R is for…


On Sunday we visited Grandma in Miami. On our way back, as we were getting on “alligator alley” (the road that runs through the everglades and yes, there were LOTS of gators out) We saw this amazing double rainbow behind us. Coach pulled over so we could snap a shot of it.
P1020724 P1020720

Really ridiculously sweet huh? I wish now that I had got out of the car and taken a picture of the entire rainbow!

R is also for Responsible.

The coach and I were responsible citizens on Saturday when we went to our county recycling/hazardous waste center. We dropped off latex paint, oil paint, fluorescent bulbs and broken electronics.

It was a good feeling to use this free (well, is anything free? nah, TAXES baby) service. Instead of these items ending up in a landfill and harming our beautiful earth.

Have you used visited the recycling center in your area? It was really eye opening.


If these items are dropped off at the hazardous waste areas, they are taken care of in the proper manner and that is WAY better for our earth. Oh, our poor landfills will thank you. And the earth may just smile a bit more. 🙂

They take tires, batteries, appliances, gas tanks and more.

Just think, if we are all responsible citizens, then perhaps we will get to enjoy many more gorgeous rainbows!!!

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28 thoughts on “R is for…”

  1. What a beautiful rainbow! I hope your Grandmother is still improving.The City of Alpharetta (where Nalley worked) has a great recycling center and it is a good feeling to take advantage of the services they provide. Hope you and your family enjoy your day today.


  2. Adore the post — from rainbows to recyling waste.R is for um, (something good, something good), um, reallllllllllllly good pictures and post.What kind of a camera did you use, friend?Hugs,Sue


  3. R is also for relaxing as in today as in labor day! so relax, dont do it, where ya gonna go?[duran duran].revisit.review.realize.recycle…!reconsider.respect.rescue.reconsile.return.revamp.risk.all \”respectable\” R words. right?really!C


  4. Love the rainbow. Haven't seen one in a while myself, so thanks for the picture.Our landfill has special bins for hazardous materials, computers, small appliances, etc. And for the everyday stuff, we have curbside pick-up once a week. Isn't it amazing that not long ago, we just threw away an empty can without a thought?


  5. What an amazing rainbow picture! Yes, we take things to a recycling center and when I have been in the need of paint, I go there first to check out their selection of paints. It's great because it's not only free but I have found some great colors I might never have considered otherwise!I hope your grandma is doing well!


  6. Wow Suzanne, A double rainbow???? PERFECT–especially for an \”R\” word… Our county is having a special day in October for us to drop off some things that they can get rid of for us (things like old computers and their parts and all kinds of hazardous waste stuff–such as paints, oils, poisons, acids, herbicides, fluorescent bulbs, mercury thermostats, etc. etc. etc. They do this once or twice a year—and it's GREAT.How is your daughter? I read on someone's blog that she was sick. Hope she is better and hope that the rest of you don't get it!!!!Have a great Labor Day.Hugs,Betsy


  7. A double rainbow! — I'm envious. I have enough trouble getting a picture of a single rainbow. We've already started collecting things for our county's hazardous waste collection next month.


  8. Great rainbow photo!Good for you for being a responsible citizen. We too do our very best to recyle responsibly.Have a great Labor Day!


  9. The rainbow took my breath away with it's beauty! You are very aware of our earth and I love that. Thank you for being a constant reminder and encouragement in that arena : )


  10. I was going to try to go all \”arrrrr\” on you, but I lost my train of thought. Those photos are awesome!And a recent case of mine – and your constant reminders – have made me much better at recycling and being more Green. Thanks!


  11. Great post and pictures. It's amazing to me how FLAT Florida is. I forgot, as I haven't been there in, oh, over 20 years! And it's very pretty. I love that you can drive through \”alligator alley.\” You could probably write a great children's book about that!


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