Losing My Car {or mind?}

Do you ever forget where you parked your car in a crowded parking lot? Ok, sometimes it may not even be that crowded.

I have joked before about getting a huge plastic bouquet of red carnations for my antenna. Sure sign that I have packed my bags and am moving into old lady town.


I seem to lose my car a bit more these days, but really, losing it is not the worst part. The worst part is, my brain immediately goes here:

“Oh great, I wonder how quickly the GMC dealer can get a hold of one of those hybrid Denali’s in white?”


Is that bad?

20 thoughts on “Losing My Car {or mind?}”

  1. I lose my car all the time. So I try to park in the same general areas at every store I frequent. Even if I get a 'bad' parking place in that certain area, at least I can find my car. Every time I stray from the plan I feel like a doofus b/c I can't find it. Hubs parks where ever…what is it with guys? I always tell him when we're together that if he passes out, we're doomed forever b/c I can't find the car! LOL


  2. oh suz… do you really think santa will bring you that? i lose my car all the time (and i'm not even caught up to your age yet!) good thing eric got a good supply of those mickey mouse antenna bobbers… my car is the only one out there with the easter egg mickey on it 🙂


  3. Just last week, as I walked around and around the parking lot pushing all the buttons on my remote thinking eventually something would lead me to my car, a man came up to me and asked if I owned the blue van over there with all the doors opening and closing and lights and horn flashing. I denied that I did. But then I had to wait until he left so I could get in that same van and drive home.


  4. Hey Hey—-don't knock \”Old Lady Town\”…. It's a pretty neat place to be!!!! NOW—I truly have an excuse for doing crazy, weird things!!!!! Of course, you won't ever get like me!!!!!!!! Just get a beeper—so when you lose your car, use your remote and let it beep at you!!!! ha haHugs,Betsy


  5. Wondering about how quickly you can get a hybrid is not bad. Forgetting where you parked your present car — not so good. Perhaps you could find a plastic boxer (dog) to put on the antenna!


  6. If I can't park in exactly the same spot as I always do, I hover until the owner of the car parked in MY space comes out. Or I go home. Then I never lose my car. Usually. Unless I forget which spot is mine because I shop in too many stores….


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