W is for…


I love love love weddings. For many years it seemed we were going to weddings all the time. Then it slowed down for a few years and then we were invited to 2nd weddings. Now, they are few and far between, most of our friends have been married or divorced by now.

I just love weddings so much, but they always make me cry. Well, if you know me at all, I cry at everything, so a wedding is just a bonus. When they coined the phrase ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’, they were talking about ME.

I don’t think there is a wedding I have attended that I did not cry at…Except for MY OWN WEDDING. Nope.not.a.tear.shed. I surprised everyone, especially myself. I think I was just so darn giddy with love, that I had not a tear sitting in a duct. My ducts were bone dry.

Wedding dance

I love watching the show “who’s wedding is it anyway?” It is ‘reality’ with planners and the coupIes. I know think I would be a great wedding planner. I would love doing that for couples in love, but I am pretty sure most people would annoy the heck out of me. So, lets scratch that profession.

I sometimes wish we could do our wedding all over again, we did not have much for money and we had way too many people to invite. But alas, this is part of our story. It was a beautiful ceremony in a cute little (for 250 people) Chappell and the reception was close to being a ‘classy’ kegger party, but emphasis on the classy part please. Thank you. We had a wonderful time..dancing, laughing and enjoying our family and friends.

And of course the wedding is not the most important thing…the marriage is. We have made up for the wedding tenfold.

tired jeff and suz

This is what an exhausted bride and groom look like at the end of their wedding day!

Speaking of weddings…guess what???? I just finished reading ‘THE WEDDING’ By Nicholas Sparks.


This was a gift from the Coach a while ago and I just got around to it…It was a nice, easy read and I really enjoyed it!!! I give it 2 glasses of champagne!!

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27 thoughts on “W is for…”

  1. I cry at weddings too…when the father walks his daughter down the aisle. How he must feel…so proud of his beautiful little bride, yet where did the time go…knowing that she will be another man's girl now…How will I make it through my two daughter's weddings? They will have to seat me in the baby 'cry room' and I can watch on the TV monitor…


  2. You were a GORGEOUS bride! Loved seeing these photos! I bet your wedding was tons of fun. I love weddings too! Next year is my 5 year wedding anniversary (yep – got married later in life) and me and the hubby have decided to renew our vows. Plus it's another reason to throw a party – ha,ha! I don't want to wait until I'm 60 and not as cute anymore. :-0


  3. Wow, we are evn more alike than I thought – I also cry at EVERYONE's wedding – in real life, on tv, in a movie. But at my own – nope, not at all. I think it's something about watching someone get married that is very different from being in it. Now, when I watch my wedding video – I cry :)By the way, I didn't know you could married at 12 years old 😉 You look so YOUNG!!


  4. Ahhhhhh…what a beautiful bride you were!!! I LOVE weddings too, but just like you, ours have all slowed down. I guess I'll have to wait for the next crop of kids (yikes! that would be my generation's kids, and I'll be pushin' 60 by then…)


  5. hey! we matched again! i love that your vacation planner had set aside blogging time for you!anyway, like you, i am a cry-baby, but did not cry at my own wedding, which shocked me. i guess there was just too much JOY!


  6. Ohhhh weddings- too bad I didn't get to plan mine…my mom took over and, well….basically made it the wedding she never had.As for \”W,\” mine would have been Washington- I ran the Seattle Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon there last month.Happy Monday, lMnop


  7. I love weddings too and have been to some really special ones. Mine, of course, my favorite. LOL. Our exit song after being pronounced man and wife was Beautiful Day by U2. Great pics. You looked fantastic!


  8. Awe you look so beautiful!! i can't believe i got petunias instead of basil in my herb garden!! i thought the basil had flowers or something and now my rainbow bell peppers have turned into more jalapenos!! goofy stuff this gardening bit, i bet the guy at walmart got with the guy at the seed packet place and thought it would be really funny to have a few beers and start counting!!


  9. Gosh, I remember that day!! I'm still upset that I didn't get to wear your dress when I got married!! Remember? You promised!! Unfortunately I ended up being much taller than you were!! I loved the dress then and still do now! Love you guys and miss you!!


  10. Whoa! Coach buys you books?? He really knows your likes it seems.Now, those wedding photos: What an adorable little couple! I didn't used to like weddings (BC) but now that I do we are rarely invited to any. Happy Monday girlie! Blessings on your head!


  11. i too am at that point in my life where i don't get to go to weddings much. although i recently attended a 25th anniversary wedding. the bride wore her original wedding gown and the ceremony was just beautiful! of course i cried.suz, you were a beautiful bride!


  12. Now it's occasional weddings of the NEXT generation -just went to one a couple weeks ago. Survived (I mean ENJOYED, of course; CHERISHED) our daughter's wedding five years ago. I learned the Dad's role – give her away and write checks.


  13. I'm still scouring the pics looking for your waist – how small were you! :-oThis is a compliment on how beautiful you are, by the way. I'm just crap with words tonight!Are you planning on renewing your vows someday?…


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