This, That and The Other Thing


About 2 years ago I found the most perfect fitting underwear and bras. I go every 6 months or so and restock, update my undie drawer. Good things don’t last forever. I was there last week armed with a great coupon. In this store, you don’t get to start digging for your size…the sales ladies take care of it for you.

I told my helper what style undie I needed and which colors.

She asked: “small?”

I said “no”…she then said: “ok, medium.”

I said, “actually, I wear a large in these.”

She laughed and said: “I don’t even wear a large!”

I thought: wow. She IS larger than me…I guess I am wearing big girl pants now?

Then I wondered, If I am a size 6…then who is wearing the small size?

Tinker bell?


There should be a law that the song Manic Monday (The Bangles) can ONLY be played/heard on Monday’s.

Will you sign the petition?

The Other Thing:

I make up songs all the time. I start with an original song and then change the words to suit me, ‘cause I am crafty like that.

Lately the song I sing while cleaning out the cat box area is: Rock the CATBOX!!

If The Clash only knew what I did to their song…

Walking Down *Raggedy Ann* Memory Lane.


I have been doing a lot of this and that this week.

Mostly THAT, you know how it goes.

I cleaned out a closet and came across this little flash from the past:


My Raggedy Ann and Andy pillow cases!!!

Raise  your hand if you had a Raggedy Ann or Andy Doll. 

Shout YIPPEE if you had the sheet set!!!

I loved me some Raggedy Ann.  Thank you Mom for saving this for me.

I remember having the doll and putting my own ‘stamp’ on her.

Do you remember she had a red heart on her chest…off to one side. Like, um, like a heart? 

Well, I thought it was only fitting for her to have a matching set.

Yes, I gave her matching heart shaped ‘lady lumps.’

I seem to recall cutting all my dolls hair and applying lipstick to them as well. (and by lipstick, I mean nail polish to the lips!)

See, my future in cosmetology was in the cards from day one.

I was also her for Halloween one year when I was about 5 or so.


I am pretty sure I resembled nothing like this Raggedy HARLOT Ann.

Who would do that to her? The nerve.

We are planning on working on our farm(ville) this weekend. Putting up the fence to keep the critters out. Coach is making me a fab lattice for the tomato plants too. Of course you will see photos when we get that far.

Did you deface any of your prized toys as a kid?

Are you going to do that this weekend?

I don’t do that stuff anymore…now we just dress up the dogs!!!!


They love it. I swear.

Bee sweet. Bee Fun. Bee a DOLL!