If you put a group of Mean Girls up against the Taliban, who would win?

My money would be on the mean girls.

It has been a week filled with lil’ bits of drama.

*MSMG* has hit our house. Have you heard of this disease?

*Middle School Mean Girls.* They are like a cancer. They infiltrate healthy friends and healthy relationships and make them sickly.

Linds is learning life lessons: some people are not happy until they make others miserable

It will take some time for her to acquire her ‘mean girl radar.’ But she is catching on.

It breaks my heart to see her hurting, she has such a huge heart, is such a good friend and a cheerleader for the underdogs(bullied, slow, challenged kids) in school.

I am pretty sure mean girls come from grown up mean Mommies. Shame on the mean mommies.

Anyhoo. ON the brighter side of life…

Linds went to a Halloween party last night.

P1030333 P1030343 P1030345

I told her to “strike a pose” Give me attitude. She is a professional pose striker and attitude giver. 🙂

Hey, Madonna does not take crap from anyone, now does she?

And just for sh*ts and giggles, a Halloween pose from 10 years ago:


Scan_Pic0001 P1030332


She has not changed much, has she??? Gosh, I could just nibble her little butterfly cheeks off!!!

We are not trick or treating this year. Last year was our last.

I remember when they were little and we had so many “firsts.” Now we seem to have the milestone “lasts”…you know that makes me weepy!

We don’t get trick or treater’s where we live (in the woods) I think we may go see a movie, or do some baking tonight.

Have a wonderful night filled with treats and NO mean girls!!!

TGIF; Driving lessons begin in the garage.

Remember Wednesday when I was Unhappy about our broken garage door? Well, I did not know the full story. Sometimes it is better to NOT know the full story.

What I knew: After hearing a large crash in  the garage at 6:20 am, Coach re-enters the house and tells me “You can’t get your car out, get someone to take Linds to school and please call a garage repair guy”

Me still asleep: OK.

Good news: The garage repair guy comes, works on it for about 15 minutes puts it all back together and finds nothing mechanically wrong with it. He is confuzzled. I am confuzzled. He charges me NOTHING and I give him a big kiss thank you!

Around 2:30 that day Coach calls me and inquires about the door status. I give him the good news and then he tells me the rest of the story:

“Well your daughter (Lo) put her backpack in the back seat of my truck and unknowingly closed the truck door with the garage door motor cord stuck in the truck door , she then proceeded to back out of the garage….bringing with the garage door with US!!!”

P1030324 The ‘just a bit too long’ cord.

In hindsight, it is pretty funny. Well it is hilarious since no one and neither vehicle were injured. 

The really funny part? I did  this same thing about a year ago, but with different results. When I unknowingly caught the cord in my car, I pulled out and as the hood of my car exited the garage, the door came down at lightening speed and narrowly missed my hood. It took me till later that day to figure out what I did to make the garage door come crashing down.

Today’s To Do List: Shorten that darn cord!!!


I hope you all have nice plans this weekend, or NO plans at all…that is nice too. Remember to fall back Sunday morning.

Anyone having a big weekend???