The Bee’s Knees

Beeeee Monday…

So, Coach and I were not to exchange gifts for Christmas. But he is a bad boy…he broke the rules. Quite the rebel…. with a cause.

Some of you tried to guess on the B gift…

another boxer? nah.

A crackblackberry? nah.

Not even a Buick, Botox or a bikini wax. ouch to the last two.

For Christmas, he gave me this sweet Bee necklace:


I was surprised. Pleasantly surprised. I was mad too, but I got over it quickly. Jewelry does that to girls.  I had jokingly mentioned in the blog a while ago about a Tiffany Bee necklace. Well what did he do, but look for that one. Luckily for our bank account, it was no longer available and he found this little cutie patootie instead. I LOVES it.

I shall name her Beatrice B.  She is my bestie.

And that is not the only Bee I got for Christmas.

Lo made this sweet Bee bracelet for me. P1040049

I love it as well. Nothing like throwing on a pearl bracelet to class up my jeans and flip flops!! (my daily wardrobe) Her talents never cease to amaze me!

And Linds made this custom tissue box for me.

Yeah, she is awesome.


See the inspirational saying on the top?


“Got an issue? Get a tissue!” She hears that a lot around here.

Remember last year when she made me my own personalized Shank? I am one lucky Mom. 

Don’t hate. Appreciate!

I have been Blessed with a wonderful family. Gosh…just pinch me!!  Ouch, not so hard…I am as fragile as a butterfly!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas as well and hopefully you did not end up with a houseful of bees…unless that is what you wanted?!?

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26 thoughts on “The Bee’s Knees

  1. Oh My Busy Bee Friend…. I love your 'bee' gifts… TOO CUTE…. Coach did great with that bee necklace… SO pretty–and so YOU!!!!! You do have a wonderful family, Suz… Glad you had a great Christmas…Such a GREAT \”B\” word today.Hugs,Betsy


  2. I LOVE the neckless your husband gave you. And that bracelet Lo made you…how nice is that…love that it is homemade with such love of course…love the custom tissue box from Linds…how adoraable is that? Love that saying \”Got an issue, get a tissue.\” LOVE it! I think I just found me a new saying…:) Yes, you are very blessed to have such a family and I am so happy for you. Just so you know, I always say that I am fragile like a flower…:) Love all your bee's Suz! XX Lori


  3. BB Suz..thanks for all the laughs this morning..just started with Grandma J..and your B post was icing on the cake! So delightful, I just kept on reading all your previous posts..laughing all the more..which is hard because I have the Cruddy cough..and was feeling pretty bummed..thanks for sharing such love and laughter..warm hugs, laughing smiles..Loui♥


  4. So cute.. I love the necklace! Love love love! And the bracelet too. And she made it?! Extra special. You have such a wonderful family. Cherish it. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas! : ) I think the necklace is better than a blackberry. You can wear it! : )


  5. Anonymous

    This was the perfect letter for you! I love all the thoughtful gifts your family gave you. I always think of you when I am out shopping and see bee \”things!\”


  6. Oh, this post has put a huge smile on my face. I love seeing these things, I'm so glad you share them. 1. It's sweet to know the kind things we do for each other. 2. I am not very creative, so it gives me some ideas! I love the bee necklace! It seems like it really suits you. What a wonderful family you have.


  7. i absolutely love your necklace (oh, and bracelet and issue tissues!) i know… he broke the deal, but he broke it for you… because you are so darn special and he knows it! sorry i didn't make it by… i got in at the drs… which was not fun, but necessary. talk to you soon 🙂


  8. bee coz you are a beeyouteeful girl i am happy to bee your bloggy buddy.i know. this is a lame comment.i'm just catching up on the backlog of posts i haven't read since christmas.bee's the best i could do;-)


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