TGIF; Dancing and Dirt Diving


Last night the girls had 2 extra curricular events…and I was able to see both of them with my very own eyeballs.

Linds had her dance at the fair. It was a make up night from last week, when the show was rained out.

She did so great. She gets all her moves from her Mama.

She was in 3 dances…and I loved each of them. Two of them were lyrical; elegant, graceful and beautiful.

And one was GHETTO.

Well, I loved the first two…but come on, ghetto is more exciting, right?

Linds is on the far right, in the back wearing the tank… Then she moves up to the front, and then to the back. (Nobody puts baby in a corner!)

She was NOT supposed to be smiling, but she said she could not help it.

(if you pause for about 3 seconds, it loads better)

So? How low can YOU GO???

I don’t know who that crazy woman was cackling laughing.

LoLo and Coach had their first home game of the season. I did not think I could get there in time to see much after all the dancing, but we took a chance.

We were an hour late, but still had plenty of game to watch. LoLo had a triple and did an excellent job as 2nd basewoman..She could have a future on the DIVING team.

She gets all her mad athletic skills from me someone else.

The game ended up in a tie in the 7th inning..and the 8th inning.. and the 9th inning. Finally Da’Bears pulled it out in the 10th inning for a sweet victory!!!

The girls were really pumped up, considering they played for over 3 hours!!!P1040589












Did I ever tell you that 99 is my favorite number???? IT IS!!!!

I don’t know what we are doing this weekend…maybe I will write some more about my ““mystery.” 

How about you? Any ghetto dancing or softball playing in your weekend plans? Do you enjoy playing diving in the dirt??

Diving into anything other than a nice plate of food scares the bejeesus out of ME.

Raise your left hand if you are still snowed in.  

Raise your right hand if you were rained out this week.

Raise both hands if you are happy it is FRIDAY!!!

Ya’ll look pretty silly.




32 thoughts on “TGIF; Dancing and Dirt Diving

  1. Awesome dance routine, Linds!! 1985 called, it's looking for a new Fly Girl!!Congrats, Lo, on your crushing blow to the other team! ;-)It was really hard to type this with my tongue, since both my hands were up, waving in the air!


  2. Anonymous

    That's fantastic, what a great achievement to look back on.Got my sister coming shortly, with her daughter (who's a madam and a spoilt little bugger) but I have to make the most of it and hope Amy copes okay.Enjoy your weekend, CJ xx


  3. Anonymous

    What great daughters you have and you two are the most fun parents! What a blessing it is to be a part of your lives and all the FUN!I do a version of HIP HOP but it's when I'm trying to vacuum; it ain't cute and I don't smile!!! HA It's bad to be old!Happy Valentine's to you all and the critters!


  4. My hands are up, my feet are up, my hair is even up. I'm just so happy the week is almost over.Your girls are pretty amazing!!!Until I saw that video I had no idea what to do this week-end. Now I think I'll try dancing like Linds. No doubt I'll look just like her…


  5. Both hands raised, but the right one is up much higer than the left! Dang snow! We have wrestling this weekend for my son, and HOPEFULLY, we will make it up for CG's college open house so she can finally make a decision on where she wants to run away to next year 🙂 I am hoping that we don't get snow. Apparently talking to Mother Nature hasn't worked! I guess I will have to come up with another plan. GAH! Have a good weekend!


  6. They are adorable. She did so well!(I could never remember that many moves in a row, unless I memorized the routine for a year. No, I was NOT a cheerleader.)Good job, Coach and Team! Yes! And good job, Suz, being two places in one night. You ARE a busy bee, and a super-wife and -mom!Have a great weekend and a Happy Valentine's day to all of the Bees! XO


  7. Such talented young ladies you have! It's great that they both do their own thing! And you are a talent in your own right.My hands are in my pockets—It's freezing here even tho the sun is shining full force today.


  8. You have two very talented daughters. The dancing was wonderful, but I'm really impressed that the softball team hung in their for a victory. I'm delighted it's Friday. I can't tell you what we're doing this weekend because Betsy might see this comment. I hope you have a great one!


