Happy VD!




M y Dad always referred to Valentines day as VD day.

I may have ‘caught’ this trait from him.

The coach and I don’t make a big ta-do of VD.

Doesn’t that make you happy? I know it pleases the children. ewww.

I wish for everyone a day of love that you can feel all year round, from your spouse, family, kids, friends, pets and random strangers. 

But, please be wary of the random strangers. They may really have VD.


18 thoughts on “Happy VD!

  1. This is so funny because I'm doing quick post today to announce my giveaway winner, and I just spent 5 minutes looking through all the Someecards to post.I want to make one that says, \”Hope you don't get VD on VD.\”


  2. Anonymous

    I'm hoping you will get at least one \”bee\” surprise to share with us for VD!!!!! (kinda like your great surprises at Christmas)Have a BEEautiful Valentine's Day!


  3. How exciting, Coach has three (2-legged) pretty ladies in his life to share the love weekend! He's a lucky guy. Who needs VD when you've got a house full o' love, love, love? Besides, I hear it itches something awful. Who was it that sang, \”All you need is love!\” 🙂 That's all ya'll need, and it's aplenty 'round your way. Enjoy!


  4. and again… with the scary title!but i wish the same for you… love that you feel all year round 🙂 hope they like their treats! it was great to BUMP into you at target 🙂 love ya!


  5. Hubster and I don't even have our CARDS yet….. I imagine at some point tomorrow, we'll both amble over to the drugstore (in separate cars), and pick out cards for each other, and the kids… and amble back home.So silly!


  6. Oh My My MY…. I love celebrations –all kinds of them. George and I didn't meet 'til we were 59–so we have alot of years to make up for!!!!I love birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Month-aversaries, and even Valentines Day (VD as you call it). I don't want candy or flowers. BUT–I do love surprises –like a surprise overnight somewhere… Yeah!!!!!Have a great day–whatever you do.Hugs,Betsy


  7. Patrick brought me roses and candy 6 days before VD.He knows I love flowers (which I try to keep fresh cut around the place) so I guess he decided to beat me to it. For VD he was working on the wc STILL. That actually made me happier than any more gifts. (which according to my rules he actually was to provide). I need to do a post on \”the rules\” one of these days. Remind me,okay?


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