is for Atom Ant.

Not to be confused with Adam Ant.


Oh, that Adam…he was my very first live concert..the Fox Theater in Atlanta.

I was all of 14….I declared I would give birth to 6 of his babies and travel across all of Britain on tour.

In a bus.


By 17, I decided I liked men without eyeliner. And with a green card.

Yes, I am picky.

Today, I am talking about THIS Atom Ant:

Do you remember him?


He had his own 30 minute cartoon show, produced by Hanna Barbara.

It started in 1965 and only ran for 3 seasons. Atom-Ant-1

Apparently I caught the re-runs…unless my Mom had a TV in my crib, cause I was born in 1967. But then again, “baby proofing” your home is different now than in the 60’s.

I did love this show..he was an Ant, but he had some super duper powers.

Which was cool to me..since I was the size of an ANT until I was about 23.

I had forgotten all about Atom Ant..

(But, I will never forget my unrequited love with Adam Ant)

…UNTIL, I was going through some old family photos..the ones BEFORE our digital camera.

I was scanning in some old pics and came across this one of my lil’ Linds.

Christmas 1997

The girls received bikes from Santa.scan0001

And Linds received a sign that she was related to ATOM ANT.

To see how others used the letter A visit: Jen at Unglazed

THANKS Jen for hosting a-z Mondays for the last 52 weeks. It has been FUN!!!

29 thoughts on “Aaaaaa….

  1. Oh my gosh. I am so completely in love with that picture of your sweet baby. Precious! I have never heard of the singer. Eyeliner… I was never a fan of that on boys. call me crazy. Or normal : ) Either/Or. I never heard of the Ant either. I was born in 1976. We had the uber cool Jetsons and Flinstones to watch : ) Your new page is so pretty. Look how wicked creative you are! : )


  2. I choked on my soda laughing when I saw your sweet little girl w/ the big ole bike helmet on! Love it! And back in the day I would've fought you for Adam Ant….but I grew tired of the eyeliner too. Nowadays I'm chasing Andy Garcia and Viggo Mortenson. Don't tell my hubby.Happy new year to you Suz!Shelley


  3. ha,ha you wicked woman!! does Linds know you posted that picture of her? my kids get so funny about that!! i don't care though they are too cute and her face is the same as the pictures you post of her smile today!! oh my gosh she is just as cute as ever!!! her little feet didn't touch the ground or anything!! do they now? do yours? ok i missed ya sounds like you have had a wonderful season though!! take care


  4. Anonymous

    So cute with her little Atom Ant helmut!I remember both Adam Ant and Atom Ant. I loved that little cartoon too. I saw Adam and the Ants at the Greek theatre in the early eighties before I got seriously into punk rock. Ahhh, the eighties, what a fun decade!


  5. Hehe. I remember both, though Atom Ant came about when I was already a teenager! Linds was/is SO cute…like her momma. Will miss this meme. Let's keep in touch! X-C


  6. i so do remember that cartoon! wow am i old…. cute post as usual, suz… has anyone ever called you crepe suzzette? i think its a cute nickname…i love me some crepes.made the french way.even just plain with a titch of lemon juice squeezed on.i'm hungry now.its all your fault.thanks, CS… bwahahahhhahahai suppose IF you had to be a flavor [crepely speaking] you'd be honey and lemon, cuz youre such a busy bee!i would be blueberries and cream n sugah… OOOOOOOOOOH YEAH, BABE!c


  7. Atom Ant? I know not of what you speak. must not have been where i'm from….must ask my brothers, they might know!Adam Ant!! LOVED him. and the Fox Theater?? oh man….I saw Better Midler there in '82…Awesome show…the crowd at intermission was almost as fun to watch as her show was!!!That baby of yours? Precious…absolutely precious. I'm loving that helmet!!!


  8. 1. love your new look!!2. last night when i read this i thought it was monday and i almost missed it! 3. now i realize that today is monday4. always love a cute pic of that sweet girl :)5. home now… so i'll give you a call!! i am ready for my present!


  9. Somehow I missed out on both Adam Ant and Atom Ant! But I am glad that I didn't miss this picture of Linds. As a former teacher I have to give this post a grade of 'A+'.


  10. Suz..I am ever so much older than you! My son was born April '67..but I do remember the cartoon..Adam..nope never cared for him..My musical tastes were far different from you kids!thanks for sharing the precious photo of sweet and cute Linds!warm hugs.. Loui♥


  11. Well, I am old enough to remember Atom Ant – not as popular as some others back then like Huckleberry Hound or Yogi Bear… It's been a fun time exploring the alphabet with you all!


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