Housewifery; June Cleaver and I are practically twins.

The job is never ending. Just when I think I may have the inside of the house some-what under control, I am needed outside.

This housewife is winterizing our home, with gas powered tools.

Winterizing you ask?? I can hear you. Yes, we have to winterize in Florida.

This means, cleaning up the outside living areas in hopes of the weather cooling off and being able to spend the days/evenings outside or at least with the windows open.

P1030394 I love our lanai/pool area. We really appreciate it all year round, but it gets the most use during fall/winter. This upper area is really nice too, we added lots of planting beds to give more of the jungle feel. The problem with the jungle feel? Weeds grow in the jungle!


Over the last weekend, I gave the girls an area to weed and a time limit too. I will be done with the rest of it by the weekend.

But, I get the greatest of pleasures, by powering up a pressure cleaner.

**cue manly grunt here**



I was getting gunk off the pavers…but my main issue with the lanai area? The cage top. It gets a bit uglified with a green cast and cobwebs.

But to reach this height, I have to use a ladder.

P1030387 P1030380

As I am climbing up and down the ladder with the powerful pleasure pressure cleaner, I am praying that I don’t end being the basis for a new show: “Weird Ways People Die”


Three things I learned:

1) When sand is flying at immeasurable speeds and hits your calves, it hurts.

2) The construction industry should seriously start investigating on how we can have spiders build our homes, cause I could barely get rid of the spider webs. They can stand up to my pressure cleaning? Then, I think they can stand up to a cat 5 hurricane.

3) The spider/cob webs over the main pool area? Will not be reached until I sprout wings.

Is this how most housewives spend their days?

What are bon bon’s anyway?

As I was finishing up my work outside for the day, I noticed something moving outside near the screen door. Who/What is that? One of my friends coming to visit?

More on that little adventure tomorrow.

27 thoughts on “Housewifery; June Cleaver and I are practically twins.”

  1. Your outside is beautiful. I find it funny that as the \”winter\” season here approaches and we are winterizing everything to be covered with snow and you people south of us are preparing to spend more time outside…lol. That sure would be hard to clean with it being up so high. Look forward to hearing about your adventure! XXOO


  2. Ugh—big bad job, but somebody's got to do it. Right????? Hope they paid you bigtime for that one!!!When I lived in Venice, FL (my first life–\”BG\”-Before George), our home had two lanais. One was small and was totally a plant garden. That was OFF of the den area. Then we had a large one off of the kitchen/dining room that we enjoyed like you all do. We didn't have a pool, but I surely do remember cleaning that lanai area. Not Fun–but worth it in the end!!!!!I love your home. I know you are proud of it… Have a great day, my friend.Hugs,Betsy


  3. seriously… you scare me. you need to call me when you get up on that ladder… or have you trained ozzie to dial 911? and really… must you take pictures while you are balancing precariously up there? but i love your lanai, too. not as much as i love your laundry room, but close!


  4. Wow… your inside/outside space is beautiful. Side story… we went to a fancy hotel and the entire thing was covered in glass so it felt like the outside and yet we were inside… so we always call spaces like that 'inside outside'. LOL So beautiful… cleaning an area like that, not so beautiful though!


  5. You are so ambitious! If you get bored after finishing your house I know of a house in a slightly cooler climate that could use your talents!Your lanai/pool area is beautiful.


  6. What a pretty space Suzanne! We have some of those power house builder spiders here too. Any time any of us climbed a ladder, my mother would say, \”you could get killed doing that!!!\” You be careful June!!!


  7. Humm, I hope your visitor isn't hairy with eight legs (or hairy at all, for that matter) Next time we power wash our deck, I'm going to make my husband let me do it!


  8. I hope you are wearing safety goggles with that get-up, JUNE…and please post photos of yourself wearing them! Ward would be so pleased.NO, I don't think most housewives can say they have power-washed a pool cage. Google that! I wonder who will be searching for you now…Your pool area looks like a resort, by the way. It's delightful!


  9. You must be doing something right! Your linai is BEAUTIFUL! When can I move in? Is there room for Aidyn too? He is a fish and would love your pool. Since I know you read my blog about the move, maybe we'll just change the move a little closer to where we are at now :))


  10. I think you need a cape and super hero boots to go along with that strand of pearls. 😉 Beautiful lanai area you have. I can't wait to see what came and invaded your space.


  11. Sigh…forgive me if I don't feel sorry for you! We have to give up one of our parking spots in the garage each winter to keep our patio furniture. We must proctect it all from the SNOW! eek. LOL I live in the wrong place:)


  12. No one would ever confuse me with June Cleaver. Then again, I don't think June ever used power tools to clean the pool area… I love your lanai. Lounging out there looks fun. If you only had the time and the bon bons.


  13. …I LOVE your lanai/pool area too! All your hard work is worth it. We just winterized our pool area too….hmmm….that would include draining some of the water off….blowing out the pipes…..putting antifreeze in them instead……and topping it all off with a strong cover–the of course, sitting inside and wishing, wishing, wishing it was a summer night and we were swimming under the stars. (Thank goodness the pool people have people that come and winterize the pool for you. I don't think we would be able to get the antifreeze, pipe things right!!) I hope you have many nice winter evening out there! It looks like a beautiful resort.


  14. Maybe they are those crazy giant spiders like I found in my apartment. *shudder* Your lanai is beautiful! I always thought being a housewife would be great…on a soap opera! Real life? It's the hardest job of all.


  15. I believe some jobs are best left to the pool boys! Hire them for a day and no chance of injuries or death, then you can find out what bonbons are :)We have to get our whole house pressure-washed next spring, it's horribly dirty after only 4 months of us living here. The white vinyl is yellowed and streaked with gunk – wth??I am not even TRYING to do it myself LOL!Bonbons. I loves them.


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