I spent the weekend avoiding ghosts.

Over the weekend we visited St. Augustine, FL.

The Oldest City.

Lo is interested in the college there and they were hosting a softball camp on Monday, so we made it a family weekend.


Our first order of business was meeting up with some long lost friends who live nearby. Do you have really wonderful and close friends that you don’t see?

No, I am not speaking about the invisible ones!

We have not seen them in 16 years!!!

the bailey's -stevens reunion.

We traipsed all over St. Augustine’s cobblestone streets. P1020814


We did not have time for an official ghost tour on this trip, but I KNOW I felt some of them trying to attach themselves to my clothing. And my hair. hitchhikers.

Don’t worry, I got rid of those clothes before I came home. I kept the hair.

I am no dummy.

This is why I avoid antiques stores as well.

On Monday Linds and I visited the Castillo de San Marcos.

It was really interesting and chalk full of history. And full of ghosts as well.




Linds and I thought this sign was funny…”Please do not Linger on the drawbridge”

So, you know what we did. We lingered… just a bit.


There were no signs saying: Don’t put your feet inside the canons.

But she did it anyway.

I don’t know where this type of behavior comes from.

Have you ever visited St. Augustine?

Ok, more importantly, do you believe in ghosts?

I do.

26 thoughts on “I spent the weekend avoiding ghosts.”

  1. how did i not even know you were gone?? we loved being at the castillo! i could not stop snapping photos… and this lady kept yelling at people to not sit on the wall! anyway, if you had told me you were going i would have told you about the best campsite ever! 🙂


  2. What a super fun trip! Why can't you linger? That's weird. I'm with you.. I would probably linger and feel like such a rebel. It's sad when that's me being a rebel. LOL But I love the cobblestone streets… the whole trip looks fun!


  3. Oh, you know I beleive in ghosts!!! They ARE real; I know from experience, hee hee hee.I've never been to FL, but when I go, I will definitely look for ghosts.


  4. We did visit St. Augustine and the fort when we were there in August. Somewhere I have some pictures. I'll have to look for them because they would make a great blog…. No ghosts though—but that was the trip when I last saw my brother (before he died in October). My brothers, their families and my mother (for awhile) lived in St. Augustine for years. Beautiful place.Thanks for sharing. Flagler is a good college. Hugs,Betsy


  5. OOooooooo!! St.Augustine looks like such an interessting place. Wow. And the Castillo…I love old forts,castles,etc. When I was a little girl I had an imaginary friend that was a ghost whose name was RoastyPosty! I was wierd kid. Surprised?!X-C


  6. …oh so very cool. I saw this place on Ghost Hunters! I'm totally addicted to that show now! I just started watching it about 6 months ago…or maybe it was Ghost Adventurers…is that the one with the guy with the \”guns?\” They are both fun!! Glad you got rid of those clothes!! I want to go to St. Augustine one of these days. I was so close when I stayed at Amelia Island a few years ago (loved it!). ….your previous post about the 70s and shirtless photos cracked me up.


  7. we had a ghost in our house named george. george would do funny things like make the dog bark in the air or turn the shower on when you were running a bath. one time we didn't have any money and my mom needed groceries and a check came in the mail for a george mena. we tried to find this person but no one claimed the check so mom cashed it and bought some groceries, george bought us groceries. it was for 50 bucks, just the right amount to get us through a pinch, true story


  8. This looks like a wonderfully fun trip. No, I've never been to St. Augustine. I've only been to Florida once…in another lifetime, as it were.Ghosts…well, I believe in the spirit or soul of a person, for sure. I believe it exists before we are in this body, and after. Not sure that's what you mean by ghost, though. Anyway, so glad you had a good trip!


  9. I've been to St. Augustine a couple of times and have thoroughly enjoyed visiting there. I can't say I've seen ghosts, but I have felt the presence of history (could that be ghosts?).As far as Linds' behavior — isn't there are saying about the fruit not falling far from the tree? Just asking!!


  10. The \”foot in the canon\” makes a fun, and perhaps telling, photo. I went to St. Augustine once, many years ago. I remember seeing lots of historic stuff. We have some friends from the past that we only see once a decade or so. It's fun when we do get together. Makes us wonder why we don't do it more often.


  11. My family travelled there when I was about 6 and then John and I visited when we first married. Such an interesting place, kinda makes me feel young!!! Hard to believe Lo is looking into college – they grow up so fast, don't they?


  12. Hmm, so you have two beautiful daughters…and your friends have two handsome sons? Could be a love connection! I know I'm a hopeless romantic 🙂 And I'm on the fence with ghosts – not sure what to believe.


  13. I have never been to St. Augustine, but I do love old cities. The pictures remind me of some of the old Missions in CA. All of them are a one day ride by donkey apart…up the whole coast. I want to make that trip one day, but not by donkey. and yes I believe in ghosts!


  14. Stop it right this second. You lingered? Despite the sign. I can not believe you… : ) I would have totally lingered too! Your pictures in this post are great. I love the cobbled streets. And I love coming to visit you. Always a delight.


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