Q is for…


I have some favorite Queens and I will quickly, but never quietly share them with you.

Queen- the band…Freddy Mercury was an amazing artist. Bohemian rhapsody? possibly one of the best songs ever!


The Queen, as in the Queen Mum. I did a blog post about her and her majesty’s purse back here.


imagesTHE Queen Bee…who else gets everyone to do the dirty work??? My kind of chick a dee!

And of course, if you are still searching for the perfect birthday gift for me, I think this is still available at Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Bee Necklace and Bee Bracelet. Ok, there was no Q here, just trying to be helpful again. 🙂

Dairy Queen..yep, I still love Dairy queen even though they refuse to sell chocolate ice cream!!! rude.That jus means, I have to get extra hot fudge to make my own chocolate. **I mean, they don’t serve chocolate ‘soft serve’ ice cream**


Dancing Queen…’see that girl, watch that scene, digging the dancing queen’…how can you NOT dance to this classic Abba song? You can’t, I know you can’t NOT dance to this song. Now, don’t you want to dig deep into your closet and pull out that purple shiny lame pant suit? no? Just me? nevermind…


This ‘mean’ queen of heartsnot so much a fan of hers. But I am looking forward to the new version of Alice In Wonderland…hello, Johnny Depp!?!


I am positive you are all familiar with my twin sister: Queen of Recycling. Right?

recycle girl I think tattooing her face is a bit much, but you know how passionate she is about this kind of stuff…

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28 thoughts on “Q is for…”

  1. aren't you full of silliness today??well, i guess today is just like any other!my favorite queen (other than the recycling queen, of course) would be dairy queen. 🙂 but i am quite sure they have chocolate ice cream. wanna meet me there and we can check???


  2. You are SO adorable! When I get home, I'll have to put the link to the 12Stone band's \”Bohemian Rhapsody on your comment box…. (YES! They did Bohemian Rhapsody in CHURCH! and it ROCKED!) :)And didn't you and I work at DQ in Tucker together…. or were you at Baskin Robbins and I was at DQ…. can't remember? Anyway, loved this post… made me giggle on my lunch break! :)T.


  3. great queen list… my 13 yo daughter is obsessed with of all queen possibilities here – the band, and Freddy Mercury – go figure. I looked at that bee necklace over at Tiff's and thought, \”$650, that's not bad,\” then I saw that was just for the charm. Sorry, I was gonna get that for you 🙂


  4. Too cute! We don't have Dairy Queen here anymore. sad. Although my arteries are probably thanking me! Do you get a crown for the queen of recycling? Or a sash? Or somethin'?


  5. I want go so far as to say I \”dance\” to ABBA, but I do move pretty quickly for my age!!! I remember having a shiny purple skirt and matching top during those years! Groovy! Just yesterday I splurged on a peanut buster parfait from DQ!


  6. Oh gosh – this was fabulous! At the expense of really upsetting you – all of our dairy queens in Montana still serve soft serve chocolate! NO fair – I know! LOVE LOVE LOVE Queen and Abba!!! I think your sister looks very lovely with that green icon covering her entire face, well actually not cuz you can't see her lovely face! but cause over beauty I suppose…


  7. awww, you forgot QUEEN OF THE DAY which of course i nominate to be YOU!cute post.and say, why wont DQ serve chocolate ice cream no mo? have they become quentisentually predjudiced? bastards.c


  8. Hellooooo Suz! Well, I just got back to a free wi-fi connection and read this. Your Queens are way better than my Queen! We both thought of the singing group though. Happy Wednesday!


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