Oh Deer!

It is D Monday!!!

I walked out this morning and saw this:


You would think it was a dliema, but I knew what happened. We had some guys here all weekend working on repairing stucco around the house…they clearly did not care for my deer. dorks.

Those deer reminded me of these deer:


Vixen is my favorite! But Dancer, well he reminded me of my Dancing Daughter:

scan0009 Lindsay salsa 2009

Did I ever tell you of her dangerously weird dexterity? I was going to photograph some of her bending parts, but decided it might make you drop your doughnut.

My other daughter? Quite the Dichotomy. She is an athlete. She is a girly girl.

LoLo tag at 1st LoLo Homecoming 2009

She is very diverse.

I only wish my Dad could see my Daughters…He would have loved them to death.

dad, J and L 1993 He met LoLo one time. I had to sneak her into the hospital…I am so glad I did. This is the only picture I have of them together.

My Dad did love to dance…and he played softball his entire life until he got sick. How genetically delightful is that? Not the getting sick part, the dancing and softball part?

And you know my other D Word: Dogs. This morning as I was picking up my dropped deer..the dogs were running like maniacs on the dirty driveway.


I can never think of the letter D and NOT think of my Dear friend Dawn. We have been friends for…for… forever I think. Ok, maybe not forever, but at least 10 years????

Dawn has a birthDay coming up next weekend, yeah for her. I can’t wait until she catches up with me in age. any year now….


She is a delight, a doll, aDorable and everyone should have a Dawn in their life!!!!

Happy Monday everyone.

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24 thoughts on “Oh Deer!

  1. Anonymous

    Good Morning Suzanne, Wonderful pictures of your girls and how special to have that one photo of Lo and your Dad. Yes, he would dearly love your children and would be so proud of their many accomplishments. I have visited Dawn too and I know you two are great friends.Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas.


  2. only you could make me cry twice today. seriously. my life would be so much less without you. way, way less…i loved all of your \”D\” stuff 🙂 i do feel awful for those decapitated deer… maybe you need a rating on this post. not XXX like a couple others that have scarred my eyes, but just one for weak stomachs? not everyone can stand seeing decapitation. :)love you…


  3. I loved all of your D stuff. Your daughters are so pretty. I only have one pic of my daughter with my mom taken a couple monthes before she passed on. That is a great thing to have. Great post.


  4. Your family is so beautiful. I love the new masthead photo! It was absolutely right that you smuggled that gorgeous baby into the hospital so that your dad could hold her. Imagine the difference that one contact made in his life, holding the future in his hands, when he was so ill.XO


  5. Hi Suz, Your daughters are both so gorgeous. Isn't it amazing how two girls could be from the same Mommy and Daddy –and yet be so different???? My two Texas Grands are as different as night and day!!!!I could cry when thinking that my parents would have loved my grands… AND neither one were here to meet George. I hope they are smiling down –and know just how happy I am these days.I have a \”Dawn\” in my life also.. Her name is JUDY.Love you,Betsy


  6. I can't believe your deer… the nerve! Your pooches playing cracked me up.. they look like they don't know they're big. Too cute! : ) I don't blame you for sneaking in the baby… I remember my mom sneaking me in to a hospital one time. I was glad she did. Maybe your D word for today should have been 'diverse'. This post is all over the place! LOL


  7. Well… the only \”Dawn\” I know (besides the amazing dishwashing liquid) was my ex's mistress so I have to work real hard to associate that name with anything happy.Oh, wait – she helped me realize I was with a giant loser and set me free.I love Dawn! :-Dps: your daughters are sooo gorgeous, and talented too… thanks for sharing their smiles with us. And your father's photo brought a tear to my eye…


  8. I love Dawn. I love your deer. I do NOT love the stucco men that disrespected the deer. I love your daughters. I LOVE their dancing. And most of all I LOVE your Dad and I am so glad you had that sort of beautiful love in your life.


  9. I love all your D words that you came up with. Your dad sounds wonderful and how nice that these great things you remember about him, are passed down to your daughters. How precious is that picture you have of him with your girl!


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