I imagine that most people think I only like turtles dogs. But this is not true. I like frogs too. I think they are cute cute cute. Not so much a fan of the poop they leave on our porch, but I’ll take the good with the bad. They do eat bugs… mmmm…Mosquitoes… and I like mosquitoes less than frog poop.


This is Rupert.

He is portly. He oversees all at our pool. He sits like a fat, happy lifeguard. But can’t save a life if his life depended on it. I got Rupert for Coach shortly after we put in our pool…we had intentions of putting a tube up his butt backside and having water squirt out his mouth and into the pool.  I think he prefers not to have a tube up his backside.

*This reminds me, at what age do I need to start having a colonoscopy?*


Ok, on to more of my frog friends. These two cuties hang out with us too. They seem so content. Eyes closed, face to the sun. Happy frogs. I want to be a happy frog in my next life, but I wonder, can I be a ‘vegetarian- happy’ frog?

P1030758 P1030755

I found these two cuties in the yard recently. I imagine the one in the back was saying “do you smell something funny?” Is there anything cuter than a frogs butt? NO.P1000228_thumb[1]

  When we were leaving the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary on Friday, I saw the cutest frog table top water fountain. It was the cutest I say! I was so tempted to purchase it for myself, but resisted. It was even sweeter than this one:


I remembered that years ago I had a cute table top fountain, but it kept running out of water. I know some of it evaporates, but this drying up crazy fast. Then one morning, I found one out why the water was going so fast: the cats thought it was a drinking fountain!!!!

I am thinking pretend frogs may make better pets than MY cats… Well, I take that back, have you ever had one of those wet, sticky frogs accidentally land on you when you walk out the door or under a tree? Not a cute moment. The screaming from me sounds more like a “help, I am being attacked by a ax murderer” moment.

Happy Monday!!!!

For more F words…visit: A-Z Mondays

26 thoughts on “FFFFrogs!

  1. I love the frog statue how wonderful. Hope you have a great week. I love your blog stop over and see me sometime be sure to enter my giveaway for the holidays.Blessings -:¦:-H-:¦:-E-:¦:-I-:¦:-D-:¦:-I-:¦:-


  2. I love frogs too….so now I need a new F word..hmmmm, what to do, what to do!I had my first colon scope at 41. They found three polyps, now I go every five years. It's not that bad.


  3. the F word!!!!!!!!!! oh my suz, you are getting honory in your young age! bwahaha… my F word is a bit different than yours, and erm, maybe you shouldnt let the girls read this entry but here goes-F-O-O-D!yep thats my F word… whatya think i was gonna say? like erm, feta, or foam, or frat, or fink? nah, not my style! bwahahahai like your new header too. isnt that one of your pics from your swamp vacation thingie? c


  4. I love frogs too……i am married to a prince in a frog costume….:) How are you busy bee? I am headed your way next month! Going to fly from Austin, Tx to Miami and hang out on south beach then take a weekend cruise to the bahamas with the girls. My first girls trip ever!


  5. Oh, I love frogs too. I always stop to watch them when I see them. I used to have pet frogs in an aquarium, they were so interesting to watch. I think you could charge admission to your house and I'd pay it! It looks like such a fun place. I love the new layout! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


  6. I like your froggie. He's cute. We had a frog the other day on our front porch. : p But they do keep the bugs away, so I guess it's ok. Just don't want one landing on me… I could do the squalk like crazy thing myself. Hubs loves to watch me do that, so he can laugh! LOL


  7. Hi Suz..I LOVE visiting your place..always FUN!love the trees..blue sky and your Froggies….but I too am a Nature Girl at heart..bet you'd never have guessed, huh?The Colonoscopy thing..Think it is recommended to begin at 50…but I didn't..finally did at 62..and got a clean bill of healthy innards..now am fine for 5 more years!..If there is a history of problems in that area, follow your doctor's orders/guidelines!I'll be heading to Fla on Saturday for a week on the panhandle..with baby sis..to celebrate her turning 60!!!have a beautiful week!smiles..Loui♥


  8. You have quite a wonderful frog collection — I didn't realize you were so fond of them. I was somewhat surprised, however, to discover that you could devote a post to frogs without mentioning Kermit!


  9. I am also a frog lover!! Well, actually more of a frog liker I guess. I had NO idea they would leave POOH on your porch, but I guess we all have to do it somewhere. (If you have colon cancer in your family you should get your 1st colonoscopy at 35. Otherwise probably 50years is standard. Make sure your doc isn't a sadist first—ALWAYS make sure they do it at a surgicenter or hospital and knock you out!!) Happy Monday sweetie!! Blessings, C.


  10. Hi! I love your post..but I am NOT a frog lover. In fact, they make me squirm when they are anywhere near me! I do remember watching a pair of them come up on our porch every single night one summer to eat mosquitos under our bug zapper! 🙂 Susan


  11. Those are some cute frogs, especially the butt-sniffing one!We have lots of big frogs in our creek in summer, but they never cooperate and stay out of the water long enough to be photographed. Inconsiderate, don't you think?


  12. I love frogs too. I could sit out by my pond all day long in the summer and watch them. They serenade me at night. I have several frogs in my house (not real ones) and I have one out by my pool too. He's not as fat as Rupert, but he's playing a fiddle.


  13. what didya do with my bee????anyone… i can't believe i missed this post this morning! but i am catching you now (better than catching flies!) all these years adn i never knew his name was rupert!


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