Good Hair and a Good Planet.

No, I am not hocking organic shampoo made with carrot juice and compost from my back yard.

Frankly, I have not tried organic shampoos. yet. baby steps.


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Sometimes I am so busy saving this little planet of ours, that some important thing’s get left by the wayside… But today, I am forgetting about the planet and I am busy saving my hair, and yours too. I am so serious about this hair thing, that right now I am eating off of Styrofoam plates, letting water run out of all my taps and throwing plastic into the garbage can while pouring old paint into the street storm drains.

Ok, you know I have done none of this. ::shiver::

But, what I do know: One can not save the planet while having a bad hair day. Have you ever seen a superhero with bad hair? I think NOT!

You know how I love using baking soda for cleaning. I know I posted about this before, but for the life of me can’t find the old posts. I buy baking soda in 12lb bags at costco. I keep it in our bathroom because this is the only thing I have found that cleans the marble shower and grout as well as my plastic acrylic tub without scratching. So, is it strange when making cookies, that I go into my bathroom with a measuring spoon to get the baking soda? Nahh. Ok, yeah it’s a bit weird. But I am ok with that.

But I have another use for it now. I have to give thanks to my hairdresser for this one.

I have been getting some buildup on my hair this past year. Must be the gel, mouse or shaving cream I put in there to get it to get up and dance look purty.

This is what I do: While in the shower, when my hair is wet, I get a handful of baking soda and massage it through my hair. It feels weird (thick, rough, cakey) but it really works to get the stuck gunk out/off of my hair follicles. I am all about the follicles. Then I shampoo and condition as usual.

I do this about once a week.

Yes, I have the sheen of a golden retriever now. **who’s a good girl?**

You are welcome.

Has anyone tried organic hair products? I think it would be interesting to wash my hair and have a snack at the same time…don’t you? Multitasking is my 2nd favorite thing to do.

20 thoughts on “Good Hair and a Good Planet.

  1. and how long does your 12#s of baking soda last? i have never tried this… but i have heard that baking soda does have a lot of uses. 12#s worth? i don't know! but if you think it works in hair, i just might try it! on another note (while you are distracted)… i finally went to buy 2 more bulbs. i had the eco-friendly ones on the basket, but then i saw the kill-the-planet-bulbs on clearance for $1.47. someone has to buy 'em, right?


  2. I have done this for years! Isn't it great how clean your hair is after – well, I am not as good as you – every few months – I better get more prompt with it!! For yrs we could used nothing but organic hair products – anything else put me in bed – some are better than others, but there are a lot of good ones out there. I am using regular stuff now cuz it makes me feel rebelious and free after all those years of not having a choice!!


  3. Hi SuzyQ, I'm going to start calling you the Baking Soda Lady!!!! I also have baking soda ALL over my house in lots of small boxes… Do you know why???????? Because of all of our humidity and because we keep our house opened all of time (unless it's cold outside–duh)—the baking soda prevents any mildew or dampness from destroying things in the house –like BOOKS. Did you know that?????? SO—Miss Baking Soda/Beautiful Hair/Clean Bathroom Lady—you have nuttin on MOI.Hugs,Betsy


  4. Okay – I just cackled out loud like a HEN when I read your line \”who's a good girl?\” Hilarious Suz! But now I am going to try your baking soda idea! I have actually thought about making my own shampoo before. Right now I'm trying soy candles…baby steps….


  5. Ahhahaha. Good girl!! You did it again. Ya made the old geezer laugh! I'm sure folks that walk by my car and see me laughing think I'm crazy. I use baking soda for a myriad of things too. Vinegar too, but NEVER do I use vinegar on my granite or marble…left a cut lemon on a marble counter and ruined it once!!


  6. oooo good tip, BB! I will have to remember to keep baking soda near the shower…For now I use the neutrogena shampoo to clear the buildup, it's been a staple in my family's shower for decades – does the trick wonderfully!


  7. I have never ever tried that Suz a Paluz A but I really must. When pigs fly. If you ever find me paying high prices for organic shampoo or anything else, well, it will be a cold day in Hawaii 🙂 When I go in the organic aisle at the market I get SICK because of the prices.


  8. True, Wonder Woman never had a bad hair day. Maybe someone should invent a super hero who does have bad hair occasionally, against type and cliche. I could go for that. I could identify with bad hair much easier than good.You could be a walking advertisement for baking soda. But the stuff is cheap, so I doubt Arm and Hammer would pay very well…


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