Thanks; & My cure for road rage.

Thank you all for your well wishes concerning my Grandma yesterday. I was almost overwhelmed with all the love. Almost. I suspect, that I can handle all the love in the world. It is Thursday morning, and I am on my way back to see her. Get some answers. Give some questions. Figure out just what the heck is going on with her.

Since I have been driving so much, I thought I would share with you some of my driving wisdom. You are welcome in advance.

Did you know that I have no road rage. really. I am happy about this because I grew up with a father that had major road rage issues.

What I do when someone really irritates me on the road is this: I make a wish for them. Yep. Nice huh? Well, really not so much. My wishes are as follows for the rude folks.

If they are just plain idiots. ie: speeding down MY street. I wish for them a flat tire.

If they are really rude and cut off people in traffic with no regard, I wish for them a flat tire in the rain and a cold sore.

If they are horrid drivers who should be OFF the road forever, I wish for them a flat tire in the rain, a cold sore and a debilitating case of gonorrhea.

Yep. that is my answer to road rage. And yes, I say the wishes out loud too, you know, putting it out there in the universe and Helping karma direct it’s need here flat_tire11and there.

Feel free to borrow any of these helpful tips, or use your own ‘wishes.’

Gosh, if only I could rule the universe…*cue evil laugh here*

Do you get road rage? Am I the only one wishing for people to get their ‘paybacks’ for acting incorrectly?

23 thoughts on “Thanks; & My cure for road rage.”

  1. Good Morning Suzanne, My prayers are with you and your Grandmother today.I must confess, when someone hugs my bumper and then given the chance passes me as if I were an \”old bat\” I wish that a policeman is just ahead with his radar gun pointed directly at them!!!Please update us on your grandma when you can.


  2. I had road rage on Monday when I was trying to get across town in 20 minutes in peak morning traffic and people were driving slowly talking on their cellphones while oblivious to the fact that I was in a hurry. The occupants of the car had burning ears from the insults I was hurling. Haven't yet resorted to beating anyone up with a baseball bat!


  3. My prayers are with you and your Grandmother… I'm so sorry I didn't stop by yesterday — I've been feeling fluish.I used to get road rage, but with my daughter as a new driver, I try to set a good example. Anyway with all of the crazies in the world — you never know.I'm praying for your Grandmother right now.Hugs,Sue


  4. don't suffer from road rage much but i do get annoyed when i see, as in yesterday on a busy hghway, someone, a) driving very fast, b) smoking with fingertips of left hand on steering wheel while fingertips of right hand are texting on cell phone where eyes are focused as they are charging down the fast lane oblivious of all.that makes me mad.but then, they will get theirs. it's only a matter of time. as long as they don't take ME with 'em.hugs to safely 🙂


  5. drive safely my sweet friend 🙂 continuing prayers and love. and i am wishing for NO flat tire, NO rain, NO cold sore… and certainly NO gonorrhea. you know where i am if you need me… and i wil be mad if you need me and don't call 🙂 lov eya!


  6. Just catching up here, sorry I missed yesterday's post. My thoughts are with you and your G'ma. I hope everything turns out alright.My cure for road rage? I roll down the window and say \”Thank you! Have a great day! Drive safer!\”It confuses the everloving shite out of 'em and leaves 'em scratching their heads (or their arse) in complete bewilderment.Take care.


  7. Oh my gosh. I am afraid to find out what is wrong with your Grandma Suz. I love Grandmas so much. Especially yours 🙂 All warm and fuzzy : ) or not so much! I just love her any way!


  8. oh I do love this! I \”talk\” to the other drivers….\”What are your thinking? Are you kidding me? Are you aware you have a child in the backseat? \” I like your idea much better. Heading out for a weekend away today…only best wishes for you and your Granny, will do some evil wishing on my drive.


  9. Suz, thanks for this. It made me laugh out loud!! I hope Grandma's feeling better soon. I'm sending her lots of hugs and kisses, that I expect you to personally deliver!!! (And, if you keep a few for yourself, I won't mind!)


  10. Hi Little Friend, I've been thinking about you all day. Hope you find out what is going on with your Grandma. I hope and pray that she is okay. Please keep us posted. I am praying for you —and her. The thing that irritates me the most while driving on the interstate is people that POKE in the left lane. Drives me crazy!!!! They can drive slowly if they want to but why don't they stay in the right lane???? GADS…. I make some special 'wishes' for them also!!!! haLove you and am praying for your Grandma,BetsyPlease keep us posted.


  11. Great wishes for the rude drivers. I haven't gotten so creative in my wishes, but I'm aggravated with them, nevertheless. I guess I'd call it mild road rage…Hope your Grandma is feeling better today.


  12. I hope your Grandma is getting better and we will keep her (and you) in our prayers. I like your wishes for rude drivers. I have a few favorite wishes, too, but since this is a family blog I won't repeat them here.


  13. well, i KINDA dont have road rage…. i say WTF alot… [not with the kids in the car, oh no nevah]… but, i always pray for broken down cars on the side of the road, and for who ever is in an ambulance when i see or hear one. we all have our lil gifts dont we, but you just cracked me up at your wishes. that is hilarious! still picturing g-ma in gods loving hands as he holds her gently… knowing that he knows best for us all. even when we dont agree.hugs to you and to her.keep us posted, k?c


  14. I don't get road rage, but I talk to all those idiots who share the road with me. I don't look at them or gesture at them and I never hit the horn, so they think I am singing to myself. But my poor little car hears more profanity that you can imagine.These people simply do not recognize themselves. We have occasional areas clearly marked as \”slow car turnout.\” You might think a person driving 20mph with a string of upteen cars behind him might think he should use this useful little area. NOPE. They never do.


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