My FIL is better than YOUR FIL.

Today is my Father in Law’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Bill!!!


Relax ladies, this was a few years ago.

Was it a rule in the 70’s to NOT wear your shirt for the camera?

I have written before about how blessed I am to have married into a wonderful family. I know I am lucky, and now I am just rubbing it in.

I personally have learned a lot from him over the last 25 years.Lindsay Grandpa Bill  Lauren X-mas 2008

*He taught me the appreciation of good sharp knives and quality pots and pans. (His collection of Calphalon is breathtaking) He also collects coolers, grills and fishing poles. You know, all the important stuff.

*He is a master in the kitchen, and I have learned MUCH from him over the years. But lord knows, he does not follow a recipe! I think this is a sign of confidence.

*He taught me selflessness. He came to TX and he helped us move into our new home. We knew no one else. I was 8 1/2 months preggo. He set up our house with/for us. He set up Lo’s nursery (crib, changing table and stroller) Hung up all the blinds, curtains etc…

Christmas 2006-83

*He tolerates Cocoa’s unnatural love for him and his beard.

*He has cooked many meals for us in person and he cooked many meals for us to enjoy later on. After each pregnancy, he would come and cook for days and fill our freezer. He left me a large supply of chili as recent as Christmas!

I could go on and on, but really, you get the gist. He would do anything for his family or friends…anytime, anywhere.

He is awesome.

He is amazing.

Do you have someone like Bill in your family????

You know, those people who always give, give and then give some more???

30 thoughts on “My FIL is better than YOUR FIL.

  1. Oh, your FIL sounds just amazing!So rare these days (or am I just jaded…) to hear of families staying together and for the right reasons, loving and helping each other out and setting good examples of how it's supposed to be.OK my English in this comment leaves a lot to be desired (je suis fatiguée…) but I'm saying all good things. he's sooo handsome, too!


  2. Holy moly!! Your FIL is a total HOTTIE!!! That older picture looks like a page out of a bad 70s catalog 😉 He's STILL very handsome. And, what's better than a man who cooks?! Not much, I say.


  3. UM, NO, I don't know anyone QUITE like that! But I would LIKE to know someone like Bill; He sounds perfectly wonderful. Can you take a little clip of his hair and CLONE HIM for my beautiful, sweet friend who is newly divorced (and is also wonderful)? Let's see what you can create from a little of his DNA. Deal? =)Seriously, Happy Birthday, Bill!


  4. Wow, Bill was very good looking in the 70's. Who would not love a man who can cook? This guy sounds like a gem. Steve's dad can't cook, but I must say he has always come through for us in a crisis.


  5. You are sooo lucky!My mom! No matter how many times I screw up, and humbly head home, she's always waiting with open arms! She is incredible.. but of course you already know that 😉


  6. You are very, very fortunate! My FIL is a pretty good guys, too, although I'm pretty sure he never looked that good without a shirt. My MIL on the other hand makes me stark raving mad sometimes. And I KNOW she never looked this good without a shirt!


  7. Awwww, lucky you. My first father-in-law was a one armed bully who would hit with is stump as quick as look at you…my second father-in-law is … well …. dead. Never met him. So I think I want your father-in-law. He sounds wayyyyy cooler! Happy Birthday Bill!


  8. What a neat guy, Suz…. You are fortunate to have someone so GIVING in your life. Like you say, YOU are the lucky one!!!!! BUT—he will only be the best FIL if he makes it to age 97 like my sweet FIL is!!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  9. Happy Birthday to Bill. How wonderful to have a father-in-law like this.So happy you have such a great guy in your family. He's pretty darn good looking too! 🙂


  10. I laughed out loud when I read, \”Relax ladies…\” Hee-hee! But how wonderful to have a FIL that you love and cherish. I love mine to pieces too. DARLING pics of your girls below. They grow up way too fast! I had to LOL again at the \”Skyscraper\” comment. Great stuff! : )Take care,M.L.


  11. Anonymous

    No. My father-in-law is take, take, and then take some more. :-/ However, he did raise a great son. So I am thankful for that.Can I tell you how jealous I am??? j/kHope your father-in-law has a wonderful birthday. He already has the best gift — a grateful and happy family.


  12. He sounds just like my husband and I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that they're close to the same age….Chef Stu is 67.The interesting thing is, that behavior is not generational when it comes to men that age. These are men who made concious decisions to 'do'.It's a blessing and an inspiration to be in their company!


  13. I just love him! I could tell he was a great man from the very first smile! What a blessing. Nice to know he has a good collection of knives. : ) And I LOVE his shirtless picture. I think you are right about the 70's! It was a requirement to NOT wear shirts then : ) I know I am CERTAINLY topless in most of my pictures from the 70's… Oh, that is because I was a WEE baby and I didn't need a shirt : )I don't know my father in law that well because he works a lot just like Gary. I am sure he is a great man though, because he produced a great son. : )


  14. First, although FIL's aren't cute, he is. Second, now I'm wondering if I'm old enough to be your MIL. Hmm. Third, I read your title and thought, \”Yes, she's right. Her FIL is better.\” BUT I read the post anyway. Could I be your MIL now????


  15. Oh my gosh, my dad was a giver just like that. It's all he ever did. He was the most amazing, loving, kind, incredible man. I'm so glad you have a dad as wonderful! And the picture of your dog up there on his lap is so funny!


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