It is C week.

I should be writing about my fantastic trip to Costa Rica a few years ago…it was cool!

But today I am thinking of  things I am able to Check off my list.

Christmas cards. They are done.  Yippee!

Does everyone keep their list on an excel spreadsheet?


I am a little crazy with my Controlling lists…my good friends know that if they don’t send me a Christmas Card for 2 years in a row…they are off my list. That is naughty. Are you a naughty friend? 

My desk is a little cluttered with Christmas Cards…some Christmas confetti and some other Crap! Must Clean it soon.

Our Christmas Cocktail party was a complete success.

My Chocolate fountain was a complete Crock of p00h. I messed up the Chocolate somehow…but I did not CRY!

Coach was a big help…he suggested I not cook so much and instead order some platters of food. It took me 8 minutes to ponder this and then I placed the Call. Suz and Coach

Our night of “denial” was full of good food and great friends..and some cocktails!

Sushi anyone? Cuban sandwiches? Crackers and Crab dip? Crazy Combinations.


How about some Crab and lobster Claws?


I made a fantastic salad with Champagne dressing…will share later. maybe.

My night would not have been complete without my silly, happy and laughing friend Dawn. She is so cute!!!

Dawn and Suz My girls were awesome little helpers too. I Could not have done it without them!!  

Happy Monday!

32 thoughts on “C….

  1. Absolutely wonderful, Suz…. That party must have been PERFECT my dear!!!!! You know how to put on a real party!!!!! Love the pictures of you and Coach, and you and Dawn… Love your header–but I'm sorta surprised to see YOU feature a kitty in that special spot.. ha haNOW—relax and enjoy Christmas…Hugs,Betsy


  2. How nice! Love the header picture…love all your c words but most of all, love that your party was great fun. The pictures of you and your honey and your friend are great. Now you can just relax and enjoy the week of Christmas. 🙂 Happy Monday to you!


  3. your lovely party was only made more beautiful by the smiling faces of your family. the food was great… but i hope you know you could have served up just about anything… because i really only come to see you 🙂 of course, this is from the girl who did eat the chocolate in the fountain! and i love love love my new glass. but do you realize how big it is? i thought i only had 3 glassses of wine throughout the night (ya know, between both parties!) but last night i poured a whole can of gingerale into it… and there was still room left! thank you for your sweet friendship (yes, 10 years!)… i know God had a hand in this… because i cannot think of two girls more unlikely to be cheerleaders 🙂 love you…


  4. Love the kitty pic! My cat loves to live under there right now. A friend of mine prints out her Christmas card labels (recipient addresses).. do you? : ) Love your party pics… so jealous that you and Dawn live so close together! But glad you both have each other…you're both amazing! : )


  5. The party looks like a complete success!!I am glad you shared about the Excel Christmas card list. My Dad does the same thing and I just knew he was the only one!! Two years without a card and you're off:)


  6. I love this post! Your party sounds like a smashing event as usual. I would love more info on the chocolate fiaso! One of these days I'm crashing it…just saying!I only send cards to those who expect them and friends without internet access for email. Yeah, I know people like that!! I have all my lists in Excel, and I manage them through Access.


  7. I'm so glad your party went well!I LOVE WHAT YOU WORE! You are such a stylish mom! I hope that I'm as stylish as you are when Aidyns your daughters age! 🙂 You are one hot mama!MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


  8. HEEEEEEEEEY SUZ, i'm a C…. you forgot about me bwahahahahahahha ;(kiddin…sounds like a great evening was had. i hope your family has a wonderful chritmas, dear friend.C


  9. Ooooo loved the party pics! I just squeeled to my hubby: That's Dawn with Suz!!Awaiting the champagne sauce recipe.X-Cps-Merry Christmas to you and the fam!! Blessings and Peace!


  10. Oh my gosh. Well first of all, I love DAWN! Like love so much it is RIDICULOUS : )Second of all. How great do you look. Holy WOW! You always look so stunning. I can never understand what you are talking about when you say you need to exercise more. You are like a perfect 10.I think ordering platters is the perfect way to go!I love denial!I love your girls.Your party makes me want to move to Florida.I know I am not a real friend, but I would love to mail you a picture of little Kaishon's head : ) I edited pictures for all my friends and families for their cards and for Kaish, I took a plain old unedited picture and slapped it on the card. If you want one, just tell me your address : )


  11. What a wonderful 'C' post — you are clearly a clever Christmas hostess. I'm glad everything went well (except for the chocolate fountain). I'm glad to hear you recognize that every once in a while we men can come up with a good suggestion!


  12. Mmmm that food looks delicious! Or as they say here in China, Diliciours. SO glad your party was a success– and yes, I keep mine in Excel too. But this year I only sent Christmas cards to my family due to the cost of sending them from China. I hope I get a couple of years extension from my friends before I am dropped! You look very cute!


  13. I bet the chocolate tasted good. And my, your party looks as if it was fabulous! I'm a Christmas lamo this year – I'd probably be off your card list. Next year I'll make the road trip to FLA for the party and move in with you 🙂 Hope you and your family have a merry and blessed Christmas!


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