U is for….


In my case it is for Uncle Jim.

I love my UJ. My girls love UJ. He is really their ‘Great’ Uncle. But we don’t want to make him feel old now do we??? Never.

If I were at home today, I would have a zillion funny and cute pictures of UJ. But right now I only have two to share.

This one from The Georgia Aquarium gift shop.


Yes, he has on a scarf (ascot) and a snake around his neck…Just doing a little merchandising for fun. I don’t think he has ever been embarassed to have fun in public…that is how he rolls.

Here he is with my Aunt Trisha, watching the laser show at Stone Mountain.

P1020395He and my aunt have been married as long as I have been alive. And no, that is not really long…:) I can’t express how much UJ and AT have meant to me, they are wonderful people and I am so thankful they are part of my family. They have always been a great example of what marriage and family is supposed to be.

Bonus information alert::::: UJ taught me how to put potato chips on my hot dogs as a kid and he has forgiven me for the 3 day road trip through the mountains just after I learned how to whistle. Yes, I whistled the entire trip!!!

He also taught me that when you are driving up a steep hill that you have to lean forward to help the car go UP!!!! Yep, he has given me some invaluable lessons in my lifetime.

Aren’t I the luckiest????

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19 thoughts on “U is for….”

  1. Great to have someone who is fun to be with and a great example too. Seems like you are blessed with great relatives. Have fun!


  2. I also love your Uncle Jim!! He reminded me of my (late) Uncle Jim who died way too young at 52yrs. He was also a cut-up like your Unc and used to make me laugh in church as a kid. He'd squish my finger in the hymnal and when I'd squeel would act innocent! Thanks for the memory! Happy Monday sweet lady!


  3. LMHO…..I think we all have an UJ! My UJ is Uncle John……….and I believe I drove him crazy but in a humorous way….like the time I was about 10 and I had a piece of shoe string licorice in my mouth and choked on it because I was laughing so hard, my UJ was rolling bread and making me swallow it to try and push the licorice down and I said \”wait a minute I have to blow my nose and well la out my nose came a long piece of red shoe string licorice! Have a great Vacation….I am packing….we are moving to Austin…hate packing.


  4. Great \”U\” word, Suz…. Your Uncle looks like a fun-loving guy —and I'm sure you and your girls enjoy being around him. Don't you just love people who love live?????? That is NEAT!!!!!How was/is the trip???? What all did you do in CO???? Are you still there????Hugs,Betsy


  5. I think you and your Uncle Jim have many things in common! It must have something to do with the genes. I think you are very fortunate to have UJ in your family tree.


  6. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I just love a good Uncle. I have a plethora of them myself! Love them all : ) In different ways. But right now, frankly, I am feeling a little angry with them! They NEVER taught me about leaning up in a car when you go up a hill. How could they have not passed that information along? Seriously!


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