TGIF; Wrapping up the week with a few transformations.

The first transformation: I almost ended my life yesterday eating one of these.


It would have been embarrassing to go that way.

I can see the obituary:

Suz died by choking on an overly dry organic cracker that she greedily took from the Jason’s Deli salad bar.

And by greedily, I mean I take about 6 of these each time I get a salad.

They make a nice snack for later. A DEATH snack.

Have I told you how much I love spray paint?

I LOVE IT! And not just for huffing.

I use it for real stuff!

When the painters took off the lantern lights from the back garage, I was shocked at how nasty they looked.

I contemplated dumping them.

P1040253 P1040255

But you know, I loathe adding to the landfill.

So I took the time, taped up all the glass and I splurged on a can of spray paint.

Flat black is awesome.


Please don’t give me hell for the earth killing bulbs…I did not put them in there. I have plenty of the swirly low light output guys around.

There was also a casualty last week. Between the pressure washing and the painting, my front door bunny took a beating.


She probably did not see it coming.

Burial later today.

I try not to let these things get me down.

I found a replacement.


Make new friends, but bury keep the old, one is black silver and the other is some funky color. And about to become semi-black.


I think that little bowl Maribel is holding will be a great hiding spot for the house key.

She was not done drying at press time. I already heart her.

In other non-important news:

We replaced our kitchen table light and bar pendant lights.

We have had the same lights for 13 years…

Just like the Democratic party, I was ready for change.

OLD: Brown/Brass=Poop.

New: Brushed nickel=up to date.

I love home depot!!!

I took pictures, but they don’t look that great.

What are you doing this weekend?

Putting away your Christmas tree? Shameful.

Getting out your valentines Day tree? Weird.

Doesn’t it annoy you when people call it ValentiMes day? Weirdos.

What is up with that? grrrr…

Bee Sweet People!!!