldens! Ha ha ha! Their foster mom said that when they first came into the rescue, they were so fat they looked like barrels with peg legs. Yup. Just about sums it up!Give your furbabies an extra hug and kiss for me tonight. Careful with the kitties though. Tell Ozzie that two pretty gals in San Diego send their love. 🙂


  14. Well, cross stitching is not on my list of things to do before I die, or before I do anything else, for that matter. But it is great for many people. My Mom loved to do cross stitching and other such things, with great results.


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