Circling the drain.


Another year down the drain. Well, not exactly down the drain, but you know what I mean.


We have no plans for New Years Eve. We usually don’t. I’m content being in my comfy cozy house wearing some comfy cozy pjs hanging with my fave peeps. No drunk drivers in sight within these walls. (Of course, that is a different story for my poor battered mailbox) 

My new years resolution a few years ago was to NOT make new years resolutions. That is one I can stick with. 

But I am going to work on some self improvement; better health. I have a lot to live for, I don’t want to miss anything by being dead.

How about you? Any resolutions or big parties on the radar?

I would like to thank each and everyone of my dear blog friends. I have thought many times this year about NOT continuing this lil’ blog about my lil’ life, for many different reasons. But I continue to get so many lovely notes and gobs of cyber love that it makes it hard to quit.

{You can’t catch anything via cyber love can you?}

You’ve made me laugh.

You’ve made me cry.

You’ve made me think.

You’ve opened my eyes to new discoveries.

Are you my 2nd grade teacher? I loved her too.

Cheers to 2011! 

May you be on the receiving end of love, good health, prosperity and many pee inducing belly laughs.

{Art by Erin Smith}


Hanging up the Party pants.


Another birthday, another milestone, another celebration.


Fifteen years of being her. Now, we have added in boys to the mix. {But why, oh why  must we add in boys ever???}


Birthday dinner; food, fun and laughter…and embarrassing  the newest gang member too. If you want to be a part of this gang, you have to have thick skin.


Two days of partying. Lunch out, dinner out, dinner out again and then the much anticipated s’mores by the fire. Forget the fact that it was 40 degrees out….it involved sugar. Who feels cold when you are shoving sweet stuff into your mouth? Not teenage girls.


We are hanging up our party pants…at least until July.

I don’t even think my party pants fit anymore.