  9. Both my hands are up. Raise the roof baby, whut whut!I am officialy envious as allllllllll hell of Linds' mad skillz. I was literally boppin' in my seat watching the video. Very catchy. My favorite was the laaaaaid back and arm stroke. Nice! Seriously, if before I thought I was a good dancer, I have now been schooled. 🙂 The muscular discipline dance instills in her is going to serve her for the rest of her life. Go girl! Get it! Lo Lo Lo. (((sigh))) I wish I were athletic. I've never been. 😦 I was on the softball team in high school, not so good, but I had fun with my friends. Yay for the victory! And yay for Suz able to catch both of her stars in action. Too cool. I am serious about a Bears cap! I want one. I NEED one. Help!!! Do they have 'em with the numbers stitched on? I'd love it with 99. Solidarity with my girl power babes. I have a friend who has a business blingin' out sports gear. Guess what I'd do to my Bears hat? Ha!!!!I'm hoping for time with my baby doll this weekend. He's got to work pretty much the entire three day weekend, but I'm praying he'll have a few hours to spend with us. Milo gets his sutures out tomorrow, and my boot cast was replaced with a soft inserted cast today. Sooo happy that stinky boot is gone. Laverne loves it. It smells but she loves to chew on it. Gross. A wonderful weekend I wish for the Lovely Bees of Floridaland. Happy Valentine's Day to Ozzie and Cocoa and the furry/slimy/feathery gang too!


  10. Woo hoo. Looks like everybody did good! Cute vid too! : ) Still snowed in. Secretly enjoy knowing we can't be anywhere. But ready for the thaw and the warm and the short sleeves and the sandals. Oh yeah.. and the sun.


  11. No dances nor ballgames here… Sigh!!! Loved the video… You sound like a PROUD mama doing all of that laughing!!!! Glad the softball game turned out so well also.. Long night for you, huh????We have a 'mystery' trip planned this weekend also.. Don't know where he's taking me –but it will involve waterfalls (weather depending)… Sounds great ot me… Happy Valentine's Weekend to you and your precious family.Hugs,Betsy


  12. Linds is quite the dancer. I watched it three times and I've decided to use it as my workout video. I already have the shoulder shrug down pat, and that one little move with the arm that's sort of like the chicken dance.Go Lo! I love baseball. My grandson starts this weekend too, and my granddaughter has her first track meet in Dallas. Mom is going to the baseball, and Grandma J is going to Dallas with her SIL. Can't blame me now, can you?


  13. Big cheers all around for Suz's girls! I would have liked to skip over today, thank you. Trying to decide if I want to blog about it…?Tomorrow we are having our home visit from a boxer rescue group. Hubs and I may be heading to Cracker Barrel for Valentine's breakfast on Sunday. Looking for some snow to fall tomorrow. Not supposed to be too much. Hope you have a great weekend!


  14. Oh gosh you always make me laugh BB! No rain or snow here so both my arms are down but it,s still Friday so WoooHooo!Totally blew me away, the ghetto – that girl can DANCE! She should audition for that So You Think You Can DAnce show!!


  15. Hey: commenting on two posts at once here. It's all about being resourceful.What happened with the ghost story below???hanging on here. and your girls are very talented though somewhat hampered in life by that cackling laugh of their mother's!(lol)(my laugh of course is gentle and refined)Linds dances just like me by the way. I can also go very low.I cannot play baseball however.:-)


  16. did you find the deep fried oreos at the fair? yummmm!! glad Lo won her game! keep giving me the home schedule and we will make it to one 🙂 love the dancing 🙂 she is too cute… oh, guess cute maybe isn't the right word 🙂


  17. Anonymous

    Heehee…had to laugh at that woman cackling…I mean laughing ;)They did a great job! There was a little munchkin in the front in the beginning…those other girls looked like trees next to her!


  18. My girls just started hip hop. It rolls me. I sit in the lobby watching them through the dance class window and just giggle to myself. I think the other moms think I'm crazy, but come on! Hip hoppin' 6 and 7 year olds are funny!


  19. I was catching up on your blog—man time flies by without much fanfare. Reading from the bottom up,I knew which dancer Linds was. I was tired after watching that! My 2 kiddos were 10 years apart,so I didn't have much rushing from one event to another. Both were like only children for much of their life. I'm curious about this spooky visitor you are refering to. Must read those posts to see what that's all about.


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