We Were One {or six} With Nature

The day after Thanksgiving, my Mom, Aunt, Uncle, myself and the girls visited Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.

IT was a glorious day…perfect weather. JUST perfect.

The sanctuary is 2.25 miles of boardwalk through a diverse ecosystem.

We were in dire need of a loooong walk; you know, to get rid of all the turkey. Well, I suppose the turkey was not so bad, but perhaps we needed to get rid of the 5 different desserts?

On this trip, no bears to be found. NOT even a gator…but we did see lots of birds, bugs, a couple raccoons, squirrels and plants…and a few tourists. None of which posed a problem.

Both my girls forgot their cameras, but had fun using mine.

There was much tree hugging… P1030570   P1030574P1030609

Can you imagine what Lindsay is doing in the photo above?


She made ME out of nature. 🙂 So cute.


The girls were digging the macro function on the camera: P1030572P1030614

P1030659 This flower is the ‘bee’s knees! P1030670 P1030678

Do you think the lizard minded having her photo taken from behind???? P1030681 P1030693

All this walking in nature is peace-ful but can really wear a girl out!!!P1030748

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving…have a great weekend doing something fun and enjoyable with those that you love!

21 thoughts on “We Were One {or six} With Nature”

  1. What a pretty day to get out and walk! We've had sun but cool temps. So many of my blog friends have had their first snow this Thanksgiving – UGH! I love the butterfly & spider web photos!


  2. Hi Girl from both George and me… We are in Erwin, TN –spending the night in a Hol. Inn Express.. We hiked and saw 9 new waterfalls today.. yeah rah!!!!!! Walked off the turkey and punkin pie!!!!Sounds like you all had a great Thanksgiving also. Hugs,Betsy —and George


  3. wouldn't it have been funny if we had run into you there?? nah… we didn't end up going. i made my kids clean their rooms! i know. i am so mean. but they are so messy! it was a beautiful day… glad you enjoyed the day at the swamp! wish you had seen some gators though!


  4. Excellent idea – the desserts and the walk! I've never seen a boardwalk through a swamp before. I'm glad there were no gators. You & your girls are good photographers! Love all of the nature shots…but where were you and Coach? No pics of you two?Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all of you! XOXO


  5. we have a similar place here called fontenelle forrest but instead of bears n gators we have deer n other critters which you can view via boardwalk or going into the woods. its open all year and is beautiful in winter with the snow. looks like you had a great hike. i love doing that only now i have to heal me busted arm cuz it hurts to walk with it too long. no sling, dingaling! lol. dr. says no. but where is he to gently carry me arm around for me? nice pics except fer da buggies. i hates bugs.c


  6. Looks like you had a beautiful day. Love simple days like this that will likely stay with you for a lifetime. : ) Love the pics too.. impressive!~hugs!kay


  7. You all have an amazing eye for portraits and detail, am very impressed and thoroughly enjoy all the pics, it was almost like being there! But better, cuz minus the bugs. I don't do bugs. 😀


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