Tagged…and I am IT.

I was tagged by the wonderful Modern Mom..

Modern Mom’s blog is How to Survive Life in the Suburbs. She should write a manual… because she has the best advice and the funniest observations ever! And it never hurts to be from Canada…love me some nice Canadians-A !!

I don’t always play along with tags, but since she chose ONLY me out of her 1200 317 followers, I thought I should abide. And she is taller than myself, surely should could put a hurtin’ on me.

The question is: What makes you a True Authentic/Modern Mom?

*I am a truthful Mom. I don’t sugar coat, too much sugar rots your teeth and we have spent a bazillion dollars on teeth around here. If my girls put on an outfit that looks weird to me, I will be the first one to tell them. I try to do this in a tactful way. And sometimes, my opinion means nothing and sometimes it means something. But, they know I am honest when they DO ask me my opinion. If I say it looks good, they know I am being honest.

*I am a fun Mom; with rules. It can be done. Just ask my girls. If you do the hard work at the beginning (house rules, manners, expectations) then they already know right from wrong and you can sit back and enjoy them with some minor tweaking here and there. We joke and laugh all the time..they are two of my favorite-est peeps to hang out with, but they know they can’t manipulate.Mom, Linds, Lauren naples Zoo

*I will go to the ends of the earth for them, and they know this. Lucky for me, this big step is not required on a daily basis.

*I love my husband. My kids see how much I love him. My girls know what a great Dad he is. My kids see what a healthy marriage looks like. We are not perfect, but pretty darn happy. I feel we are giving them a good example of what life can be like when you make good choices.

*I am trying to teach them to be realists in life, how to have fun (no matter your age) how to live as good a life as you can, how to do little things to help our planet…all on a daily basis. Just writing this, it sounds like I do more than I do. I find it pretty easy. Of course, having a great family makes it easy.


Modern Mom tagged only one peep…I shall tag 2. Play along if you like…or not, no biggie.

I am going to tag:

Caution at The Human Race, she has a nice brood at home and constantly finds the funny in everything! Plus, she leaves me the wittiest comments..you know I love funny!

I am going out on a limb here because he is not a Mom, but he is a Modern Dad: Jason at The Jason Show he and his man-cake husband are raising a great modern family. Mix in an ex wife, miscellaneous kids, in laws and living on Wisteria lane…he always has something going on!

Leave me a comment about what makes you a true authentic Mom (or Dad, or Uncle, or Aunt)

22 thoughts on “Tagged…and I am IT.

  1. So funny, Suz….before I saw that you had tagged me, I was going to comment, \”I want to be a Mom just like you!\” Either that or I would just want to be one of your kids.I appreciate the tag…I've never discussed this topic before at The Jason Show. It's going to be a good brain exercise.


  2. Cute tag, Suzanne… You have a family and an attitude about life that MOST anyone would envy. You and Coach do it RIGHT. You are both fabulous parents. I think my son Mark and wife Lara are almost exactly the same way. But instead of Florida, they live in Texas. Great post–and I am proud of you.Hugs,Betsy


  3. So true about showing them the reward later on for good choices. Love it! Gosh I can't even decide what a modern/suburb mom looks like. Most of the ones I know live behind the steering wheel and I kinda think that is a bit extreme. : ) Love your list though.


  4. \”I love my husband. My kids see how much I love him. My girls know what a great Dad he is. My kids see what a healthy marriage looks like. We are not perfect, but pretty darn happy. I feel like we are giving them a good example of what life can be like when you make good choices.\”You have totally defined what Sue and I call our \”successful marriage theory\” in the first four sentences of that bullet point! The essentials of a successful marriage in four sentences!good post suz!


  5. YOU are an awesome mom! And I really, truly believe that one of the BEST things a couple can do is \”model\” a loving marriage for their children… that is SOOO important!


  6. You have some great mom pointers. Truth, realism, and a truly loving family … all so important. And a positive, humorous attitude is a wondrous thing to pass along to the kids, too, as I'm sure you do naturally.


  7. Great answers but I already knew that about you. I love the pictures of you and the girls. I think it's awesome you tagged Jason and look forward to reading his answers. I love that you called Giancarlo a man cake! Happy Sunday!


  8. I love what you said here. I did the same thing with my kids. I agree that if the rules are in place, it's all gravy from that point on. Like you, I never lie to my kids, or anybody for that matter. It's not worth it.I like your style!


  9. You are an ah-maz-ing mother! If I didn't already have such a great mother (as you know) I'd totaly sign up for your team 🙂 You really are a great \”mom\” role model! I love your blog, and the lessons you have to share! I learn a lot from you!


  10. Wow am I thrilled that you had time to do this meme! (I know they can be a pain in the butt) I adore that your kids know you are a \”fun Mom with Rules\”. I try to be that Mommy too. Thanks for playing along and the sweet shout out too!


  11. You are a great mom! And I have learned from you via the blogging world. I am thankful that you have taught your girls so much about life and love. You make me proud. Proud as a peacock!I wanted you to tag me. But oh no, I don't have a man cake husband and you did NOT tag me….


  12. See what happens when I don't get around to reading blogs? I get my 15 mins and miss the whole thing!!That's a tough question posted in the blog. I shall get around to answering it at some point soon.


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