My 5 cents.

I have the most exciting news to share.

Maybe I Should clarify: It is exciting news to ME. But if you stare deeply into my eyes and repeat what I say, you will be just as excited….

As I was finishing up my weekly Target run last week stimulating of the economy.. I bellied up to the cashier (I always wanted to belly up to something) and plopped down my reusable shopping bag *from another store* and my items to purchase. The cashier smiled brightly and told me that I would get 500 dollars off of my order for bringing in my own bags!!!

Can you hardly stand this? I was ecstatic. I squealed with delight, gave her a high 5 and then did a one handed cart wheel and a round-off back handspring.

Her jaw dropped as she said to me: “Geeze lady, calm your butt down, it’s only 5 cents.”


Ok, some of that happened; the 5 cents part.

But I can still do a one handed cartwheel. And a round-off. forrizzle.

Target will give you a nickel off of your order for every bag you bring in.

I just can’t decide if I should spend my nickel or save it for a rainy day. No rain in the forecast so lets spend!!!

Time for MATH CLASS:

I go to Target at least one time a week. I usually need at least 2 reusable bags.

Multiply that by a year and I have saved a whopping 5 dollars and 2 cents.

I still can’t decide what to do with it.

Don’t get me wrong, you won’t hear me complaining about saving money, but the most important part of this is encouraging people to do away with the Satan made plastic bags.

I am super duper excited about this big step in the right direction… This is what happens to someone who has nightmares filled with landfills and the great Garbage Swirl floating in our oceans. AND I drank a lot of coffee this morning too.

**Must stop tapping feet and twitching eyes***

I am easily excited.


I just can’t imagine this rubbish rolling up to my beaches…


And seeing sea creatures suffer because of our lacksy daisyness, well that just breaks my heart into a million little pieces. Broken hearts=litter.


Have you been using your own bags?

I have noticed more and more people getting on the bandwagon, and I consider them my friends…the others? NOT so MUCH. 🙂

Are you one of my *friends*?

Recycling your plastic bags is better than throwing them in the garbage…But it still takes lots of resources *petroleum* to make them.

Plastic bags NOT taken directly to the recycling center seem to magically somehow make their way to our water ways. And right into our little turtle friends mouth. He is not smart, he will put anything in his mouth. Poor thimble sized brain turtles. We have bigger brains than sea creatures…we must do something for them.


PS. I am not a big fan of paper bags either, but you can use leftover paper bags (fast food, liquor store) to scoop cat poop. I’m just sayin’

Get creative!!!

25 thoughts on “My 5 cents.”

  1. I am totally your friend! I use the reusable bags from Trader Joe's all the time and everywhere.It is heartbreaking to have trash in our beautiful oceans.


  2. Well, when my nephew comes home for Thanksgiving from Minnesota (he's the candy buyer for Target stores) I will have to give him a high five for the nickel bag thing BUT Nalley has a complaint to register: Target does not carry Ferrara Red Hots candies!!! You would think my nephew would ask US what he should be purchasing!!!


  3. Yes, my friend, I AM on your little bandwagon. I've been using my reusable bags from Jewel (our local supermarket chain) for years. They are the most awesome bags! I use them everywhere I go, especially Sam's Club. The best part is, they're only $1!! I think I give away more than I keep. I seem to buy new ones almost everytime I go shopping, because I'm always giving them away. But, that's OK. I love them! My favorite is a Chicago Cubs bag that I bought there when they were doing a Cubs/Sox promotion. 🙂


  4. i am a friend and as for the paper bags, i use them to roast my turkey in!! last time i went to satan, i mean walmart i used 10 reusable bags!! no money back though, but i didn't care, i just didn't want the plastic bags.


  5. I use them as much as possible and I also use the plastic bags for other things instead of throwing them away. I hope this means were still friends….lol.


  6. I haven't bought any of the reusable bags yet. *hands head in shame* So are there certain ones that you like better than others? They all look different and it's hard for me to decide which ones I'd like best.


  7. I must only be your part-time friend. **sigh** I request paper bags. We burn our paper trash in a trash barrel, and I use the paper bags to hold our paper trash. Wait. Does the fact that I burn my trash make our friendship null and void:/ GAH!


  8. we have about a dozen of the reusable bags – carry them in the trucks all the time – they're in the seatback…we take them everywhere/anywhere – even the flea markets…besides simply being convenient, they hold a lot of 'stuff'!


  9. I am a pea brain who is constantly meaning to take my reusable bags on my dreaded grocery store runs, but I'm always leaving them in the car. The times I've remember, I've been ridiculously proud. If I'd gotten a couple of nickels too out of the effort, maybe I would remember 5 per CENT more often. Did you know that sea turtles think that plastic bags are their favorite food source – jelly fish? And those plastic ring things around sodas? Dolphins go after them as if they are toys and can get them stuck on their noses.


  10. Most stores here (starting with grocery stores) have eliminated plastic bags ages ago. They started by giving you five cents for every reusable bag you brought, sold them at all cash points for cheap, even gave them away, warned people that plastic bags would cost five cents and voilà – you want plastic you have to pay for it now. some stores don't even offer that option, if you don't have your reusable shopping bag you better have a big purse!i like to think this province is forwards-thinking for some things…*high five for being BB's friend* 😀


  11. You and I are friends. George and I have EIGHT bags that we take to Kroger's and Walmart every single Wednesday. There's no Target near us—so I'll let you have my NICKELS. But—in order to be my BEST friend, you have to learn to LOVE the Weather!!!!! Okay??????Hugs,Betsy


  12. Oooh you have just given me a lovely post idea: my cute strawberry reusable shopping bags. China doesn't give free bags, you have to pay for them or bring your own. I usually bring my own (sometimes I do forget.) Some places just don't have bags at all, if you forget you have to buy a new reusable. I think it's great. Down with shopping bags! Target. *sigh* *bigger sigh* How I miss thee.


  13. I hate those dam plastic bags. I bring my own and if I do get paper I use those to put flyers in and recycle all of it. When I look at the rubbish the only word that cross my mind is GREED! thanks for sharing


  14. yes, i'm a user too.i have lots of my own bags and i'm even getting better now about remembering to bring them INTO the store with me instead of leaving them in the car. that always excites me.:-)


  15. There was a chain of stores in NC called Lowe's Foods. If you brought in your own bags, they would put points on your customer card. And when you reached a certain point level (which BTW was reached pretty quick!), they gave you $5 off your bill. Awesome!


  16. Our locally-owned grocery stores give a discount for bringing your own bags, too. But I confess, I pick up (and re-use) the bags from the store, when I forget my collection of reusable bags. (Yes, I collect them when we are on vacation: Whistler, BC, Kauai, HI & Winthrop, WA are all represented.) I never thought of using the paper bags for cat litter (too porous?). We use empty (cardboard) milk cartons. I guess I will leave you with that poo image – YUK! =)


  17. Well, I have lots of reusable bags, but I always forget to bring them into the store…or if I do, I end up finding more than what will fit! I do recycle my bags or I use them to scoop litter.


  18. In the small town I live in 'Down Under' our local supermarket doesn't have plastic bags your only choice is to bring your own or buy string bags. Our Target also doesn't give away plastic bags, you have to purchase a 'green' bag or BYO.


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