25 thoughts on “SAVERS

  1. Anonymous

    I love it!When my paternal grandparents were living we always said it was a blessing Grandma could not hear well – – – Grandpa was constantly clicking his false teeth together and it drove the rest of us crazy!!!Hope you will have a good day.


  2. sooooooo true! i am addicted to wintergreen lifesavors and have to have 2 atta time.i dont have a need for the earplugs, though…cute post.i needed a lil laugh.c


  3. Hey, hey, whaddya say Suz?! This is funny! I don't need ear plugs these days since he's hardly home, but when he is, there are times…..'nuff said. :-)Have you ever had the tropical flavored Life Savers? My little sis has them often. She gets mad because I dig around looking for the pineapple ones. Yummmmmm. I think there is also a tangerine or clementine flavored one in there. Speaking of clementines, don't you love that they're called \”Cutie\” clementines? I just love that!Some random nerdy thoughts as I caught up on your posts:-sugar snap peas please people's palates. sugar snap peas, perfect. -cat litter always reminds me of 5th grade and the time i projectile upchucked in the school hall. sweet. -coffee house, my house, your house, our car…love that you love it too. gets me all warm and tingly inside. xm and directv rule.-methinks me needs a golfcart. with dog seats. gotta spare?-methinks me needs a lo bears ballcap. how does one go about such an endeavor?-linds & lo must be convinced they've got the coolest & greatest pit crew in all of floridaland. i can help, let me know.hope le germs have bid their adieu to da hizzle le suz. xoxo from sandy-eggo


  4. HA HA HA… Cute post, Suz… George doesn't need the ear plugs. He needs a HEARING AID…. He wears his iPod constantly–and can never hear what I say to him. Maybe that is like earplugs to him —but to me, it's called 'selective hearing'…. ha ha haIt's snowing like crazy here today.Hugs,Betsy


  5. What are you blocking out??? Talk or snore? We dealt with the snore with a cpap, but he would be the one to need the plugs if we were going to drown out 'the talk'. (ahem)


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