What a sweet day!

I was totally throwing out some sarcasm with my title here.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day in bed. And it was not for the fun stuff.

I came down with some sort of crud. Sore throat. Sinus headache. weak, lethargic, sleepy.

I did get up and join the fam for a little bit and saw what little surprises the Coach had for me.

I adore Tulips.


Tulips kick the butts of roses.


I also love sweets.

I was a little surprised after I ‘unwrapped’ the box of truffles and one was already missing!!! It was funny actually…I suppose the factory was in a hurry the day my chocolates were made!!!


Coach always picks out a nice card…and he usually adds his own poem for me as well.

I won’t share that part, because I can’t be responsible for you kicking your husbands butt for NOT writing you a poem as well.

Forizzle, what is his problem? :0

We did have a very romantic dinner on Saturday night. It was just us in this quaint little restaurant, music playing, candlelit tables. So sweet.

Kidding. We ate at a wing joint with 4 teenagers. And it was perfectly enjoyable.

I just realized that this was our 24th valentines day together…where does the time go?

Feeling better today. The kids are home from school. Might possibly get something done besides cleaning out my TIVO.

35 thoughts on “What a sweet day!

  1. sorry you had to spend the day in bed… but once in a while you just have to give in. love your tulips, that coach is such a great guy! hope today finds you feeling better… but i think hanging out with TIVO isn't a bad idea!


  2. Awwww…Suz. First of all I am ashamed that you caught my chocolate theft. That confession aside I'm glad you're feeling better and that you have a man that still writes you poetry after 24 years!


  3. Hope you are feeling better! Your tulips are so beautiful. Hubs gave me two little Valentines cards that he cut from the back of the Little Debbie Valentine cakes box. LOL!


  4. Anonymous

    Sorry to hear you've been sick. Those are beautiful tulips! Your crud sounds like what we passed around last week. Rest is about the only thing that helps. Hope you get plenty of that today. Take care (and chocolate is good medicine too!)


  5. I say get back into bed and enjoy the tivo : )I am laughing my head off about the missing chocolate! Get out of the city! Now if you were one of those crazy coupon blogging mothers you would call the company and get a free coupon. Will you do that?Gary got me some candy too. And I ate it all up of course. Sad but true.


  6. Suz, I have the same \”crud.\” It came on Thursday, and last night (Valentine's night), after a nice day spent with my love, my stomach decided to rebel, too. Not a good night! I hope you are feeling better today, and that your stomach stays calm. XOXO


  7. thank you and your hubby for proving to america that marriages actually do last longer than 10 years. it gives newlyweds like me hope for a long loving amazing future with my hubby. happy late valentine's day!


  8. I think Lucy ate your chocolate truffle. Not Afghani Lucy either. 🙂 I would have given the chance, but you're safe with our 3000+ mile buffer. Coach, you is da awesomest. Forizzle. Demz is some lucky galz in da howze. To me, you had a perfect weekend, not counting the cruddy bug you've ingested. I'm not big into getting flowers, but when I do, I like white ones. White daisies, white lillies, white roses, white TULIPS! Just really like that crisp cool look of the white and green. Sooo pretty. I'm sending you healthy vibes cross country. Let me know when you receive them, should feel similar to a smack on the boo-tay. You'll know when you got 'em cuz you'll be ready to par-tay. Ok, now I'm just being cra-zay. Too much coffee.Get better! XOXO


  9. Oh dear… Cruds are miserable! How dare they latch onto you? Pffcht!*that was me scooting them away*Your tulips are divine and yes, I agree – they kick roses' butt on VD. Godiva owes you like $5 for that missing bit, I know what a box costs!! :-oFunny story… One of my friends once bought a frozen pizza and he took it out of the box, it was still cello-wrapped, and you could see a giant bite mark on the side – a chuck of pizza was missing. Hilarious! He brought it back to the grocery store and got a refund plus some good laughs on that one…


  10. Anonymous

    oh, me too, i was in bed all day Sat. with a freakin' migraine headache.our 14th anniversary was on the 10th and my husbad is out of town on business and won't be back until the 16th. so here i was alone with my boys on the 10th and the 14th. and i actually remembered my anniversary this year. the last two years i forgot all about it. i felt so bad. maybe this is payback, ha ha. anyway, i love the tulips, actually, i pretty much love any flower that is all white. and gotta have some chocolate, ooh, i want some now.hope you're on the mend. i'm still battling with these darn headaches; they are kicking my arse. thanks for wishing me well on my blog.


  11. Oh my—for someone who doesn't do much for VD, Coach was surely good to his sweetheart… Love tulips also–but love my yard roses more.. Sorry you are not feeling well. Hope you feel better now. Enjoyed reading your 'ghost' blogs….Hugs,Betsy


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