To Brag, or not to Brag…

That is the question.

Well, really, this is not bragging, it is sharing. I know there is a difference. And lord knows, I am a sharer.

Lo attended her homecoming dance on Saturday. She is 3 for 3 going with girlfriends. I love this. She is ready to have fun with her friends.  I wish I had been as carefree at her age.

Let’s count how many homecoming dances Suz attended: ZIP.

That includes Prom too: Zip.

Of course there is a story about prom, I have shared it with my girls a dozen few times. My story includes Madonna, a last minute loser boyfriend, lost keys, a broken window and a boat on wheels. Luckily, no pictures were taken that night. 🙂

Ok, here is the pictures of my Lo from Saturday. I wish I had a ‘before’ shot from an hour and a half earlier when she walked into the house after her 3 hour softball practice. A transformation happened.  

Junior year


Gawsh…what a knock out. She had a wonderful time with her friends…her feet were killing her from dancing, but she still awoke  early Sunday morning for 2 back to back scrimmage softball games. 


Sophomore year  

With the dreaded cast. Luckily Black goes with anything…even GREEN.


Freshman year…so cute!096



I wish I could freeze this year…all the talk about college plans, life goals for the near future, it just flips me out!!!

How does a parent ever let them go?  Is chaining them to the house illegal?

27 thoughts on “To Brag, or not to Brag…

  1. She is soooooooooooooo pretty! If I were a boy I'd move next door to you in Florida and wait for her to marry me. And, I just LOVE that she is an athlete. Girls Rule!!!! She reminds me so much of Sarah Michelle Gellar. I pray she finds a \”Prinze\” worthy enough of her time and company. Go Lo-Lo! Go Lo-Lo! Get your hawtness on!


  2. i don't think this is bragging… just sharing your heart! what balance she has… tomboy athlete and girly girl beauty! and i have checked. you may chain her to the house. as long as it is indoors. and you feed her. and let her watch tv.


  3. Hi Suz, She is drop-dead gorgeous… I'm surprised that some young man didn't invite her… BUT–kids today are different than we were.. I dated the same boy ALL through high school… I didn't marry him!!!Yes, they do grow up very fast. It will be hard to let her GO–but life goes on. And you'll get through it. What you don't want to happen is what happens so often these days —and that is for them to come back and live at home as ADULTS…. haHugs,Betsy


  4. Anonymous

    She is just stunning Suz – she certainly takes after her Mom. You must be so proud of all that she has accomplished at such a young age. You have a lovely family and I appreciate you sharing both daughters with us.


  5. First of all, \”it ain't braggin' if it's true,\” right? And it's true.Second, she is lovely and pretty and graceful – and it looks as if she loves to laugh, too. Powerful combination.Third, I like the idea that kids can attend their dances with friends, and dance with whoever they please. It's so much more reasonable, so much less pressure, and more inclusive than \”couples-only.\” (Just writing that gives me the willies.) Fourth, I think David may be going to do the same thing this weekend…go \”stag,\” or with friends, to Homecoming, and just enjoy the party atmosphere. He wasn't planning to go, but it sounds as if he has changed his mind. This is a nice alternative to the \”dating game.\”Hooray for progress! World peace is next, right?


  6. actually it is, but if you have an invisible pet fence, you can multi task it for kids too!! wow what a cutie, i have some of \”A\” getting out to homecoming this year, and last. i will need to post some pictures of her tooyou have a cutie there!!


  7. She is a gorgeous girl! I want to adopt her and make her my daughter – and then I will brag to all the parents! LOL! But your whole family is gorgeous, so actually I think I want to adopt all of you. I'll get your room ready at the log home!


  8. Good God you let that out of the house without an armed guard? You are one brave woman.And I never wanted to freeze my kids … until now. Senior year is flying by, nerves are frayed about choosing a college, and I cry at least once a week with the thought \”Next year at this time…..\” WAAAAAAAAAAhhhhh (And not just about the college tuition times 2)


  9. Are the pics in chronological order? (please have pity for the foreign canada girl who doesn't understand the american namings of school years, LOL)That girl is a knockout. I hope Coach has his baseball bat ready (for the suitors). I know I would.


  10. Anonymous

    Aww…she's so cute! I can hardly talk my daughter into going to a dance! I was the complete opposite in school – that was the highlight of school..the dances! She finally went to the Homecoming dance a few weeks ago…thank goodness they don't dress up at her dances…she would not go for sure!


  11. Often times, my kids went to their dances with friends and they said they had far more fun then the times they went with a date. Your daughter is simply beautiful from the inside out.The apple doesn't fall far from the tree…:)Yes, You want to keep freezing these moments because they happen in a flash. Enjoy every single one of these moments…even the ones that make you want to pull your hair out because there does come a day that they do leave to live a life of their own. And yes, it hurts like hell to let go but you do when it's time. Honestly, it still hurts like hell when mine leave but I let them go with lots of love in their hearts and welcome them back with open arms. XXOOPS Your such a great mom Suz!


  12. chaining them to the house IS legal. Please let me know where you are getting your chains. I am looking for some great ones.I LOVE her dress. I can't believe she is wearing heels. How did this happen? How is she growing up?I love her pretty hair and her smile. She has sparkle. She is irresistable.


  13. She gets prettier every day, honey. I'm sure Coach will be standing guard at the door with a shotgun soon. (As Ron said, \”I'm planning on killing the first boy who comes over, and hoping WORD GETS OUT!\”) Ha! You are BLESSED, Chica!


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