Suzy Suzy Quite Controozy, how does your Garden grow?

Or something like that.

We’ve got our farm garden started!!!

my seedlings

P1040466 P1040428

I could take all the credit for this accomplishment, but that would not be fair.

I could take all the glory, ‘cause being a farmer is glorious, but that would not be fair.

The coach did all the work.

I only helped a little.

I did the seedlings. I cleaned up some of his work. I plugged in the IPod for him to enjoy while he worked.

I am fragile, like a butterfly. A farmer butterfly. NOT to be confused with a butterfly farmer.

I lied.

I did NOT plug in his IPod.

He did.


Looking away from the house.


And looking towards the house.


The golf cart is our tractor.


Coach dug and then tilled this out for me…

after he worked his full work week at the office.

After he worked his full work week of coaching (after his full days at the office.)

After he worked (7hrs) on Saturday getting his home-field ready for their home opener.

And before he went to enjoy the super bowl on Sunday.


What a man.

I am humbled by his selflessness.

I asked him after it was all done if he was excited about the upcoming farm garden.

He said: If it makes you excited, then I am excited for you.

I am so lucky.

I bet Brad Pitt never dug a garden for Jennifer Angelina.

For Valentines day, I will give him a bouquet of lettuce and tomatoes.

Ok, maybe it will take longer than that.

I bet he would prefer something else anyway.


Oh, that ewww sound you just heard? That was Lo and Linds reading this.

“ewww….My parents LOVE each other.”

So gross.

They don’t know how lucky they are.

How was your weekend?

Did you work in the yard?

Read ‘People magazine’ while sitting in the hot tub?

Wash and dry massive amounts of laundry?

Catch up on your email and bill paying?

Cook Chili on Sunday?

Did you make someone go ewwww?

me too.

23 thoughts on “Suzy Suzy Quite Controozy, how does your Garden grow?

  1. SUZ wowie! Some of us enjoying all this snow and cold weather might find your back yard EYE POPPING! Rather gorgeous, and what a nice man giving you that for Valentine's. I will shovel the driveway for my wife on Valentine's, but somehow that does not seem nearly as loving and dramatic as coach 🙂


  2. Anonymous

    Morning Suzanne, That is some rich looking soil for your garden. What all will you be planting? Oh yes, I remember the eeewwww word…my nieces were 16 & 17 when Nalley and I married and they kept saying, \”You two are making me sick..eeewww!!!\” Have fun this week in the garden.


  3. Within five minutes of leaving church yesterday, Checkered made a higly inappropriate comment about my attributes. My oldest child, upset that her father even knew I have attributes, smacked her head against the window and injured herself. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire episode.I read the Lands' End catalog while in the hot tub as I acknowledged that someday I'm going to have to buy a swimming suit.


  4. I wish I could be planting some seeds. My weekend was spent chasing after a two year old. OMG! I can not believe someone so little can kick my butt like he does! It is worth it though.


  5. oh how cool you are planting already. we have new snow on the ground today!! it is like we just simply forgot to have winter the last couple of years and we said hey let;s have some winter!! now i wonder when do i get to plant?


  6. your coach is such a great guy. i know you know… but i wanted to say it too… in case he is reading (hi coach!)so….ummmm… has that wall always been there in the back? i never noticed it. sorry. but it sure does make a great place for your garden! i will be over for salad… if valentine's day is too soon, bow 'bout President's day? hope you are feeling un-sicko… it was a semi-quiet weekend, which was pretty nice. (oh, and i just LOVE to make kids go ewwwww…..)


  7. What a wonderful gift – both the Coach and the vegetable garden space. You got yourself a keeper there, Suz! I always admire those of you who met so young and just KNEW. How many people would KNOW he was the ONE at such a young age? And you did. Good on ya!Sorry that the first game was not a win, but that will give the team something to look forward to. They will surely make progress with such a great Coach and teammate.How did the ghetto dance go? I hope she had a blast!TICKETS to the Superbowl? I've never met anyone who had tickets to attend the Bowl. What a great day for the guys! I'm SO happy they got to do that together.Happy Monday to you! XO


  8. Have you taken the Master Gardener courses in your area? They are really fun and informative. And since you are becoming a serious farmer it might be a good idea! Thanks for the smile.


  9. I can't begin to tell you how envious I am that you (and Coach) are working in the garden. We would need dynamite to work the soil up here — it's still frozen. And we don't have a hot tub I could enjoy. Perhaps I should move to Florida.


  10. Cute post, Suz…. Your hubby and my hubby are alike. George thinks his entire goal in this earth is to keep me HAPPY…. Aren't we lucky?????I am glad that Coach got to go to the big game though. I'm sure he enjoyed it. It was an exciting game. Can't wait 'til you start getting some fresh veggies in your garden. That Florida farm will have folks coming from far and wide to visit and have a taste of some of those goodies!!!!!Have a great day, fragile one!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  11. I'm glad you're feeling better, BB! Your garden will be maaarvelous – oh if I had your weather for most of the year, I'd grow miles of veggies! Mostly for the chickens of course but shhhh! Don't tell anyone ;-)Your hubby is a keeper. No eeeewww from me, just a yaaaaay! Whatta guy!


  12. UM…if coach ever asks, I'm a free agent. I don't farm either, but I like to harvest what farmers sow.Your garden will be fantabulous! I can't wait to see how your garden grows.


  13. LOL I always tell my girls how lucky they are to have two parents that love each other(especially when they catch us kissing in the kitchen and go EWWWW)HAOh and so jealous of your garden, I washed snowpants this weekend. Do you even know what snowpants are? 🙂


  14. Go Coach! Go Suz! Nice teamwork!Did we work in the YARD this weekend? Are you 'cruisin' for a bruisin'' leading with that question for those of us who are buried in snow??? ;)We just got plowed out Monday from the snow that began Friday. And there was no way to leave home, even on foot before hand. The state of DE is still closed. And we're scheduled for 5-10 more inches tonight. Oy.


  15. I'm jealous that your backyard looks like that right now. I can barely see my black car for all of the snow, let alone the yard. But, putting my jealousy aside, that was super nice of him to do for you. Enjoy!


  16. I really love him. Seriously. If he wasn't married to one of my favorite bloggers on the planet-AND if he didn't live one zillion miles away- AND if he really appreciated LOUD, fat girls who don't really earn an income at all AND if Gary wouldn't mind, I would SO try to steal him from you!Just saying : ) So watch your back!PS Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww for sure. Don't do that to your girls ever again. Sicko.PS XO


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