Guess What…

we are planning on doing very soon:


It has been 13 years…and NO, I won’t be painting this beast of a house myself.


On Sunday we went to Cuba Miami to see this guy. I mean, the whole team.




Unfortunately they lost…but these girls had some fun. And, NO, we were not with the crazy fans to our right but being next to them assures you time on the jumbo-tron and live TV..whether you like it or not.


I always sometimes complain about how hot it is here in sunny Florida. But this morning it was 29. Almost unheard of in these parts.

I had to cover my tomato plants with a snuggie blanket.


Do you think a space heater would have been too much?

28 thoughts on “Guess What…

  1. OH! I'm so excited for you and your new paint! Let us know what color you choose, please. You might want to take a tiny little vacation while it's being done, lest the fumes irritate you and your family and pets…but being so GREEN, perhaps you will be able to find a paint that smells like something in nature. Please let us know about that, too! FUN!


  2. Fresh paint! I love it, makes everything look brand new! I really like the third color on the right, the linen yellow one. Soooo pretty. Sue, thank you ever so much for posting a pic of Jason Taylor's backside. (swoooon, gusssssh) Total hawty boom-body! :-)Tough break for the Dolphins this year after the Jets backed their thang up into the playoffs. Ed was ready to burst a vein he was so upset. I told him relax, at least they did better than my Bears. 😦 I've taken to calling them the Berenstein Bears now.


  3. I love new paint! I don't like doing it, but the end result is always fun. Pick well, my friend! There seems to be a cold snap all over right now. We have a blast coming in tonight and we could have wind chills below zero. I don't know that I ever recall them saying that on the weather before. And btw.. 29 is plenty cold as far as I'm concerned! Brrrrrr. : )


  4. Anonymous

    It's cold in GA this week too. Poor low rider Harriet has been wearing a t-shirt! The game looks like great fun. The cold weather I am sure you could do without! Love the paint choices. I especially love the far left warm golden color.


  5. I like all 3 of the colors!The girls look adorable in that photo – love the Dolphin jersey! :)Yes, I'm afraid the strawberry and citrus crops in sunny Florida are having a rough go-round. We're expecting SNOW in Atlanta tomorrow…. many schools are already closing 1/2 early in preparation… I'm sure Friday will be a snow day. Kids are THRILLED. I'll post some pics. 🙂


  6. Sorry the Dolphins lost.. Even that 3rd QB did well. Can't believe all of the injuries they have had this year. They will be GOOD next year. I remember living in FL in the '70's and when it got cold like that down there, it was pure misery.. SO—I feel for you. HOWEVER–if you really want COLD, come to TN. Lows about 8 degrees and highs in the 20's.. This has been going on for over a week now. AND–they say the snow will be here tomorrow…. So???? Come on up!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  7. You have the funnest family EVER! Want to an adopt a 22 year old? Hmm…? P.s. There is an award waiting for you over at my page. Dont feel obligated to play along, just wanted to mention you! Love your posts hon!


  8. That's the best use of a snuggy I've ever seen! I love American football, I miss it. I always tell my kids here it is my favorite sport, and all I get back are blank stares. The NBA is king here. Blerg, I hate basketball. I love all those shades, however will you choose?


  9. You have my sympathy. I spent a couple of years in Tallahassee and there is nothing colder than Florida cold weather. I'm glad you had a good time at the football game and got your share of attention on the Jumbo-tron. I hope your tomato plant makes it through this cold spell.


  10. The tomato plants would probably appreciate a space heater. 29 is warm around here in January, but I know you Floridians aren't used to it or prepared for it. Hope you're not TOO cold.


  11. Anonymous

    oh Suz, my internet is down, has been for the past 3 days. finally had to come to the library to check my email and such.i haven't had a smile on face in 3 days, so i had to come in and get my suz fix, hee hee. ok i'm better now, i can get on with my life. but still hoping the internet is finally running again.


  12. Oh. My. Gosh! Laughing my head off at your babied plants. You are so funny! LOVE your trip to the game. Sorry they lost. DELIGHTED you were on the jumbo tron. That just sounds like something cool to be on. You are so cool!


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