I imagine that most people think I only like turtles dogs. But this is not true. I like frogs too. I think they are cute cute cute. Not so much a fan of the poop they leave on our porch, but I’ll take the good with the bad. They do eat bugs… mmmm…Mosquitoes… and I like mosquitoes less than frog poop.


This is Rupert.

He is portly. He oversees all at our pool. He sits like a fat, happy lifeguard. But can’t save a life if his life depended on it. I got Rupert for Coach shortly after we put in our pool…we had intentions of putting a tube up his butt backside and having water squirt out his mouth and into the pool.  I think he prefers not to have a tube up his backside.

*This reminds me, at what age do I need to start having a colonoscopy?*


Ok, on to more of my frog friends. These two cuties hang out with us too. They seem so content. Eyes closed, face to the sun. Happy frogs. I want to be a happy frog in my next life, but I wonder, can I be a ‘vegetarian- happy’ frog?

P1030758 P1030755

I found these two cuties in the yard recently. I imagine the one in the back was saying “do you smell something funny?” Is there anything cuter than a frogs butt? NO.P1000228_thumb[1]

  When we were leaving the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary on Friday, I saw the cutest frog table top water fountain. It was the cutest I say! I was so tempted to purchase it for myself, but resisted. It was even sweeter than this one:


I remembered that years ago I had a cute table top fountain, but it kept running out of water. I know some of it evaporates, but this drying up crazy fast. Then one morning, I found one out why the water was going so fast: the cats thought it was a drinking fountain!!!!

I am thinking pretend frogs may make better pets than MY cats… Well, I take that back, have you ever had one of those wet, sticky frogs accidentally land on you when you walk out the door or under a tree? Not a cute moment. The screaming from me sounds more like a “help, I am being attacked by a ax murderer” moment.

Happy Monday!!!!

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We Were One {or six} With Nature

The day after Thanksgiving, my Mom, Aunt, Uncle, myself and the girls visited Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.

IT was a glorious day…perfect weather. JUST perfect.

The sanctuary is 2.25 miles of boardwalk through a diverse ecosystem.

We were in dire need of a loooong walk; you know, to get rid of all the turkey. Well, I suppose the turkey was not so bad, but perhaps we needed to get rid of the 5 different desserts?

On this trip, no bears to be found. NOT even a gator…but we did see lots of birds, bugs, a couple raccoons, squirrels and plants…and a few tourists. None of which posed a problem.

Both my girls forgot their cameras, but had fun using mine.

There was much tree hugging… P1030570   P1030574P1030609

Can you imagine what Lindsay is doing in the photo above?


She made ME out of nature. 🙂 So cute.


The girls were digging the macro function on the camera: P1030572P1030614

P1030659 This flower is the ‘bee’s knees! P1030670 P1030678

Do you think the lizard minded having her photo taken from behind???? P1030681 P1030693

All this walking in nature is peace-ful but can really wear a girl out!!!P1030748

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving…have a great weekend doing something fun and enjoyable with those that you love!