TGIF. Almost. I made it. Again.

Heck-Yeah for Fridays.

Do you think if we did not have Fridays to look forward to each week, that we would still wake up everyday? Yes, I suppose we would, as bed sores are not a pretty sight.

::checking thighs::

Thank you all for your kind words in regards to my Grandma. So many sweet folks out there. Come on in, lets have a group hug. awww. isn’t that nice? I feel the love, don’t you?

Grandma was ready to go. really ready. And she usually takes a loooonnnng time to get ready for anything. Her nickname has been Lightening since I can remember. And not because she is fast either. Yes, my family is plagued with sarcasimitis. Is TOO a disease.

I saw her a few hours before she left us, and I think she was already gone. Does that make sense? There was a peacefulness in her.

The week before, she and I had a long talk (well, she was in and out of reality) but she looked me straight in the face and said: “Suzanne, will you just shoot me and get it over with?” I said: “No Grandma, I will get into trouble for that.” Her straight face reply: “I’ll never tell”

She had her sassiness right till the end. great grandma

What a peach!! Why can’t everybody be as funny as her????

How lonely would it be, to have outlived all of your peers. Well, now she has them all. I am hopeful those old ladies up there have their depends on as she tells them all whats-what.

She kept telling me she wanted ‘this’ over with and to head up to heaven. I kept telling her God was getting her place all set up for her, and she must be patient and not complain too much. No one wants a whiner for a roomie.

I have no regrets when it comes to my relationship with her. I am so happy I was able to spend as much quality time with her through my life and especially these last few weeks.


In the midst of saying good bye to the best darn Grandma on this planet, I was also looking forward to THIS weekend. One of my other favoritest peeps is getting married. Yes, favoritest is a word. My word.

My handsome, smart, funny as heck, army hero cuz Chris is getting hitched. Yep. Sorry ladies, he is off the market very soon. You had your chance. see what lazy gets you? Now all you can do is visit E-harmony or If you like, I will set up a nice profile for you. free of charge.

lil' ChrisCan you picture this little fella in his Army Captain Uniform??? SWEET!

You know how I love weddings!!!! And I love seeing my family!!! This will be a 2 for 1 deal. Buy one treat, get the second free. Don’t ya’ love a deal?

Pictures to come. Maybe. Possibly. Definitely.

I wish for you all a wonderful weekend filled with silliness, happiness and no sappiness. Alright, a little sappiness is allowed.

Love your family. Hug your people. Phone a friend.

Live with no regret.

Regret causes wrinkles and you know we don’t need any of that nonsense.

Have you any regrets this week? If so, get it off your chest and save money on face cream. There you go, another two for one.

29 thoughts on “TGIF. Almost. I made it. Again.”

  1. I am sorry about Grandma only b/c you will miss her – although clearly she was ready to go home. You are such a wonderful and amazing person and I'm glad you were there for her right to the end. I will be thinking of you and grandma this weekend!


  2. Hi Suzanne, I am very happy that you got to spend so many happy times with your grandmother. I have enjoyed reading about her spunkiness over the last year and the loving relationship you shared with her. What a blessing! My best wishes for cuz Chris! Weddings are always beautiful – what a lovely time of year for one. Take care and I'm sending a hug from me and Harriet.


  3. Oh what a neat post, Suz… It made me smile and cry all in the same breath… (Imagine that pretty face! ha) That's what you need to do.. Talk about her. Keep her alive. She is now the life of the party 'up there'… BUT–you will always feel her love around you.. Have fun at the wedding. Congrats to Chris.Loads of Hugs and love,Betsy


  4. SO happy for Chris and his LUCKY bride…I would love to see photos, when you have time.You and your grandma sound as if you had an UNDERSTANDING, a special bond that goes very deep. Death cannot break that. I know you know that! XO


  5. The memories of your Grandmother will warm your heart and come back to you more than you know. Sweet memories!Congratulations to Chris, I'm sure the wedding will be fantastic…post some photos.


  6. I have been watching a series on PBS this week and during one segment, they were reading excerpts from a lady's diary and it really struck me. She said that we get so busy laying up treasures for ourselves that we forget to live. So enjoy this weekend with your family and live!!


  7. Now wait one minute. He is still available until he says, \”I do\” or \”I will.\” That means I have how many hours to get to him?? Such pressure. You're gonna love having me as a cousin-in-law.


  8. Such a sweet post, Suz! I know you'll miss your G'ma so much. I'm glad you both had such special relationship. I love that pic of her.. showin' a little leg! 😀


  9. Sounds like your relationship with your Grandma was truly a special one, What a gift to have know and loved each other so well for so long.Have a fabulous time at the wedding this weekend!


  10. oh i feel horrible, i haven't kept up much this week, i didn't know your granny died. (did she leave you that naughty light switch?)you sound like you are holding up well, don't let your sadness keep you down or in the refrigerator! you know gram's is watching and keeping track of your rear!drop me a line with you email, i won't post it and we can talk. have a safe weekend.


  11. I'm so sorry about your Grandma Suz. Glad I checked in on you.Your posts are the best. Thanks for always making me laugh. Looking forward to seeing the wedding pics. I'm sure you had a blast!Much love from NJ,Suexoxo


  12. I'm all for a grou phug. Your Grandma's ability to carry her sense of humor right up to the end was a wonderful thing. Glad you have no regrets and can think back on all the good times you enjoyed with her.


  13. I'm glad you had a happy event to attend this weekend, it will help balance your recent life events out. Cuz I worry about you, ya know.We all grieve and we all celebrate life in our own ways, it's lovely to see you celebrate your grandmother's passing in such a lovely way.No better proof of love, IMO.(( hugs to you princess ))


  14. Awwww, Suz, I'm so, so sorry to read about your precious grandmommy. I've been MIA on your blog, but you have never been too far from my thoughts. Please forgive my tardy condolences, but I wish her peace and joy in heaven. I hope you and your family were able to celebrate her life and the new life your cousin will begin with his new bride. Hugs from San Diego…


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