TGIF; Google Smoogle.

Happy Friday Ya’ll.

I’m not feeling any mojo the last few days..not sure what my issue is, so I don’t have anything to say except for the following 492 words.

I am very impressed shocked with the google words/phrases to lead people to my blog.

Now, I know we have all googled some silly phrases, but, I think it is quite normal to google how to rid your rescue boxer named Ozzie of his horrid wharf breath your local weather or news.

Lately there has been lots of phrases that include Kathy Lee Gifford and her hurt wrist.  I had no idea so many folks in the world worried about her and her wrist. I could not even remember writing about Kathy Lee Gifford or her wrist, but I did have a post where I noted how annoying she can be.

 Then I also received a lot of visits from people looking up the great Pooh quotes that I posted back on “P” day. That sweet, cuddly Pooh bear, he is so  timeless…just like the Rapper’s Delight he is a classic!

Hotel, Motel, Holiday INN….good luck getting that out of your head today.

Sadly, I am still getting hits on my post about needing a Sister Wife. Yes, I still need one, and apparently so do other people. Forget Russian Brides and health care reform, lets have a Sister wife-Exchange program.  And I still think they very clever by hiding canned goods in their hair in lieu of using the Bump-IT!  They are the original bump-it girls.


After looking at that picture again I realized I could fit in… I like being close with my friends and I look good in all shades of blue & green.


And two of the most disturbing phrases that led folks to my blog:


you tube dr. oz yesterday’s show on hemorrhoids 

Seriously, I don’t recall every writing about Dr. Oz or Rhoids. That I would remember.

And I saved the most frightening best for last:

Why does busybee make my pee orange?

For real. Why would someone google that??? I have nothing to do with your pee, ok? Perhaps someone is taking too many busy bee vitamins? Ewwww.


Happy Friday.

I hope you have a weekend filled with close friends, good hair, regular colored pee, contagiously good music and NO worries.

oh, and go ahead and google something silly…it will bring a smile to the day of someone you don’t know..or perhaps make them wonder about civilization as we know it. either way, it is fun!

Anything interesting on your calendar for the weekend??

14 thoughts on “TGIF; Google Smoogle.”

  1. Ha ha, that is too funny and weird.yes, we are still going to move to TN. We are going to wait for the boys to finish this school year and then we're off on our adventure.


  2. That is so strange/funny. I have the google thing turned off on my blog, because I don't think I'd want to know how ppl found my blog sometimes. *shudder* LOL


  3. I hope that I have regularly colored pee too! Thanks for the well wish. You are SO thoughtful!: ) I don't know how to find out who and how people come to my site. I am supposed to be collecting data for that media mom thing I am a part of. I have NO idea how. Do you want to set it up for me since you are a computer genius?GREAT!


  4. ROTF! well you know what I think about these things, since I take great pleasure in sharing the search craziness from time to time with my blog readers… only yours is still rated PG. Mine's so full of XXX's it looks like kisses.Mmm weekend… a future client is coming for tea tomorrow afternoon with her puppy and Sunday we have friends over for brunch.Yey!Happy & great weekend BB!


  5. Hope you have a great weekend. Let us know if you get some violets! I think our leaves my peak this weekend. If so, I'll try to post some photos.


  6. We would so look great in various shades of blue vintage dresses. I've got a can of cream of mush in my hair right now! No plans for the weekend. Might go to the movies tonight and wash my hair 🙂


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