T is for….


Thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday.

What is there NOT to love????

Food, family, food, fun, family, laughing, food, and there is NO present buying stress involved. How awesome is that????

DSCN1203 024

I really enjoy hosting it at our house. It is so much fun having all of our family with us at one time.. you know, the in-laws, the out-laws & some straglers off the street.


November in Florida; the weather is usually perfect for us to have the entire house open. We use the dining room table, the kitchen table and the outside table too. If we invite even more people next year, we may need to use the pool table as well. :0

100_0900 DSCN1805 063

But no matter which table you sit at, you always feel special. So special that I may even offer the wishbone to YOU!

And if you know me, you know that there is usually not one dish left in the cupboard when dinner is served…no paper plates or plastic silverware either. ALL the good stuff gets used on special occasions. (ok, most days are a special occasion, right?)

I have so much to be thankful for…I hope you do as well.

gosh, it is already August 24th…suppose it is too early to start setting the tables????

Who is coming???? Dinner will be served at 3:00 sharp.

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28 thoughts on “T is for….”

  1. Good Morning Suzanne, Oh you have me thinking about Thanksgiving foods and decorations and family get-togethers now. Autumn in general is my favorite time of the year. Hope you all have a great week.


  2. Yum! Looks delish and fun! : ) Hey… last year I was in Florida on Thanksgiving day at Disney (we flew home that morning). Had a lovely Thanksgiving burger at the airport. yum.And yes, your weather is delightful in November. 🙂


  3. There's just a slight cool breeze in the air here in Maryland. It got me to thinking about Fall this morning. You now have me thinking of Thanksgiving! Nice post.


  4. i always love your enthusiasm about thanksgiving! you are the premiere hostess 🙂 cute joke about the pool table! i do seem to recall a time that you were serving up food on it before! go ahead, get the publix pilgrims out and start setting!


  5. Suz..delightful blog!would LOVE to join in on the Thanksgiving festivities..just need to know WHICH florida city you are in..my home is Pensacola..I'm a native Floridian..but I live here in Denver..am hoping to be back full time in Florida in the very near future! Give me directions,and what I'm supposed to bring..and I'll be there!♥


  6. Thanksgiving at your house seems to be a very special, happy day. We have almost autumn-like temperatures here in Tennessee today, so maybe it's not to early to think about setting tables!


  7. how lucky you are! my family is so dysfunctional that we are not close and my husband's family, whom I love, are on the east coast. so our thanksgivings are not that exciting.


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