Those {Crazy} Starbuck’s Moms.

The Scene: Lindsay’s orthodontist waiting room.

The Perpetrator: Very loud, cell phone talking, coffee drinking Mom.

The victims: everyone within shouting distance.


The perpetrator Mom forgot she was in public and had the loudest discussion on her cell phone regarding a lamp she was ordering for her PIANO!!  SO, yes ,the was an important conversation that could not wait, or even possibly have been taken outside.

I was so annoyed, could not even read ONE page of my book.

When we finally left the office and I could almost hear myself think, Linds said to me “She seems like one of those crazy starbuck’s moms”

This made me laugh so hard. I don’t know where she got this phrase from.

I don’t do Starbucks. But I am a little crazy.

I find it funny that even my 13 year old knows bad cell phone etiquette when she sees it…so how come this 40 something woman did not know better? 

I would love to call HER mom and tell her she received an F in teaching manners.

Of course, I would phone her in the proper setting. Like a normal person.

If only I had her Mom’s number….

26 thoughts on “Those {Crazy} Starbuck’s Moms.”

  1. Very poor cell phone etiquette, indeed. Funny how people seem to have no qualms about revealing any aspect of their private life on the phone. It's as if, with the phone to their ear, they become unplugged from the rest of the world and simply forget others exist. Weird.


  2. This happens everywhere I go… When we were in a store recently, a young woman came in chatting loudly on her cellphone. She had a little boy with her –about 6 yrs. old or so. The child was almost screaming at his mother—just trying to get her attention. She kept on talking on her cell. The child screamed louder and louder—but Mom paid no attention. It was unbelievable. I felt so sorry for that child–trying to get his mother's attention–while she talked on her cell for the entire time she was in that store. Amazing!!!Don't know what has happened to us–but there's rudeness everywhere we go.Hugs,Betsy


  3. I am so with you on this one. I have listened to far too many phone conversations in stores, the clinic or another public place. And it's not like I'm trying to listen(most of the time 🙂 but when they talk so gosh darn loud and about things that are not appropriate, I want to take their phones and throw them. I do think that people just don't really care anymore about sharing personal information with an audience. Maybe they like it?


  4. I agree with Janie completely!!! You could have gotten her good by telling her you had purchased that same piano lamp and hated it!!!


  5. I hate it when people are talking LOUDLY on their cell phones in public. I was in the book store… a QUIET place… recently and this guy was waiting on his wife and paced up and down all the isles pretty much hollerin' into his cell phone. I could hear him all over the store. I had to resist the urge to escort him out of the building myself. And yes, he totally ruined my bookstore trip. sigh! So, it's not just Starbucks MOMS. Maybe it's Starbucks PEOPLE. Maybe that will be my new word for them! Because it really is fitting. Too funny! LOL


  6. I always suspected that your daughters were pretty sharp — Linds just verified that. 'Back in the day' I thought a loud person was hard of hearing. Now they're just talking on a phone. I don't think that's progress.


  7. you know what it is about those 'starbucks' moms don't you? it is what they do to their coffee. those double tall ultra skim espresso shots!!they turn it into little hockey pucks!! they process the coffee so badly now it is turned into an instant mind controlling powder that has everyone who drinks it turned into zombies!!it's not even fresh coffee any more!! they don't even use beans!! they use some brown powdered chemically processed concoction and pass it off as coffee. it has a stimulant similar to caffeine that is highly addictive and sends spasms to the brain affecting the vocal chords of any who consumes it!!so if this is not the biggest warning to stay away from starbucks and never ever drink their filthy brown muck i don't know what myself i prefer my home brew coffee. it keeps my thoughts sane!!! ha,ha,ha


  8. I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!! The WORST is when someone does it in line at the grocery store. It's sad that stores have had to put up signs advising people to NOT use their cell phones while in line.Next time, SMACK her!


  9. I attend lots of meetings and a cell phone almost always rings somewhere in the room. I think it is so distracting. I am very strict about putting mine on vibrate or turning it off during meetings. Sooo, why can't everyone else!!


  10. I think I would like to be called a crazy Starbucks mum. Not because I have loud conversations on my mobile but because I just love Starbucks. Our nearest one is ( Wait for It) over forty miles away. Sigh.


  11. Starbucks is sooo overrated. OK fine, I love their mocha frappucino's – just can't afford them! *jealous*Was that awful woman snapping gum and scratching her crotch while she was at it? Gad. Some people have noooo manners or sense of social etiquette.


  12. This drives me nuts. I think you should have taken off your shoe and thrown it at her head and said, \”Oh, I'm sorry… was that distracting your phone call?\” How rude of me. 🙂


  13. I think you should have asked for her Mom's number : ) Just gone right up to her and said, \”Hi, excuse me, could I have your mom's number? I have to talk to her about something! Oh, and I really, really hope your piano enjoys it's new lamp!\”


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